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News Article. ‘My Kid Doesn’t Feel Safe’: Parents Detail Desperate Pleas to School Before Michigan Rampage

Quote "In a statement over the weekend, Throne sought to explain why Crumbley was sent to class even after these incidents. He said the teen had offered explanations for both the worrying internet searches and drawings, claiming he came from a family of gun enthusiasts and had drawn the violent imagery because it was part of a video game he was designing in his bid to become a video game developer. "

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Said in article. they were not treated properly. Or one wasn't. To me that indicates they have been abused, a long time. Including, and especially by, the medical community to. That is extreme stress. It always does something to people. And they know it. Young and easy to take advantage of. The (help) given, almost made them into school shooters. The services for kids in schools was stopped or about to be. Then after they had, no options, but welfare, and or criminal activities, at that age. Then the mental health options for adults are offered of forced upon them. surrounded by others who want to do drugs and otherwise party. A low likelihood of success. Especially at that age. The government knows it to. Setup that way on purpose. Cheaper by the dozen officially. More likely to fail unofficially, in recovery, and all that. With what little is offered. Done on purpose, to you and yours, on purpose. Some can never be helped.

So in this prevented school shooting, arrest of 2 teenagers. It's a little different. Now in story, asking why they are like this or one of them anyway. Once it's about a officially mentally disturbed person. It's about how come that person didn't get proper treatment. Basically always when there was no shooting.

One of them looks like he might have physical brain deformities because of the shape of his skull. You know that doctors decades ago that said skull measurements might indicate mental issues, that was laughed at as a quack basically. Not a de-fact-o fact, but more likely to have mental issues. Might not be serious mental issues either.

What happens is your local government lets people be harassed, to the point it is torture. You have some type of breakdown. You do something criminal like punch someone to maybe who has been victimizing you. You get sent for mental evaluation. You are found to be some type of mentally disturbed person, who matches there criteria, of this or that serious mental disorder, because of what 3rd party people, are doing to you. Dozens to hundreds to 1000s of them. The medical community, and criminal justice system pretend, they don't know what's being done to you. Pretend it's all in your mind. They lie to your face. Or use special wording to pretend it's not the same thing to you.

You might actually go traditional crazy and become a real danger because of what was done to you on purpose. You might actually kill people. Most people seem to commit suicide instead or try to. That's what they want. Or for you to just punch someone, for example. Even better. Violent and mentally disturbed in a special way. Not a murderer for example. Safe for them to harass that way, and for them to use you as there career security.

When you reach your breaking point. Maybe over and over again. You have to decide if you are going to hurt people or not. Or just yourself and your family. What gets done to you is so horrific, you think about the people who love you, but simply, do not care. You can not and they know it. Imagined being burned alive, with hot metal. And people laugh at you while they burn you alive, torture you. You want the pain to stop. That is all, that matters to you.

Some people going through this, lash out in various ways by various degrees.

Some people are crazy ,and violent, and dangerous. Usually they team up with others to abuse. Make it fun for themselves. Unfortunately there is more government workers involved in this then there are crazy people they want to abuse, by pretending to help.

Parent scared in this story of getting charged themselves. Even mentioned in story, about the first story in this post, and parents getting charged. What about school officials getting charged? Again maybe one or both of them were driven to, this almost act. We will never really know the truth.

Having police posted at schools will not fix up this issue, as they are a big part of the problem. Might fix up other problems. Most likely, the police, will become buddy buddy with there fellow gang member psychopaths in the schools. Might even encourage more gang members, to get into law enforcement, and other areas of the criminal justice system. At best, mass shooter at school tactics will change. Then what, more police? Does it matter how your kid died or was show. How about why it happens and preventing those issues from happening at least i the schools. Where people are supposed to feel and be safe. Everyone. Without exception. Maybe they are psychopaths themselves. Again warning signs. We will see.

Again comments made around people that can be taken person(s) was warning people to be left alone. Maybe, can be.

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So what can student(s) do, when they feel they are being abused at school, and they feel, they are also being abused by school staff, in there responses at least, to there complaint(s)? What is a proper investigation? What is a proper investigation, outside local authorities, with vested interests, at being lazy, and such (cover-ups). How is a proper investigation done? What questions get asked to all involved? What is the punishment? Etc. Are the people accused of bullying asked, for example. Have you been abusing you accuser, in any way, shape, or form? How? When? Why? What for? Etc. Did staff every see or here your abuse this person. Etc.

What did school staff do to address the issue? What are they supposed to do, to address the abusive behaviour(s)? What about repeat offenders? How are they punished? How are school staff punished for letting abuses happen? How about repeat offender school staffers, how are they punished. Where are the official complaints, and official responses, and how was a official investigation done. Details. They never want that. Then people know how lazy and evil they are. Staff wants there own kids to know, how to abuse people to, and get away with it. Want trouble maker kids, to go after someone, and not bother them. Etc. Don't want there parents, coming after them. All kinds of things. Want special government funding, for special needs kids. Remember that. Drug up kids in schools, by the government. What was the latest thing again? That mental issue with kids? Do you even remember? The latest epidemic in schools, a few years ago there? Yet again. What was that called again? Yet again. Federal funding and such again.

All school staff, is perfect remember. So everything must be perfect. The easiest thing for them to do, is accuse you, or your family member, of having mental issues. Then almost no one cares about the abused. It's a huge, gigantic, human rights loophole, where they pretend, it's not a huge, gigantic, human rights loophole.

IT can easily take years to decades for someone to get better form what gets done to them. To even be able to speak somewhat coherently about it. They know it to. So they pour the abuses upon abuses upon you. Some murder, some commit suicide, or try to. Some go various other types of crazy. They know it to. They just don't care. Psychopaths.

They don't care, if you harm yourself, or others. Even better, you see to them. Proves them right. All they got to do, is prove themselves right. All the horrors, done to you are then justified, you see, to the rest of the general public. All the 1000s, to tens of 1000s, to hundreds of 1000s, of abuses, done to you, are now justified, and 5 minutes later, others locally and watching the news, forget, and then freak out, at the though of you, being around there kids, or whatever. More career security you see. Everybody wins, masses of local people win. Except for there victims. They always need more victims. As we get bigger government, they need more victims, for all the more staff, in bigger government departments. People get abused, in all kinds of ways. Wonder why, you never got some job, but another did, in some government, make work program? You know you are better. They don't want you having a job. You have been picked. 15 years old even. Too late already. You should not have said, her daughters ankles, were fat at school, 2 years ago. Or 7 years ago.

Maybe you got some help from, some government department, and you said, what a good job they did, helping you. That's it for you. Maybe you got some help period from some government department. That's a for sure reason. A common one.

You are poor, and not a special interest group member, officially. That's another common reason.

You spoke bad about the government and people know you are saying the truth and you are poor and or in a high unemployment area. Another common reason. You are not just repeating what gets said.

You get into debates as asked to by a teacher and you destroy your political debater in front of the class. They pretend you didn't and shut you down. Again telling the truth.

You caught the R.C.M.P. publicly, about to commit a serious crimes at the school, in front of basically, all the students, loaded onto school buses, about to go home. Then all kinds of people, are allowed, and encouraged, to abuse you and yours. Afterwards, new laws are passed, not allowing, only male R.C.M.P. officers, to take little female kids home, or whatever. Going for a R.C.M.P. ride. Strangely they couldn't call for backup, as men, were threatening, to get into a gun battle with them. Instead the R.C.M.P. ran away.

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What's going to happen more often? No warnings, before a school shooting. And killing people other ways, probably less focuses ways. No big leap of logic there. Using vehicles. Already happening for some attacks. I guess banning vehicles, will be the solution presented then. If that ever becomes someones agenda in the press or government. Look out.

