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Was out doing the winter service calls that happens every time we have a cold snap...
The usual family and friends that have vehicle that won't start, furnaces that won't work, ect...

Stopped by a guy's house that is a friend of my sister, her car took a crap blocking his driveway...
(Radiator frozen solid, so the engine overheated!)

Anyway, this friend of her's is remodeling a very large house in one of the more 'Well To Do' parts of town,
Not a 'McMansion', but not far from it...

Anyway, there sets a short, squat, two door wood burner that will accomidate about a 3' log...
Rusty but in pretty good shape, just sitting along side the driveway next to the curb...

I asked, "Wattcha gonna do with the old wood burner, put it in the basement?"

He says No, then proceeds to ask me if I know anyone that will haul it off for a reasonable amount of money...
He says it's 'Rusty Junk' and his wife didn't like were it was...

I say (without grinning like an idiot!)
"I'm not doing anything right now, and my car trailer is hooked up, why don't we just put it on there and I'll haul it off..."

He actually insisted on giving me $20 for gas for hauling off a perfectly good, and quite heavily built woodburner!

The Door Gaskets are still even in good shape!
This is going to make a GREAT shop stove just as soon as I can get a day in the 40's to sand blast it!
Fire bricks were broken up where the guys moving it just carried them out and threw them down, but get my fire brick at the same place I get the sand blasting sand!

I have an old double barrel stove right now, about 15 years old, thin as paper on top and leaking around about every fitting!

This thing will take about 3' logs so I don't have to chop up the wood, and it's got an 'Ashes' tray and separate doors, and two large doors with no center bar!
This is going to ROCK for the shop!

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Went out and got some fire brick today,
Man, that stuff has gone up from the shipping fees!

I think 12°F with wind chills around zero is just a LITTLE too cold to be sand blasting, but picked up some sand and some stove paint anyway...

I get SO SICK of having to cut the wood up and split it up in little pieces so it will fit through a too small door!
This thing is going to work GREAT!

I got to messing with it some for just a little while,
And I don't thing it's so short anymore.
It's about as tall as most wood burners,
I'm just used to the old double barrel stove and it's REAL TALL!

I'll be glad to get that rust bucket out of the shop and get this thing in there so I can burn some paint!

If it weren't for family and friends, I could stay inside all day where it's nice and warm, and mess around on the computer all day! :(

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I paint my barrel stove with high heat header and brake caliper paint. Burns off every year, but that little barrel stove has lasted 10 or 12 years, and usually you are lucky to get two or three out of regular barrels...

I'm using a ceramic stove and furnace paint this time, see how it works...

When I was a kid, one of my chores was to put on the 'Stove Blacking', a sort of chemical that is black and bakes on the stove metal.
I still hate the smell of that stuff!
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