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I was wondering what different lures/bait are used for different types of seasons / weather in fishing for bass / catfish? I want to have the most effective bait.
Once you get good at catching fish, you can try different things, but if you a novice, just starting out, worm and tube baits will be hard on you, because you will have to learn to detect the "bites" which can be very lite! Start off with a prop lure like a "tiny torpedo" or "devil horse". Bass will attack these lures very agressively and hook themselfves.

a 1/4 once spinner bait, like a "hank Parker special" ($2.99 @ walmart) will trigger agressive bite to!

Plastic worms are good, but you'll have to learn the tech. from trial and error. The way I taught my sons to worm fish was in a bream infested pond, until they learned to "feel" the bite on the worm! Which the bream agressively attacked the worm, so they really were the teachers I guess;).

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