With mass shootings. The anti-gun agenda gets pushed and mostly, abused people, don't kill. They become mentally disturbed, so that protects, all kinds of careers. A win win you see. They get to abuse people even more, and abuse more people, if they take the guns away, and make, more people poor.

What's getting dealt with? The school shootings taking place, by blaming the parents. What's not getting dealt with, is the abuses (massive scale) that cause people to do mass shootings? And 1000s of times more often, criminal charges and such, the torture victim gets. And a diagnostic of being a dangerous mentally disturbed person them. At least, they are not murderously dangerous, pot smokers, that need to go to jail, and prison, right? By the tens of 1000s right? What is going to replace then all? Exponential growth and all that?

If you are a white male, or white female, you better look out. You better be on top, or high up, in any business you are in. Or look out. Even then look out. When you get mad it's racism. When another group gets mad, it's right and just. Poor white. Look out even more. I hope you don't like having food.

Once they drive people crazy, and get them on meds, for example. That person my become, a walking killing machine. The abuses get worst. Unless you become violence. Then the police come for you, you crazy, violent, mentally disturbed, criminal now. They really got you know. Another gang member career criminal. All kinds of violent, gang members and or, career criminals.

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Oxford school shooting: Ethan Crumbley’s parents in court in shackles as state says evidence is ‘staggering’

Why the shackles? The P.R. show must go on.

Well I use to love looking at guns all the time. I know all kinds of things. Now I just see guns as the tool of the oppressor. Since only cops seem to get them in real life. I still want one. I want all law abiding people to have guns. More precisely I don't want criminals to have guns. I don't want hardened criminals even around. They can have there own communities like pervert park on youtube. Perverts are not capable of controlling themselves, when given to chance to re-offend.

Charges can be pressed against any parent(s) in this situation. then there will still be mountains of evidence always. If you have guns. See what they are doing. Gun owners seems to like knowing certain things. Means nothing really. Until something happens and then it's evidence. Again what lead up to that event. Like a school shooting. Does it matter how you loved one died? With a car, knife, gun, suicide? Prevention is key, so is stopping abusers from abusing. Abusers with and without jobs where abuses are taking place. Repeat offenders need especially to be dealt with.

Maybe severe bullying didn't take place in this one case. 1000s and 1000s of other times it has.

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Video shows violent assault in high school girls' bathroom.

Street Thugs plural, in school. So lots of fights right at beginning of year student says. That was to start. Superintendent gets mad at students not "acting in a way that is appropriately, by taking videos instead of getting support or getting help". Making him look bad. Making teachers look bad. Making school committee look bad to. Didn't they know what's going on in there. Violent bullying, I suspect. It;s so out of control at that school. If a school shooting happened there you would have heard none of this. Weapons I suspect will get used eventually. Had toed boots if nothing else.

I guess the other times where no one took any videos to show the general public what's going on there. Lots of violent attacks in school. Well before this one of many attacks happened. Now something is being done, about it. Blaming the whistle blowers.

When you heard things like "upstanders people who stand up, for people in trouble". What does that mean, especially to a young person? The police want to arrest you. So if someone becomes a upstander and someone gets killed or experiences grave bodily harm. Who's fault will that be?

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Seems to be the best way to talk about gun control, is for local authorities, to let gun violence happen. Chicago anyone? This to. Another mass shooting. So each side, gets to justify there stance on guns. In this case, the Democrats, get to talk about gun control again. Just before a election. If that is the case, those dead and injured person(s), were sacrificed, for political reasons. 1st amendment now to, under attack.

If it was looked into seriously right now. I bet, many people, like this shooter, right now in America, are allowed to be (armed and dangerous), hoped to (go off). So Democrats can justify, one of there core political tenants, just before the mid-tern elections. Could be right now in America. That there are 1000s of people like him, in schools and such right now. Who should be locked away, and not allowed access to gun. That means, they are putting your kids life in danger right now, to push there anti-gun core political agenda. That means local schools, and law enforcement everywhere, doing this any way they can. Right where you live to right now.

This is the type of responses you can expect whenever anything becomes politicized. At first you can not really nay say there publicly stated reasons for taking control of whatever for your safety for example. Then they start getting more and more out-of-control with that political issue. I remember when talking about sex education, when it was first talked about. It was justified basically to teach sex education to children, so they would have some basic understand of sex education. Now we have what you have. Sexual education being used to push Democrat government political agendas, even to little children in schools. Radical departure, from the publicly stated reasons, for sex education, in the first place. First they take the right, to do something, to someones, then they go nuts. Pushing political agendas.

They Democrats, have people it seems, who mostly care about, one issue only. Or maybe 2, lets say, ultimately. When it comes to voting. As long as they get what they personally want. They don't care ultimately, about anything else. Like war, the threat of nuclear war, inflation, etc. As long as they get whatever they want. So the Democrats made student loans available decades ago. It was widely stated, this would make, the cost of a education soar, as time passed. So now, because of that. Many student, need student loans, and want the loans forgiven. The loans, are so much bigger now.

If you have no morals. Increasing costs, of getting a education, is not the problem, but the solution, to getting voters, to vote for you. And so on, with other disasters, in the making. The Republicans have some problems to like that. In other areas. The Republicans win some battles now, but are losing the war. With the democrats giving people, no other options, but democrat, in voting. A education might cost more than a home eventually. If they can. At one time anyway. Don't really know anymore.

Sometimes people who are not allowed to speak out get frustrated and angry. More likely for violence to happen then. Not a problem. But the solution. You see, we are right. This will become just another tool of control. The 1st amendment. The government telling you, what is acceptable and not acceptable. Government with full control, and will go nuts, with this to. When sick, deranged psychopaths, see some group being called racist, etc. They know they can attack them, in various ways. Including discriminating against that group, being politically attacked.

All Democrats (gov workers locally everywhere) got to do, is say, you are violence, racist, and mentally disturbed. That pisses those victims off. The victims get constantly harassed. Then some get violent. The victims, like myself, all learn, all the checks and balances, that are supposed to protect you, not longer apply to you. The checks and balances, are applied only to your abusers, in regards to you, crazy you. In many cases, it seems.

Just like with the former president of the USA, Donald Trump. They start attacking you, more and more locally, where ever you are. If yo do anything back, the police and psych ward are waiting for you. You violent, mentally disturbed person. They make people like that on purpose via extreme long term stressors. Done on purpose, to victims, from the very top of government down.

So right now, they want more mass shootings. To justify taking the 1st amendment away. Taking your freedom of not only choice to say what you want. But also your ability to even find, eventually, another opinion, on anything. There will be only 1 official opinion, and 1 correct solution, for all individual problems. Talk about inflation, you are a radical racist, talk about violence (not gun control), you are a radical racist, talk about anything, and have a different stated opinion. You are a criminal, violent, dangerous, mentally disturbed criminal. Given time, this makes people not only easier to control, but to steal all there wealth from. Via taxes, inflation, criminal corruption in markets, take your business from you in real life, you work for them in business, you mean nothing to them, and you will work for them in government, etc. So more and more poor, it has only just started. It is always, only just started, with them.

They see normal human behaviours, like the belief in a lawful society, as a weakness. They laws only apply to us and not them. Just laws get used unjustly on us. Us will get bigger and bigger as a percentage of the population. You will not be able to afford anything. You will own nothing, and you will know it. More and more so. The state will own all. Including you life. You will not have the right to be alive even. Once the state says you should die, you will be killed. For any reason.

