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    A survivalist is suspected of killing his wife and daughter. Setting their home on fire and dissapering. The news said he was preparing for doomsday.
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    If true, it sounds like a self-fulfilling prophecy. It will be his doomsday soon enough. If true, I hope they get that tard and string him up.

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    I tried to post a link but couldn't get it to copy
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    Another idiot.he should have included himself in the clip.stupid jack@$$.
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    I agree but its dumb#$$es like this that make everyone look bad.
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    Dead Survivalist?

    Heard on CNN today that a "survivalist" was found dead in a bunker on his property. They made it sound like he had threatened to kill his wife and daughter, but there was no mention of their bodies being found or that they were missing in any way. Will be interested to see if this story unfolds further and how it is reported.
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    The story on yahoo says he. Was wanted for killing his wife and daughter....
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    Yes, I thought I'd add the link to back up your previous comment for others to read. Sad story.
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    So apparently the wife and daughter are missing? He is suspected of killing them but it didn't say because they're missing or not. Anyway, it caught my eye because they said "survivalist" like it was a naughty word on CNN, lol.
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    no. what i got out of the article is that he withdrew all of his money, shot them both in the head, and tried to burn down the house. then went to his bunker. And while that is a very sad tale, lets face it. things like this happen all the time. the only reason we are hearing about him being a survivalist, is because the police werent able to go get him and haul him off. he was prepared for the eventuality that someone would discover his bunker, gas him, and try to get him out. when it didnt work like it usually does, there were a bunch of LEO's going...."****".....while this is a tragedy and something obviously snapped in this mans head, i have to say. seems like he knew what he was doing while prepping.
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    They aren't missing, they are dead. The guy was clearly a psycho. It's sad that nutjobs, racists, and other assorted loons are artracted to the survivalist/prepper lifestyle, but that is the reality. And sometimes it makes news.
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    I just watched this on the news, it wasn't clear to me watching the reporting that he had actually committed a crime. They spent most the time talking about his bunker hidden in the woods. Damn those preppers, they're all nuts
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    Peter Keller - survivalist kills self

    Peter Keller, the survivalist who is reported to have killed his wife and kids and hid out in his bunker has also apparently committed suicide (according to the reports).


    A tense Washington standoff at an alleged murderer's hillside bunker has ended after a body, dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot was found inside the hideout, police said.

    Deputies said they were nearly certain the body is that of Peter Keller, 41, who was wanted on first degree murder and arson charges.


    Once inside deputies discovered a body which they said appeared to be Keller, and it appeared as though he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, Sgt. Cindi West of the King County Sheriff's Office said.

    Authorities are proceeding with caution due to the possibility the survivialist may have booby trapped his hideout, King County Sheriff Steven Strachand told ABC News.

    Authorities have not seen Keller since they responded to a fire at his North Bend residence on Sunday. Inside, responders found the bodies of Keller's wife, Lynnettee Keller, 41, and daughter Kaylene, 19.

    Keller is believed to have spent eight years planning and building his bunker, as well as stockpiling food and supplies, police said. Over night, lights were seen flickering on and off from inside the bunker.


    Thoughts? Comments?
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    Already another thread on this
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    I'm adding another oxymoron to the list .. you know Oxymoron's like Jumbo-Shrimp, Ethical government,

    well here's mine... "Suicidal Survivalist"
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    Hey the therapist said I was OK!:dunno:
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    Oh you'll just love this.