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Seeds in BOB

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Does anyone carry seeds for planting in their BOB? I was thinking of putting something together. Any suggestions about how long the seed will "keep" and how many I should keep for each type of fruit and vegetable?
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I don't have a BOB because I'm not going anywhere, well I plan not too anyway. I have seeds that are simple to grow and good to eat at the house. I guess if I shoud decide or am forced to leave I could throw them in the truck. My basic list is:
cabbage, squash (yellow crook neck), blue lake snap bean, peas (PEPH and clay) Corn (G90 and silverqueen, some field too) watermelon (black daimonds)
red potatoes (this is bulky). Everything you need seed wise for a large family should fit into a shoe box! With the exception of the taters!

Potato seeds, not seed potatoes, are available from the USDA for free.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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