Befrt blodfgh bodfg. What does that mean? Nothing. But the stated reason why, you need to die, and your loved ones, need to die to. The state is perfect, or individuals, in the state government, get punished to. So they are perfect. Even in mass murder.

At one time, it was said that 1 in 7 people in Russia, were institutionalized, for believing in capitalism. 1 in 7. Becoming a criminal, basically a DE-fact-to death sentence, in modern society, is a real possibility. Then the gangs, are waiting for you, and your family. Same with the police, medical staff, teachers, other government staff members, always. Everywhere.

Human rights organizations, what a horrific joke. Police, the courts, the medical community, a nightmare. Women's centres, shelters, many will learn, are the same. What this person did, someone like me, or even, Donald Trump, could have done, in one shape or form. The former president now, of the USA. not then though. So out-of-control. They did not care, they were driving him crazy, in front of 100s of millions of people, worldwide. They are practiced, experienced, trained experts. They are waiting to do more, to us all. No one is safe from them.

So going after guns, and not the criminals. Then this is what happens. Never fixes the root cause issue of violence. You know violent criminals, still being around and let out. Even more so now, with the gangs around, more and more. So they will be around even, more and more. Everywhere they can, this will be implemented even more so. More criminals, so they have more violent criminals. Especially gun crimes.

All government workers are a danger, to each other even. That will get worst, and worst to. Lots of other locally. Those locally, probably allowed and encourages this shooting to happen. Should be charged, with the same crimes as him, and locked up to. Also, sure is good career security, to for many in government. With the benefit, of pushing political agendas to.


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Texas school shooter lived in Uvalde: What we know about gunman, motive and how weapons were obtained. Don't know if this is the case or not here. But some people who experience violence and intimidation do retaliatory violence and intimidation right back at people. Part of Stockholm syndrome. Once you can you fight back. When it gets bad enough. When it happened to enough people in the past. It was called a uprising, or peasant revolt.

I guess it was to warm for police to be wearing body armour. Police suffered gunshot wounds. What does that mean, if you are wearing body armour? Did the cops kill any teachers or children themselves? That has happened lots of times in the past. The police shooting and killing people, and the criminal gets charged with that to.

Some interesting quotes from this story.

"Ramos allegedly crashed into a ditch near the school before the shooting, Texas Department of Public Safety Sergeant Erick Estrada said Tuesday evening on CNN. He was confronted by law enforcement when he tried to enter the school with a rifle, Estrada said, but was able to enter through the south door of the building."

"Gutierrez told USA TODAY he was unaware that the gunman had been known to law enforcement prior to the attack"

Lots of things are very carefully, not being said. Some people get driven nuts by things that get done to them. Was he bullied in school? Was he singles out in some way? etc.

Why did they police know him? The police know me. My victimizers. Manipulators, murders. The medical community. The liars, the murders.

If this was really about prevention. By taking peoples guns away only. Well there are other ways of prevention. Like making sure everyone knows he goes to prison for a long time. Put that, in the news, all the time. That should help to prevent, copy cat killings to. Talk about what the school did, and did not do, to protect the children. Always ask all the time, to school boards, and in public, about what they are doing to prevent, murder and death, and bullying in schools. What new things, within reason, are they doing?

Don't like it, what they are doing and not doing. Transfer your kids, to a new school. Complain bitterly, constantly. Get lawyers involved. Paperwork created. Legal paperwork.

Stop relying on government, to keep your kids safe. What they care about, is pushing agendas. Dead kids push agendas. It's election time right now. Makes it really dangerous for your kids safety. Copy cat killers, type people, who hear this, being talked about, in the press, sometimes nuts, act out there fantasizes. Then. Rather immediately.

Instead of talking about school shootings. The press might want to talk about, how law enforcement, is getting shot at, all the time. How they are always getting into shootouts with people, and sometimes, being seriously injured or killed. At least the police can shoot back, and have body armour, training, backup. To deal with the nuts.

Can do the same with hospitals, and staff, and shootouts and bombs, going off, in hospitals. All the time. How postal workers are going nuts all the time. How politician's are being attacked and killed, or injured, all the time. Stop talking about the kids so much.

How board members of big corporations need more security because they are being attacked and injured or killed all the time.

To deal with nuts, who get triggered, by the press. Lets start having TV shows and movies, showing this, all the time.
May 26 2022
You wait and cry as your children die. Don't forget, the police, would kill you to, for resisting arrest, here to. If someone dared to try to save there child, or children. Might happen to. Then most of the press would say nothing. Not a peep then, from politicians. Would be about how evil that person was, for resisting arrest. Can't spit on them, or you will be charged with a crime. The police and government, have become so powerful. Election year. So look out. One of your most powerful tools, is your camera. Heads should roll over this. A.K.A. loose there jobs, and careers, and be forever banned, from law enforcement, and from government jobs in general. Same with there superiors. Have shades and some masks on to try to hide there faces, in this case. There are 1000s or more of people like this who did this. With some political people hoping more killings happen. That could have been your loved ones. It can still be. This has only just started. Better find out what you kids school is doing right now. To protect your kids. Locked doors? Ask in public to. Talk about it in public to. at lunch around people. Social gatherings. Don't just rely on government to keep your kids safe, alive. You have to care. You have to get involved. Be reasonable. A election, is coming up. Mid-terms. Dangerous. It's like a 1000 times more deadly dangerous right now, for there safety. For there very lives.

People who believe in the 2nd amendment, should be doing this. (School safety). Making this a issue locally not just a national issue. Then it's bad for them. Just talk about it, with your friends, and around other people. when you go around other people even. What are the local schools doing right now? Is it even being talked about, at school board meetings? I know, no one wants to think about it. But lets be adults. We must be adults. No about guns, but safety. Locally, right there, right now, and in the immediate future. Prevention, prevention, prevention. Deescalation, deescalation, deescalation. Deescalation, long before it's a (hostage) situation or worst. Guns, knifes, vehicles, fighting, bats, clubs, gangs, drugs. Safety. Violence in general. Especially extreme violence. Lots of forms of extreme violence taking place. All destroys peoples lives. All should be thought of together like that. Again tell all the nuts the cops and such are getting killed all the time.

Police narrative on Texas school shooting in question as new details emerge. I guess the main stream media couldn't find any parents to tell the press no one stopped the shooter for more than a hour. Lots of confusion, the police PS person says. Well if one cop had called in to headquarters, who was "boots on the ground there" and explained what was going on. That should have fixed up any confusion. The other cops seem to know what to do. Keep parent out, while the kids were dying.

This guy is a real killer. Homeboy gangster killer. Cops blocking person with camera filming what the cops are doing to person, they have swarmed by the bus.

So in this video. It is said that police went into the school with him and came under fire from him. I guess he might have been looking for others, and got forced, into a school room, filled with kids. Might have wanted others. So were others, there involved with him somehow. Drugs. Drugs. Drugs. I bet. Or harassment. Never really know the truth. Since he is dead. I was said before that police knew him. Then they took a hour to stop him. He forced 2 trained police officers to take cover. That is no small thing.

Sounds like he broke and became a cyborg killing machine. Maybe with intent of killing certain people, (adults) and settled for something less. My myself, being someone, who law enforcement (R.C.M.P.) tried to drive insane, and turn into a terrorist, and more than once.

