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I do not and never have had to deal with a regular seasonal Forest Fire Threat but the question came up elsewhere and I modified one of my checklist to assist people with this seasonal occurance.

I hope that those who do deal with this problem will add and delete items as needed so others can benefit from their experience.

FireCon Checklist
Updated 29Aug10

5=Set at the beginning of Fire Season.
4=Fire(s) have started within your state or in a nearby state.
3=Fire(s) have started within your county.
2=Winds are forecasted to shift to an unfavorable direction
1=Local authorities are expected to issue an Evacuation Order for your area; Fire is approaching your area.

FireCon 5: Upon setting FireCon 5:

1)Have a “Family Plan” of what to do and where and how to meet in the event of an incident. Insure all family members are thoroughly briefed.
2)Ensure that basic supplies are kept at home for a minimum of 72 hours (3 days) sustenance/maintenance.
3)Know where the other family members are, when not at home.
4)Keep vehicle gas tanks at least half full.

FireCon 4: Upon setting FireCon 4:

1)Ensure that basic supplies are kept at home for a minimum of 6 days sustenance/maintenance.
2)Know where the other family members are, when not at home.
3)Insure that 72 hour BoB’s are ready and readily accessible.
4)Maintain the “normal“ ear to local news broadcasts.
5)As opportunities occur, maintain contact with neighbors to share information.

FireCon 3: Upon setting FireCon 3

1)Establish a “Rendezvous Point“ for family members, in case of separation.
2)Top off vehicle fuel tanks.
3)Load BoB‘s in vehicles.
4)Maintain a close watch on local news broadcasts.
5)Establish alternative communications system with extended family members.
6)Know where family members are and evaluate any destinations that family members wish to go to.

FireCon 2: Upon setting FireCon 2:

1)Call Family Members home. Know everybody’s whereabouts.
2)Keep fuel tanks in vehicles above the ¾ full level.
3)Decision Time: When to leave and where to proceed.

FireCon 1: Upon setting FireCon 1:

1)Execute Bug Out Plan.
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