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Errors and omissions revealed in RCMP statements after Nova Scotia mass shooting

Just can't explain the truth. Always want to drag it out as long as possible when it makes them look bad or worst.

Also this is not the first time, that the excuse, of law enforcement, doesn't have to put there lives at risk, has been used, to justify, letting a mass shooting take place. Will not be the last time either, I suspect. Every single police officer present, did nothing at all effective, to save these children's lives. As has been done before in many different ways.

Doing slow room clearing, and taking hours, to get to the proper room, and stop the threat. Also waiting outside, and preventing parents, from saving, there children's lives. Etc.

Which they continued, to do, until I spoke about it publicly. Like doing room clearing, as slowly as possible, so that mass shootings, are mass shooting, With a higher body count, than it should be. That traumatizes, the general public at large. Hence, gives politicians, something to fight over, during election cycles, and at other times. Etc.

Again the same outcome. Lots of dead kids, this time, or dead minority peoples, or women, or whatever.

Also, law enforcement family and friends, want people to abuse. So they all have easy careers and easy career security. They start abusing people when they are children. It's a statistical thing. Some will become violent and or mentally disturbed. That is awesome, for all government workers. They also want massacres, to to justify new anti-gun laws, which will make your government, and the police, and courts, and all other government departments, even more abusive, to even more peoples. Like I said to, also gives politicians, on all sides, a hot political topic, to fight over. As long as kids die especially. that is just cause to take even more, of your rights away.

Eventually then. More and more people become aware of how out-of-control, the government really is. As they lock things down more and more. Then they look outward for (the great enemy). For you to focus your hate on. Then they send, more and more of us, to die. In new great wars. It seems to be always they take your guns away first. Personal ownership of firearms. Then they give you free guns and leave, then the enemy shows up, or send you to fight the enemy, and then you die. Those free guns then, only cost you your life, liberty, and freedom, and maybe a lost limb or two.

Because of medical expenses. It is vastly cheaper for you to die, then to have you live, as a cripple, and also have to pay out medical expenses, that can be a 100 or more times as expensive. If you have shell shock coward. They want people to hate you and despise you. Not have you talk to ordinary people. Some of whom, may know you, and realize, the horror, of what you were put through.

In this regard, WW1 makes lots of sense, with generals and such, not caring, about losses, at the front lines, at all. Other than in getting new replacements. Wanting lots of people dead to. This time if we have WW3. They will care on TV about losses. You still get sent though, hated, draft dodger.

Those same law enforcement, who will become turn coats, in less than 24 hours, after the enemy shows up, will track you down, and all that, draft dodger. Same with all local politicians and government workers. Almost all. The rest will hang or be sent to camps or whatever. No perfect resumes then, for them I guess. So many of them will turn, it will not be, (a big deal then). Not even talked about ever really. A once mentioned foot note in history, at best. Not properly explained. Us pheasants, are not supposed to care. Nothing we can do about it anyway. Too late then. with hanging posts and corpses being displayed. Depending. Or left to rot. Whatever.

Don't forget to hate and despise soldiers, and others, who talk under torture, and such, to the enemy. Local press too, will be turn-coats.

If I had the power to, and wanted to. I think I could make 99% of people spill there guts, in 15 minutes or less, without touching them, with what I know. Then explain it to them. Basically 100% of people in 1 hour. By various means. No threats to family members, or anything like that.

Because of fear and terror. Like with what was done to me at the local library here. Other things.

Best make sure you know something important. So they might keep you alive, or well, you have something to bargain with, for any reason. (Quick death). While being tortured. Secrets, even of just locals. Especially with officers and such, including local government officials. The Russians love that, in movies anyway. Proof if possible. Something. Date, times, peoples. There family and friends. Guilty by association. In the movies anyway. Then they get to disappear. That's when they police state apparatus is scared for it's own safety. So there is a very low tolerance. If you don't rat them out, they rat you out. So have fun you see.

You knew, and did nothing. You get to disappear. It maybe a loyalty test you see. Have fun, you see. There is always, just extreme poverty, with gang members, and such around. You get to find out then. How scary dangerous, a file clerk is then, who does someone on purpose to you, and yours, to just delay paperwork, when you and yours, might have been able, to be transferred, lets say.

Don't forget to flirt, and all that. Best buy some sexy underwear now. To save your family, or your own life, you understand. Maybe at least, you get to survive, even if your family, must stay behind, and maybe be captured, and or whatever. Awesome. You get to have a new boyfriend or girlfriend, or boss, you see. You may have to make decisions, like that. You move with them, you have nothing, but them, you see.