Letting huge numbers of people do that to me, and protecting them (R.C.M.P.). Had me walking, in the middle of the street, in traffic, for awhile. Just become aware of my surroundings and be walking in the middle of the street. No sense of time even, before that. Nothingness.You could have see me on TV, doing something like this. Probably a bomb or something, back then. Now it's assault rifles. It's all about whatever the main stream media is peddling to you for political reason. Dead children, for the great good and all that. In real life, it's just about politicians, having some hot button issue to argue about, during a election cycle. Political divide. Rally the support base and all that. Also so if they do get a gun ban. Then they can get even worst to even more people. More gangs, more psychopaths, more enemies, more poverty, for more unjust laws, for more political divide. Poor is easy to control. Worried about food and safety and not having a better life. Which they do not provide for the masses. Only government workers basically get a better life. Bigger government means bigger poverty. Bigger poverty means more violence. Violence becomes a lifestyle as there is more and more poverty.

The gangs being around, in more places, is only just the beginning. Looks what happens long term. The Bronx. You know, the only thing that matter to politicians there. It's a liberal enclave. Poverty and violence and assault weapons, are not the problem, it's a opportunity, it's there, final solution to winning. Which seems to be getting implemented. Once they basically take over and they probably will. Real Nazi style final solutions will be implemented. Like doctor assisted suicide. Were they force you to ask for there help in killing yourself. Because they will not supply you with enough pain medications. Whatever.

Kill people by giving them breast cancer again, on a large scale again (lots of millions, women). Etc. It's a surprise for the plebs. A.K.A. the book (1984). Scurvy again (lack of vitamins in food), electrolyte deficiencies again (heart attacks, menstrual cramping, muscle cramping, brain dementia's, nervous system problems). Etc. It's a surprise. I being poor in Canada (socialist paradise). Have had scurvy and gingivitis. Once poor and abused to. They want to keep you poor and abused to. To continue actually abusing you, and yours to.

Not trying to single this person out. But about 2:15 into video a women is shown tying knots basically to do something. To do something useless in dealing with the stress. Really. As taught to do. She is supposed to march and riot over abortion, and tie knots as taught to, also, over a mass shooting. So this persons extreme stress is kept extreme over this politicized issue. Where is the accountability? Where is the justice? Police are giving excuses. Why did it take 1 hour, for law enforcement, to stop the killing? Again. At least it wasn't 2 hours. Not that it matter then so much. That was a big part of the killing. Assuming the police didn't return fire effectively against him when they engaged him in the school. To drive him into a classroom full of children. Unfortunately that is a real possibility. Why was the back door even unlocked. Schools have alarms. Alarms can sound if a door is unlocked or propped open, or whatever. More than 60 million babies were aborted. Oh yea. Classrooms can have electric locks on them that the police can have unlocked fast. Still with fire crash bar inside. Got to say it. That open outwards to.

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In a socialist paradise. The government makes it, so lots of people need them. Government also wanting to expand. So they always need more and more poor people. For that and other reasons to. Poor pheasants (plebs) are easy to control. Except for uprisings. Hard to do uprisings today. All the parties become socialist parties. All the same basically. So much poverty. Always more and more poverty. It gets them what they want. Collapses eventually, in some way or another. Maybe in many ways. For governments, taking peoples wealth is easy and a solution.

When it's only business peoples wealth to take. Like only Millionaires and Billionaires, wealth to take, they will. I mean take it all. They don't care what it causes. The trouble it causes. They don't really care about anything, except themselves. As they can get away with doing more, they will do, more and more. Always about taking, more and more.

Thay are making it, so peoples, have no choices at all, but to vote for them. More and more poverty and violence, is what they do. To control, dominate, and take over. They are already starting to do whatever they want. Soon enough, excuses will not be given. They just say it, and you better believe it, or act so.

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One of the reasons, lots of cops show up, and stick around outside, is if someone else shows up with a gun and wants to stop the threat inside. Then they will arrest you, and or kill you fast, if you resist arrest. you then will be charged as another mass shooter out of hand. The press will say you were another mass shooter or whatever. IT will be well publicized by the press to intimidate people into standing by. Including parents, as there children are being killed. You will at best, be forced to spend your life savings, to defend yourself, in a court of law. The press will make sure, everyone knows to. Almost no children may have died if he had been stopped faster. Who knows.

If that is the case. Law enforcement was a accomplice, in this assault rifle, mass shooting, massacre.

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Don't lift a finger for a cop. Unless you have to. They don't lift a finger for you. Unless they have to. They all look the same. How can you tell the (lets make sure we have a school massacre) ones from the others. Well until afterwards. Leave or record them. Or tell people what you seen.

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Well. When it's a numbers game of death. When a active shooter, is killing people. The police must respond. Hopefully, in less than a hour or two. Sometimes people get shot and or killed by police then. Don't want cowboy action shooting, going on then, by police. Want aimed shots only. Maybe suppression shooting. If it's bad enough. Bad situation, all around.

Fast shooting, if rounds are on target, mean the threat is stopped fast to. Just a bad situation all around. When that happens. Not in this case, apparently, so far.

When everyone, is going to be killed, if the police do nothing. You do not want to rely on them, to keep your loved ones safe. Was anyone not shot, in that room, the active shooter, was barricaded in? How long did the shooting go on, if it did, after the police, were in the school? Very carefully, law enforcement is not saying all kinds of things, to there own benefit. So I believe. I guess as a cop. If the on scene person in charge says it's not a active shooter situation anymore. Then I guess no cop, is allowed to go tactical, against the active shooter. What needs to happen is that person in charge needs to be fired, and charged with, multiple counts, of manslaughter. Is he or she a Democrat? Apparently not a Republican, or we would all know already. Apparently gun toting, law enforcement Democrats, are very dangerous, in a special way, to people safety, and very lives. Anything goes, for there just cause. To bad, they can not be trusted, to tell the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Another fine example, of how law enforcement, polices itself. Are they all murders? Is only the person at the scene in charge a murder? Lots of dead people. Or is it only the active shooter who is the murder? Or did he have accomplices. If me or you did that. Stopped parents from going in we would be charged with serious crimes. The press would make sure all know who you are. Like with the active shooter. So who was that person in charge? It's a surprise apparently. So it could be any law enforcement person there. That's how they want it. So treat them, all the same. They will not, lift a finger, to help others, when they don't have to. Not even, to stop children, from being killed. That's how they want it.

I wish I could bow my head, and act sad, and get away with murder. They all want to be able to do that. Get away with murder. Anything for there furtherance, of there personal safety. Maybe law enforcement, should have there guns taken away instead, and send then into danger, all the time. Like it is for poor peoples, having to send there kids outside, with gangs around everywhere. Crazy psychopaths everywhere, on purpose. Not just gang members to.

Just become a cop psychopath. As long as you do murder like this. It's not even a crime. You did not crime. Kind of like teaching a dog to attack people and then letting that dog attack people. Or letting someone else, train that dog or person, to attack people. All kinds of ways, to do that to. Abuses.

Is this even the officer on the scene, who said it wasn't a active shooter situation anymore, or is that someone else?

Copy cat killers, who get triggered (nuts). Need to be dealt with. Again talk about attacking cops and such, in the press, all the time. Not kids, in the press. So the copy cat killers go after them. Well and nuts to, who just decide, they want to kill, and or be killed. Even video games are not allowed to kill kids. But the press, can talk about it, all the time. Same with politicians. Then that forces other politicians to defend gun rights. teaching nuts to be emotional about this issue to. Teaching violent, mentally disturbed psychopaths to think about guns, guns, guns.

