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fishing in a survival enviroment

fishing with a rod&reel is a fun & relaxing, but in a suvival situation there will be many tasks that reqire your attention why not use a fishing method that allows you to multitask? my grandfather who survived the great depresion did so by taking his family on harvest. while the were gathering nuts, berries or produce they would have trotlines, limblines or yo-yos(mechnical springloaded limblines). jugs are another method but limited to ponds or lakes and generaly reqire a boat to chase them (exspecially if there is a sizeable catfish on it ). they would sain pearch & bluegill at firstlight then bait there lines after that they would spend the day harvesting the crop( of which they recive a portion to store or can for there needs-pay) at the end of the day they would run the lines. some of this gear would be to bulky for bug out bag but some (10 to 15) limb lines could be premade and rolled up on a paper towel roll then put into a pringles can or something simular to keep the hooks out of your other gear. mechnical yo-yos are great for the bag also as they are the size of a can of skoal. pay attention when placing them though, if up to high from the water level you will return to find your fish sun baked from hanging out of the water:cry: one should check local game laws though, as these practices are legal in some lakes & not allowed in others:( also check your lines at least once preferbly twice a day( oklahoma law requires lines be checked once every 24 hours). i would also be carefull of fish that have gills that have turned white( no red or pink in them) as this indicates a fish that has started to spoil:gaah:
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