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Searching for a community

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I'm living in LA and looking for a safe haven in a reachable locality. I've determined that northern Nevada (6 hours from here) is a pretty decent place but I'm interested to find others forming a survival community there.

where on this site should I post with such a purpose?

thanks - e
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Homesteading....Being Prepared....when SHTF

Hey everyone....I am trying to find people interested in all the topics here closer to West Virginia. I don't mind chit chatting online, but I am also interested in finding someone else close by or interested in being in this area. I have been trying to prepare for things when shtf, and I beleive its coming. I constantly ask myself this question? Once I prepare and have things stocked here, what will happen if Martial Law Comes, and they eventually make us leave our property? I do not live in a city, and our acreage is pretty vast and is bordered on 1 side by wildlife management area. In talking about preparing, I am talking more about Homesteading things, like I have several animals etc., and growing our own food & processing it. My truck stays full of gas & ready to travel at any time. I thinkI have also prepared myself mentally, at least the best that I can for what I believe is coming down. Anyone with comments, ideas or anything...please
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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