Try swords, instead of guns. As a emotional issue, in killing people. Well switch blades and such to. Well to easy to hide. I remember when the movie grease came out. Switch bladed, were all over the news, and politicians, were frothing at the mouth, about switch blades. Lots of stories for awhile in the press about switch blade fights and such as people acted out. Violence criminals, acted out fights, and attacks, with switch blades. Street racing movies came out, and then in places, like Britain, for years, street racing, was a huge problem, with innocent people, getting seriously injured and killed, by street racers. Make attacking cops, look cool and sexy, in the movies, and on TV shows. I could go on. Advertisers making smoking look cool and sexy. Booze looking cool and sexy. Etc.

Stopping advertisers, from directly targeting children, in ads and such, was the solution. Dealing with nuts though, when it comes to mass shootings, and such. You now have a P.H.D. in common sense. Again the press tells you what the problems are and what the solutions are. Along with politicians to, in this case, who want a hot bed political issue, to really rally there support base, (get elected) and well disarm you, and such to. Things will not get better than, but worst, for all faster. That's the way it is. That is when, large scale wars start. Based upon history. That gets millions, of 1st world nations populations, killed off to. Technology changes, not peoples nature. Star Trek will not safe us from anything. A TV show. Even in Star Trek. Star Fleet has all the best guns and most of them. People in a planet destroying ship, show up, offering gifts. A question. Do you want alien races, you hardly know, having access, to such technologies? Even just hand held phasers?

Remember. That famous quote from WW2. "There be but one pistol, in all of Paris". Your own soldiers, are a threat to you, and yours to. When they think they will be dead soon, and have nothing to loose. Then they show up, at your door to.

The Uvalde school police chief initially told the public there were 'some deaths' after the shooting. Authorities now say he refused to send cops into the building during the massacre. Well police chief was also, the on scene commander. A cop would think a criminal, would not respond as to why, they did something because, the criminal is thinking, of a valid excuse, as to why, they did something. A crime or whatever. A cop would say, your are guilty, of committing a crime, if you are not answering, there questions. Works both ways. Is he being questioned. Is he being treated as a law enforcement officer? Or is he being treated as a potential criminal? If I do 10,000 good deeds. Then do 1 crime. In the eyes of the law, that one crime, is all that matters. Lots of dead children here. How many others are injured? Law enforcement careers and school administrator careers need to be over, when this happens. Fired. Obviously enough was not done, to protect the children. Period. Violence is never going away. If the same people, and the same type of people, stay in charge, of your children's, safety.

Just blaming assault rifles, in not enough. It very dangerous, to take away, a persons right, to bear arms. Effective arms against tyranny. The truth is, that is why, many people, want guns. Not just for themselves, but for all. The biggest mass murder by far, is always, your government. All else is nothing, in comparison. I wish guns were not needed. I wish free speech was not needed. People do bad things, with both freedoms. As a child, and young adult, and as an adult for many years, I believed in government. As taught to in schools, and by the press. Now they make it so you need them. You never want to need them. Then they make it worst and worst, for more and more.

More violence everywhere. Some more violence like this, everywhere to. Not because of guns. But because, violence, and extreme violence, becomes more of a every day occurrence. Not just in a video game. When people experience violence, and are powerless, to do anything about it. They start fantasizing, about doing something back. I choose this. Many others, choose other ways, to strike back. Especially when younger. This is like, one of the few places on earth, I can do this. I think of this as some small justice. This shooter may have thought what he did as some small justice for himself. Who knows for sure. Too bad they can not be trusted. Let alone with your loved ones safety.

This is a terrible, and horrific tragedy. But is nothing compared, to the violence and murder, governments do. That government allows and encourages. They actually do that to. Did you notice this police chief has not come out and say why he believed this was a hostage situation basically and not a mass shooter situation? He himself. Lets her him explain. Who in the press is even talking about this part? Who is not? Vote by turning off that news organization permanently. Lock it out. Never watch then again for any reason. Things like that need to start happening. Give them no power over you, at all, for any reason. Lock that channel out. Tech censorship online, makes things even worst in some ways, in regards to this issue. Censorship. Printed sources of info, (newspapers) are not so easy to censor, that way. Local radio.

Did the school have a security guard?

The police have publicly stated, in a press conference. That they thought, it was no longer a active shooter, situation. So they never went in to save children's lives.

In another, or the same press conference. It was publicly stated, by police officials again. That in a active shooter situation, they go in and kill, the active shooter. With is what they was said. No a exact quote. So in Texas. Active shooters, are killed on purpose, or shot on purpose.

So it was not a active shooter situation, then many children were killed. But it was then, an active shooter situation, when they went in. Then killed the active shooter. All of a sudden.

Apparently law enforcement. Has the right, to not respond, to a active shooter situation. The right, to not respond, to any situation, that might put there oh so precious lives, in danger (The masters lives). Apparently, we the slaves, do no have the right, to respond, to any situation, that puts our slave lives in danger. We slaves do not have there right to, respond, if our loved ones, very lives, are in danger.


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So this guy says at this shooting. While the police were stopping parents, from getting there children, to safety. Other police, went in, and got there own children out. Took like a hour, to for police to stop the shooter. Again.

Question. If he had never stopped shooting for 2 hours. Would it have taken 2 hours, for law enforcement to kill him?

I wonder if he tried, to talk to a local lawyer. Probably no proof anyway, one way or another. Another shock.

When you are being bullied, abused. Sometimes you do things, just not to do, what they want, what's being said about you. Or complained about. Spite. You learn, if you listen. They get worst and worst, in there demands about you. The more trivial the better. To make you dance, to there tune. This type of thing drives people crazy to. Constant abuses. It all takes somehow. Overweight, whatever. Getting mad. Going nuts. Killing yourself. Killing people. Rage suicide. Suicide by cop, 2.0. Forcing the cops, to show up. To kill them. This person. Before all this, happened to him. If it did. He was probably, one of the most kindest human beings, you would ever had meet, in your entire life. So you understand. People are like this to. Because of the abuses, deliberately done to them. Any kindness, you jump on. Then you are a weirdo, for liking some girl, who is nice to you, or bends over in front of you, all the time. (Doing sometimes, serious things, to indicate, they like you, at least sexually). Etc. People being nice to you, and then make sure you know they were abusing you. Having fun you see. Joking about you. You think you get to have friends. Etc. Beating your brains out, with what they do to you. Your child. So you understand.

There is a story online, of a stray kitten, that had it's eyeball beaten out. I understand this kitten. A animal. I am a animal right? I am a monster? The kittens mother died, I think. So it was wet and dirty, when some people found it. Alone. Needed help. No choice. So it was ugly, they said. There was a picture of it. The side with the eyeball still in. It stayed alive, after than event. For a while. The local children and others, would force it to fight for it's life, against, full grown dogs. A kitten. For fun. They said the kitten, liked fighting for it life. It learned, to just fight, when it had to. Not to even bothering, not fighting for it's life. Immediately. I understand. You violent, mentally disturbed, criminal and violent, mentally disturbed kittens too. Which is what everybody else is. Including and especially law enforcement, and the courts, press, junkies, drug addicts, other career criminals, and the medical community.

People would kick it, and such. Make it eat out of a garbage can. It lived for like 10 to 12 weeks. Whenever someone, never did anything to it. It would hug that persons foot and usually purred (I love you and I'm happy you see, stop hurting me, please oh god, someone help me. Cry baby). Trying anything and everything to get the abuse to stop. It would be laughed at and kicked away. I understand. Eventually someone stomped on it, and broke it's back. Someone picked the kitten up, and held it, while it was dying. They did not understand why? It started purring. For the very first time in it's life, of horror, and suffering. It was not longer cold, it was no longer hungry, and no longer afraid. It was no longer in pain. It was dying. Even though it did not understand. But all the kittens pains, was over. That it understood. So it was happy, as it died. Maybe a little warm, now to. And now, one if it's abusers, was being kind. If only for a moment. I understand.