As wars goes on. Things get worst and worst. Like with the Vietnam war. Like American soldiers photographed, shooting prisoners in the head. I think it was. A quick death. Might have been mercy to. If they were going to be handed over, to local authorities otherwise. As the war dragged on, and things got worst. As more and more killings took place, on each side.

Americans had money. So lots of drugs became available.

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A very carefully worded story by Yahoo to cover up for law enforcement at the Uvalde Texas mass shooting. Cherry picked to. Probably friends and family of police. Or complete anti-gun nuts, or political mouth pieces. Who will at the same time, call you a draft dodger, and a coward, as you go, and fight, and die, and suffer, and maybe loose your family to, for them.

I know exactly why Uvalde police didn’t rush that classroom. And who can blame them?

When peoples jobs are tied to political beliefs. You can never convince them of anything different. Or if they think you are uneducated and stupid. Like people who have publicly stated there are too many people on the planet. Now with maybe 1 to 2 billion people maybe going to die. Lets here them say it now. They you understand whom you are dealing with. Not enough people living in poverty to in all countries. So more people, need to live in poverty to. That is happening to and always is. Wow, it makes them all richer basically to. Taking more of, what little we got from us. They can sacrifice to and live at the same standards level as the rest of us. Live in the room next to us.

They always want you to believe. That you deserve what happens to you. Will happen to you convicted insurrectionist, hoarder, whatever. As they take, more of what, you got. That is all it is. Things were done to make what is going on like inflation, actually happen. War. A war that will get worst.

The average government worker, the real ones will not suffer really, at all. they will make you suffer even more though. Act like they are suffering. File clerks. Living in homes. File clerks in government. Law enforcement, will get worst, in many ways. Unless, huge, mass layoffs, of government workers, nation wide, really hurts them. Everything else is just a theatre for us. P.R.

You can see government departments, like law enforcement ,laying the ground work, like by making sure, street people gang members are everywhere, so if they get cut backs, crime gets out-of-control fast with violent mentally disturbed street people gang members. Then the general public, screams for more law enforcement. Then you need other departments to, for the street people. 99 out of a 100 street people gang members, could easily be serving, multiple life sentences, in prison, if law enforcement did there job. Other government departments staff locally, being law enforcement s, and the criminal justice systems, family and friends locally, everywhere.

I don't think you understand still. When you see corrections shows like (60 days in). That local criminal everywhere, basically. Are being taught, then encouraged, and allowed to be violent, and intimidating. Taught how to do it properly by the criminal justice system. Then TV and movies (shills for law enforcement) and law enforcement true life dramas, about the mob and such, have taught you, that law enforcement, needs to pend years, making cases against these expert, high end, hard to catch, criminals. The exact opposite it the truth.

Law enforcement, must stay away from criminals as much, as possible. Literally, the police, need to stay inside there buildings, as much as possible. Or they would be witnessing these gang members, all the time, committing crimes. Mostly in full view, of the general public to.

They need there drugs, and are desperate, for there drugs, and booze. Within mere years. The hardened experienced criminal core, of all gangs, would be torn out, and spending time in prison. Lots, at one time, in prison. As gang members, get picked up. There would be, less and less, of gang members, to do the same, as needed, to get the drugs, they want.

If the criminal justice system, actually kept drugs out of corrections, instead of letting, on purpose, there being hard drugs, in corrections. Criminals, would do even more crimes, inside, and get even more time. Key point, some criminal, would be scared to death then, of going to lockup, corrections. Some anyway. By forcing them to use the bathrooms multiple times, and making sure drug mules, going inside, can not, re-swallow the drugs, to get drugs inside, corrections facilities.

Judges, law enforcement, armed file clerks. Need to start going to prison.

Just think of all the lives that could be saved, if crime was actually dealt with properly, by the criminal justice system. Think of all the mass shootings, that would be stopped totally and utterly, even before it becomes, a mass shooting. Or stopped from being a massacre. Of children even, being massacred, for example, that all the law enforcement present, at Uvalde let happen. Every single one of them knew, what they were doing. Mass murdering psychopathic monsters. Every single one of them. What a joke. Slaves don't get justice. We are all slaves still. Taught to hate and blame each other. I still hate the people whom are allowed to come after me. But I understand, and that matters. I know who to blame. Ultimately. So war it is, for us all, I suspect (N.A.T.O.). War was declared against me personally. In a cowardly way, pretending war, wasn't being waged against me, by 1000s of people locally here, in Yellowknife, NT. Commonplace now and more prolific and against even more people, and more effective individually. Perfected on me personally, into a science, even for children, to understand, and do. Spread all over the world, on purpose.

