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    I got this from a friend, my main reaction was ...Southern California??? DUH... but it is something to be aware of.. I know nothing more then I saw and read...

    I know if I had a child in public school today I would remove him/her , these fools should not be allowed near a child...

    Zombie » SEIU drops mask, goes full commie
  2. NaeKid

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    Reading that link and seeing the pictures gives me a bit of a shudder. The mayor of Calgary was elected and had a "PurplePowerParty" when he won ... wonder if he is commie :gaah:

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    I wonder how any of those people really understand what living under communist or socialist rule would be like for them? People see a glorious dream of equality and working for a common cause, but anyone who's looked at communist or socialist societies, past or present, knows it doesn't work. There's always an increase in poverty, corruption, etc.

    Just what do they think their lives would be like? Sad, and scary, how delusional they are.

    Thanks, hozay, for posting this. Most people won't believe it unless they see these pictures. I never realized there were so many openly communist people in our country. It used to be a stigma or worse in this country. Now they're proud of it. Hmmm....why does that make me think of many other things that used to be a stigma, and now people are proud of those things? *shudder*
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    That's the irony. If we were a communist country, they wouldn't be allowed to protest like that. Try covering your face and chanting down with the government in Russia or China. Their little party would be over very quickly.