My mother, was allowed, to be driven insane. By the physical and mental abuses, she was allowed, to be be put through. All the laws to protect women, against violence. That was because, of what was done to my mother, in full view of the general public, and for years. (More not crimes). Drawed attention, to the fact. Other violence people noticed first though. I talked to psychologists, once or twice, as a kid. I knew how to shut them up, so they would never, even want to talk to me, again. Look at me again. Now I understand. There shame and fear. I would just tell them, of one thing, done to my mother. They literally, don't want to even think about it. Just one thing only. Never talked to me again.

Being like that maybe, then maybe somewhat, realizing what he done, and having law enforcement, let him cool off. Then law enforcement came in, and killed him. In real life gun fights, and fights in general, they are very scary. It's scary being shot at. Scary fighting for your life. He didn't care, and was a cyborg killing machine, for a while. Very dangerous to fight. I think he may have wanted, to kill cops to. Justice. Having 2 guns is quicker than a mag change out. Right? We are ruled by monsters.

So you have been listening, to teachers, telling you. That you need to fit in better. Change yourself, to fit in. It's all you. Etc. Eventually, you may talk to law enforcement. You find out, crimes being done to you, are not crimes, when done to you. A shock to learn, law enforcement, are a bunch of murderous monsters. He shot at people. He was raging. He got killed on purpose, as stated by law enforcement, at a press conference. After he did his killing.

He shot at police. He hates them. I know why. He shot at people, after he crashed. He was raging. Something broke him. The straw that broke, the camels back. That happened, to me at work. I had to decide on the spot, to go insane, and start screaming, and never stop, or fight back. That was done to me on purpose, by the local newspaper I worked at, here in Yellowknife, NT, Canada. That and many others things. That have spread, all over the world now. Military, police, medical community. Government in general, all joined in. All over the world now.

You get mad, enraged, at the injustices, being done to you. You are made into a loner, on purpose. How a normal person reacts, to being singled out, for abuses. Not wanting to be around, your abusers. But of course, in schools, you have no choice, but to be around your abusers. Same at work to. These abusers, teachers to, literally drive people to commit suicide, in various ways.

You have to decide, if you are going to take your abusers with you, or not. I took my abusers with me, by talking about them and well to try to get my abuse to stop. Most go crazy, and or commit suicide. Sometimes going raging crazy. When you break.

People literally, try to break you. Drive you insane. Spend years, trying to break you, and destroy you. It becomes a game for them. A past time. Fun. To keep them occupied, just having some fun. Proving you are crazy. Psychopaths. Then people talk about you, like this guy is, in link below. The teachers and such, know that letting this person, be abused, to the point, he was driven crazy, is a serious thing, to do to someone. What do they do? Let it go on. Let it get worst. On purpose.

They are supposed to be perfect (school staff, law enforcement, judges, medicals staff, the press). Your child, is supposed to be safe. The parents get told, your child, needs to do this, and that. Be medicated. Things always get worst, for the child. The child and parent, trusts authority figures. (School staff, medical staff, law enforcement). Parents & abused child. Doesn't know any better. Until too late. If they even realize, all are abusing you. I was the very 1st I think, in a conscious logical way. Or things would be much worst.

You will constantly be told. You are imaging things, you are crazy, be laughed at, you must do things, that never work. (Severe frustration and stress constantly). Deliberately frustrating the parent(s) and the child on purpose. Because your child, must be mentally disturbed, or there would be huge lawsuits, again the school, and staff members, personally. Murderers. And god help them, legal paperwork problems, and job references problems.

The fact, that all schools everywhere, (full of perfect staff, sarcasm), do not want outside independent investigations, and a clear framework, understood by all, as to how a proper investigations is done, should be all your need to know, about how murderous, people like this man is, in link below. He is a mass murder. Schools, law enforcement, judges, local press, local people. All the same to me. Mass murderers. A hundred or more times the people, had there lives destroyed, by these same people. Maybe a 1000 times, or more. A deliberate job activity, they consciously do. Willingly and knowingly do. Constantly to new children, and others, they choose to abuse, to the point of suicide and murder by proxy. They fantasize, they have valid reasons, to do that, even to children. By making those reasons real. Violent & mentally disturbed.

A question. If he had just committed suicide, would you even care? Now you care. He got the only justice, he could get. As far as he is concerned. So kids in that school are OK to kill, to him. He picked that school. The school and others (law enforcement & local press) must lie now. And keep quite. (Not lies) to. Legal mumbo jumbo. Carefully worded statements. Listen carefully. Pretend your kid was killed. It's OK, to be horrified, at what is being said, and not said, by them, and me to.

As a christian, you are taught, if you commit suicide. You go to hell. That is very scary. A victim. Left with no other options, but to die, to stop your pain and suffering, done to you, on purpose. You know to. You know. They are trying to drive you crazy. You know, if you do tell police. That the police, want you driven crazy. They just hope you get into a fight or something, and then get charged and convicted. Your life basically over. With the psych ward to. All know, it's crazy you. Then things get even worst, for you. It always gets worst, as your family to, is driven away from you. Once they get you on meds, you are in even, bigger trouble. Drugs is drugs. Drugs is drugs. Otherwise, your family is driven into deeper poverty, or still are. (Given serious problems on purpose). That is the way it is. Given serious long term stresses, plural.

Strange, I hate them all. But understand, this person somewhat. I understand, the police, and teachers, and this doctor, in this video to. All mass murderers. The doctor in link below. Wants to walk the fence in public. Look out, if you ever have to deal with him, or family, has to. Behind closed doors.

You hit someone or something. As you were driven to do so. Then it's the psych ward for you. Then you get talked about like this, or worst. Forced out of high school with what was done to him, to make him, like that on purpose. So teachers can protect there careers, and make sure, there spouses and such, have career security, locally always, everywhere. Always on purpose, ruining lives. Teaching there, little monster children, what to do, to get away with it to. And other monsters children to.

Shopping is fun you see. Drugs is fun. A new car is fun. Another vacation is fun. A new house is fun. I get to hurt people to. Fun. Raging is fun. The exercise of power is fun.

Pretending is fun. Democrats are starting to call parents, domestic terrorists, and such, it is said. White supremacists, etc. Fantasizing, pretending. Abusers join together, and do that, to there victims. Blame the victim(s). It's your fault, you see. Then the police, get involved, and further victimize you. It's a horror to you. When you find out. They will do there best to these groups of victims, to make what is said about them real. That what they say, and do to harm, was justified. Including to indivual people. Fantasizing. Then you will be paraded publicly, locally, at least, or nationally. To show all. What was done to you, or a group, was justified. The press will still do that. Then you know with many others, and maybe that, will be a horror to you, or not. They are going to squeeze, harder and harder, against people, until what they want, pops out.

Don't worry, it's always just beginning, with these people. In some ways. That is, the beginning of the end, for all. When they know, most know, and they do not stop. At first it upsets, some of them. Then they learn, not to care, about that fact. Then it gets worst. They do not have to pretend, so much, anymore. Then they will pretend, even less. Things will start getting even crazier, and even more dangerous, in crazier and crazier ways, for average people. You see what happens, when nuts like this get backed into a corner. It's actually somewhat dangerous for the Republicans right now. They might all get arrested, and charged with treason, or as terrorist, or being white supremacists, or something. That might actually happen yet. They are worrying about being held accountable. That might actually happen. The police are on the Democrats side. The military might have to step in. Don't forget, to fight the military, preppers right. They are saying, and hence, want the police to do things, it seems, to seize power. That way, it is very dangerous right now. The press can not be trusted either. A coup-DE-tah, and or civil war, in the states. It will be the police, out in the streets then. Mostly. Things are, or were, being said.