You would think, that there are laws, requiring law enforcement, to make sure, there superiors, makes the right call. That your superior. Has all the needed facts, to make a proper decision. Of whom to contact, in the chain of command when obviously the wrong decisions are being made that got children massacred. apparently not. The press has forgotten again, to ask, any meaningful questions again. Both the Democratic press, and the republican press.

Where are all the table thumping politicians now, promising criminal justice system reform? Who want less massacred children. Want law enforcement reformed. Send them all to prison, where they belong. All the law enforcement that was there, needs to go to prison. It is the only solution. They can all die, of old age, in prison. God will sort them out.

The press, being mouth pieces, for both parties.

I have seen politicians. A few in the past, make statements, that law enforcement is extremely dangerous to deal with, basically. If that's the truth. Send in the military, and crush them into paste. With tank treads, and grape shot, and infantry. Make them salute the flag every day. Maintain extreme disciple. They must do anything they are told or be severely punished and imprisoned. You must maintain extreme disciple. With law enforcement, and the criminal justice system, being extremely corrupt, and murderous. Extremely out-of-control, and undisciplined, cowardly, and murderous, and untrustworthy, and dangerous, to the government itself. Never show the criminal justice system and it's lackeys, any mercy, for they have none themselves.

The criminal justice system, must do anything, they are told to. You must dominate them, or they will dominate and imprison you, and yours, at best. Make them do, anything you want, to dominate them. They only understand strength. The strong man. Discipline must be maintained, among there ranks. Have no mercy, or pity, for them. They are murderous, and deceitful by nature, and cowardly to.

If things continue, as is. Eventually, the military will be in charge. Where the great leader, does not trust the police. Trusts the military basically. Given a choice. Same with all others to, basically. Lackeys are (boot lickers) by choice. We have no choice but to be boot lickers when they come around. They choose to be boot lickers, by chioce. Same with law enfocemtn to apparently. Boot lickers to, so they can dominate others, at will. Law enfocrement at Uvalde, was a bunch of boot lickers, at best.

Always crush them without mercy. For they have none themselves. Crush them as individuals, and in groups, as needed. People will want to thank you. Not sure crush them all where-ever.

No one trusts the police then. Mexico anyone.

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So she made law enforcement, look bad. This is only the start for her, and her children to. The harassment. Lots of non obvious harassment will happen to her and her children to. From others than law enforcement to. There family and friends locally. Official things will be done to her and her children to. Like let gang members and other criminals, do things, to her and her children on purpose, in there lives now. Try to get them criminal records while criminals don't even get charged with what they will do to them. Be allowed and hence encouraged to attack them in various ways. Especially, when things die down.

Law enforcement is federal to, some of the agencies. Information put into databases and all that about them. Word of mouth. However they do it. Certain words of whatever in databases. So no getting away from them. They all looked bad. Just thugs with badges really. Can't even control themselves already law enforcement. Only just started with law enforcement.

Law enforcement wants people intimidated to, so you do nothing, to save your children .Or you dare not show up and bare witness, and cry, as they stand by, and let the children die. You would be shocked and horrified at them. Revealing there true evil nature, for all present, to see. Less headaches for them. The game might be on, or starting soon. Hot date tonight. You would never trust law enforcement again, every. Never trust a TV host, or politician again, ever. Whom praises them, makes excuses for them, covers for them, etc. Courts, press, politicians, lets them get this way. Made them this way.

Slaves don't matter. They have no basic human rights. Not even the right to be alive, when law enforcement decided, your children or you, should no longer should be alive. Or your children must die, for there greater good, and safety, and politics. Being there, is not the same, as seeing something on TV. Especially with how expert TV hosts speak about whatever event to manipulate you, and your emotions. In this case they want you to ignore what the pol;ice allowed to happen and focus on more gun control. Which will make things even worst eventually. In more ways in society. That's the way it works.

At the very least. The people who do things on purpose to people, to drive them insane, and into committing acts of suicide, in various ways, will get even worst, and to more people.

Less fear of people going postal at them, for what they do to people. So wee will see. Probably be downplayed in the media, and not even talked about, whenever possible.

This women did nothing wrong. She, her children, are probably going to become criminals. Forced to on purpose. No choices, in real life. Arranged situation all the time when criminals find out they are allowed, to come after them. Etc. Places like womens centres, run by prostitutes, and such. Gang members.

Uvalde mother who was cuffed trying to save kids claims she’s now being harassed by police
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