Clues will be what the press says. (Mouth pieces). Especially, the Democrat wing of the press. What they tell you, is what they want you to believe. Changes in the officers core, of the military and, in leadership positions. Becoming political entities, commissars. Soldiers training changes for civil unrest, taught they are, whatever state enemies. The building of concentration camps, and or the expanding of prisons. What politicians and there flunkies say publicly. Changes in the law. It's a long time for the next big election cycle. A build up to change. Probably wrong. Lots of scary weapons of mass destruction may become under 3rd party control in the states. While chaos is happening. Press not be able to be trusted. So bigger re-reinforcements, by one or two political units, in the US military basically for WMD sites. A horrific war, to justify all kinds of things, the government party in power, could not usually do, against political opposition. Like in Ukraine right now.

So when the government party in power, uses words like insurrection. Does this give them special powers? Like under the war measures act? Like the power, to investigate a US senator. A republican US senator, without that person, being informed? Does it lower bar for arrest, or detainment of a US senator. Insurrection. People have been accused and or charged, with this. A in.

It appears, with the little I know, that police, let people do stuff in Washington DC. Entrapment. That let people, be charged, with serious crimes, including insurrection. At the very least, the Democrats, are not fooling around, in the slightest. Do you lose your rights, as a citizen then? In TV shows anyway. D.A.s make threats or implied threats, to people charged, with crimes. Like a felon family member, not getting parole. In this case. The courts, may threat to investigate your family, in order to coercion of your testimony. In real life. Get you to cooperate.

Things are being said. People seem to be, being informed (Fellow Democrats), to be prepared maybe. Do the courts, have extraordinary powers, now outside normal checks and balances, of the senate, and such? Is the presidents office, god now. Enraged peoples, pissed off, at whats being done, and no justice? Instead getting crazier in some ways. Pushing. Squeezing. Well the next US election, seems, it might be pretty interesting. High fuel and food prices, greatly limits, what people can do in response. Not many, are going to lift a finger, for politicians. Talk of it, may be necessary, to take peoples rights away. Etc. Can say for any reason. Still gone. Donald Trump is being accused of being a Russian puppet. The former and maybe again, president of the USA. Maybe not. Fantasizing, but want to make it real.

Looks like that female TV anchor I talked about, years ago. General disaster. Might get to find out or not, if nukes will be used, in the US, against it's own citizens. Go ahead give them your guns. Maybe, you will not be vaporized then. Just turned into a Jew or not. I might be a surprise for you.

High school drop out. Forced out of school. Not even allowed, to get a education. Criminal record or not. Everybody locally, knows, who you are. No job for you. If you deal with the general public. It's a nightmare job for you. People pretending you are crazy. Driving you crazy. Maybe even 100s a day then. It gets worst and worst.

Remember Amanda Todd. Now at least some stories about her, have been changed online.

Remember years ago. Stories of police family members, and others in schools. Driving kids in schools, to commit suicide. Wanting to get into girls pants. They just changed tactics, and are all grown up now. Murders.

With this particular mass shooter. With him talking about killing. (I bet people came after him harder then. It's fun, getting people killed, you see. Besides, it's a election year.) He is warning people, to leave me alone. He is saying if you leave me alone, I will not even talk to you. A loner who given the choice, will not even, talk to people. Spends all his time online, away from human abusers. That's how he sees people. Just like I do, with gang members, and other psychopaths, like pedophiles, around me constantly. I want nothing to do with them, and most others. Same to me mostly. Because they are. Basically because of what gets done to you. You think of most people as scum, who are around you. Savages. Because they are. The people who choose, to look for you. To find you, sometimes daily. For months to years, various peoples. No matter where you are, to abuse you, even more. Organized teams of people, out looking for you.

You are socially awkward, because you are constantly abused, and made socially awkward. Constantly criticized. Some guy, can have cow rings, in his ears and noise, and he's a nice guy, who people like. You learn not to care or bother. Lots of local people know. You are someone selected, to be abused, and used up, and tossed to the wind. Or they know it's crazy you. Or both. For lots of abused people, it starts as a child, in schools. People learn then. They want you passed around, to various government departments, and completely dependant on government, the rest of your life. You bum you.

Teachers, let it happen to you. Then it happens, outside of school to. Loner you. Socially awkward you. Beaten up you, constantly, as a child even. Scared always, to go to school. Scared always, to leave school. Abused still, in school, always. Cry baby you. A constant living nightmare, of physical violence, and overall suffering. Bullying. As a child, you learn to stay awake, at night. As long as possible. So it takes longer, before you have to go outside again, to school. Then you are exhausted, at school. You learn to live in the nightmare, or die, in one way or another. As a child. With the teacher and such, making things even worst, for you and yours. All the time pretending, to be helping you.

Picked, to be poor, and despised you. Your family will become poor(er), and or start having, various serious medical problems to. People will be allowed to attack you, and yours to (violence, raped). The police will want to arrest, you and yours, always.

It's a team effort. Destroying you, and your family. A life of misery and suffering. Easy pickings you see. You, your family, trust them. Monsters, murders. Just like this mass shooter. They just do it differently. Crazy you.

The reason, some mass shooters, have various mental problems, is because, that family, has been made, to have serious financial problems, on purpose. So parent(s) can not spend the time, caring, and worrying, about there children, as other parents get to. More and more poverty, also means, more and more violence, gets to be around you. Gangs and such. Your children, will literally, be surrounded, by career criminals. Who are allowed, and encouraged, to go after, your children. Some people are just nuts to. Or driven that way, on purpose.

You tend to hold a grudge, when you have been abused, 10s of 1000s of times. Well I thought it was said before, that lots of students of different grade levels, were at this school. Confusion is a tool to. So you do not understand. Conflicting police accounts. Confusion is good for the police right now. (Conflicted police stories). It must be really bad. Even more so, then we know, I suspect. So much, for just one police press conference, stating facts. That's out the door. Very suspicious. Usually a cop doesn't dare say anything, and informs you, to get the official press release, or talk to the press officer. Something really bad, going on here. All kinds of procedures, after the fact, being thrown out the door here.

Listen to this doctors stupidly, on purpose, as he explains, why police, kill unarmed people, and are afraid of armed people. They come running, after bank robbers, and such. Democratic voting cops. Want bigger budgets. Nut cops. Etc. Want guns banned. Want it easier. So if guns get banned. The cops, will get even more violent and dangerous. That is all that will happen. At least you can shoot back at gang members, and mass shooters. If the cops let you. No guns. The cops didn't let you.

With this mass shooter, cutting his face. He may be seeing, what it would be like, to cut his own throat, or wrists. Practising. Thinking about it. Or how tough he is. I can take pain. Maybe not able to feel cutting himself, he is hurting, so bad inside. Finds it strange, or confusing, or cool maybe. Whatever. He may think of himself as someone beaten into hard metal. Nearly beaten to death. Kind of like in the movie "V for vendetta" when the burned up man, walked out of the fire, and into freedom, sort of. Focused now. A driving ambition. I can understand that. Justice. When there is none for you. At all. Mr. V for Vendetta. Got away from his abusers, and wasn't dirt poor. If they stop abusing you. You start to think normally, and want justice (unless you are on meds). But there is none. That enrages you. That horrifies you. Think about it. Lots of people are being allowed to abuse you, to dive you insane, to drive you to being suicidal. Allowed to drive you to actually kill yourself. Why? For there career security, or for any other reason, they decide, is good enough, to kill you for. Some abused persons, take people with them, in these cases. That is the way it is.

I hate him, for what he did. But I understand. There is no justice for him, or me. What's being done now, is (justice). You would not even care about, what was done to him, or if he committed suicide.

He is guilty. What about others? Are they guilty to? They will not be punished, in any meaningful way, really. Your anger and rage, is being directed at him, and not those all involved, up to there eyeballs, in getting those kids, this time, killed. So you know what. This will happen again, and again. So I say again. For those still to die, including more children. Children yet to die. Children to yet to me murdered. Is this justice? There is no justice for victims. I hate him. But he is a tool only. Driven insane on purpose, for career security purposes. Easy careers, easy raises, easy promotions, easy pensions. We pay them, to do this, to your children, and other children and adults. Many more, are still, going to die, because of others, being allowed, to drive people insane. He is just one of many more yet, who are going to kill people, in various ways. Not just mass shootings to.

Do you know why Democrats and others, like them, want your guns. So they can get away, with doing this to more people, and having less mass shootings. Lots of other reasons to. It makes them look bad P.R. wise to. They even tell you why. So there is less mass shootings. A bit of a joke I guess, for higher ups, I guess. Rubbing it in your faces. So mass shootings, to Democrats, are not a problem, but a solution to them. Never let a disaster go to waist.

Very carefully, though out statements, are being made by the police and press and others, like this guy below. To you, so you believe, and hence think, certain not truths. Not total truths anyway. So they can keep killing, by proxy, and getting what they want. Easy, easy, easy. Just even more easy, for themselves. Again many more are going to die still. Including children. Because all the guilty of murder by proxy, are not being charged even, and otherwise properly punished. So more are going to be killed. Children to. They seem to like having children killed. It really angers voters. It's what they do, and still will do, yet again. Gets lots of kids, and others killed. That is what happens. Law enforcement was forced, to stop doing that, for awhile. Then right back at it. It seems, again. If there is something else going on. Like a bunch of gangsters in training. They don't want to talk about it. They can go to prison.

See this picture shown of him. He has learned, not to look people in the eyes. He has learned, that sets people off, at him. Also probably, extreme depression to, in his case. Talking to people, sets them off. People talking to you, sets them off. Looking at people, sets them off. Walking down the street, sets them off. Saying anything back at them, sets them off. Fighting back, sets them off. Especially your law enforcement abusers. Who know exactly what is being done to you. Basically being alive, set them off. I bet, he was being pushed also, into doing drugs. A ultimate goal of government workers. To justify all done to you, and to make there careers, even safer. All his fun he ever had, I bet, was about partying, and booze, and drugs.

As a Human Rights, Activist. I publicly state. That if your guns, are taken away. Things will get even worst, faster, and for more, and more people. In various horrific ways to. We need more people, with guns. This type of thing, mass shootings, is being done, on purpose. I say again. The police are letting, even children, to be killed. That is what happened. Only various excuses are being given. That's it. What they did. What they all did. Ever single one of them. They got there children out, if they were in, that school though. Why? If it was safe. Not a mass shooting anymore, as publicly stated? At the same time, stopping parents, from doing what law enforcement, did themselves, for there children's safety. Lying. I guess room clearing, wasn't needed then.

Just wait, till it's time, for the big, national elections. Not just the mid-terms. Does that shock you? Why not? They have done this many times before? So to cover this up. They might want to have mass shootings and racist based mass shootings all the time. Especially in schools. No joke. Why not? Tell me why not? Tell me in your own mind, if nothing else. Think about it, in other words. See what happens. It's a surprise. Surprise. Oops, law enforcement, did it again.

Go ahead, let them take your guns. See what happens. Better or worst?

So anyone who doesn't look you in the eyes, is crazy now right?

I suspect. The police, might have shot, some of those dead kids.
I suspect. That autopsies will show. Some of those kids did not die from there gun shot wounds. But from being allowed, to bleed to death.
Some of those 911 calls. Might be very interesting, and extremely disturbing, to hear.
This doctor below, says they might be cowards. I say, they are murderous. Have murderous intent. They all did this. Not just one or two cops. May be cowards to.
Don't forget to thank and praise them for there service. The press will still. Some out of fear.

I don't think the average person understands. If he was abused, he was forced, into becoming, a mass shooter. A murderer. Just like forcing someone to walk the plank. This is less obvious. Literally trying to break his mind, on purpose. When people attack you. Do you get mad? If someone attacks you, do you get mad. He was not allowed to even get mad. then when he started getting mad. Raging mad, more and more. They never stopped. Lets say they did stop. Still no justice for you. No justice, for your destroyed life. Now you are unreasonable, at best, for being angry at them. More abuse to you still. He picked where he went to, for a purpose. One or more purposes. I hardly believe a word the press says. Convenient truths.

A gun is just a tool to him. I can think of worst things myself. I know how to make nuclear weapons that actually would work. Get the material even in 3rd world countries. So does everybody else, in Yellowknife. Want to drive me to be a terrorist. To commit suicide. Give them something to think about. They told terrorists, outside Yellowknife, not me. Actual terrorists, allowed to come after me. So be it. Then Donald Trump, the next night, got on National TV, and threatened nuclear war, with some Muslim country. The terrorist watch list, does not even get talked about anymore. So many are on it, here alone. R.C.M.P. to, as they should be. There is worst.

So do you understand. I was forced, forced, to think about such things, again my will. Spent years attacking me. Junkies and such are still allowed to harass me. Put me through sleep deprivation torture. Etc. I have been drugged, more than a 100 times. Sore bought coffee. I can tell since I do not do drugs. Muslin drug dealers and nuts, wanting to pretend, I'm some monster or something, from the Koran. That the Koran talked about. So I taught them a little lesson, or two also.

The police have publicly stated, in a press conference. That they thought, it was no longer a active shooter, situation. So they never went in to save children's lives.

In another, or the same press conference. It was publicly stated, by police officials again. That in a active shooter situation, they go in and kill, the active shooter. With is what they was said. No a exact quote. So in Texas. Active shooters, are killed on purpose, or shot on purpose.

So it was not a active shooter situation, then many children were killed. Allowed to bleed out. But it was then, an active shooter situation, when they went in. Then killed the active shooter. All of a sudden.

With some of the stuff being said, this guy was posting online and such. It seems that maybe locals, they wanted him, to just go away. Hopefully just off himself. Whatever. Since he was cutting himself and such. That was considered a high risk of being suicidal, in the past. With females and way. Some young people, just do it to see if there tough or whatever. Depending on were you cut yourself or maybe let someone cut you a bit. Kind of like hazing.

Since he bought and used his guns, to do a mass shooting fast. I think something, before he bought his guns, triggered him. It was his plan. Might be wrong.

Maybe people think. the solution is to keep people abused like him medicated, or locked away, or not allowed, to own guns. He is not the underlying problem. All that will happen is there will be, even more abused people. Then even more. Then even more. They will do thinks like OK. I'm just going top join the gangs. Get your kids hooked on drugs. Do you want me, to become, a gang member? Lots of people, are lots more ruthless, than me. Tell your kids not to drink the cool-aid. It might have drugs in it. Lots and lots of things. I can make you turn on each other.

I could make the US military, want to kill each other, at the very least. For example. To a point anyway. All I would need is time. Sounds. Like gets used against me. N.A.T.O. forces, wanting to kill each other. All day long. 365 days a year. I can make you gay. I can make you straight. Over and over again. Flip flopping. Programming, deprogramming (re-programming). I could do that to your children. That means, so can others. I can make you insane. That job is already taken, on a massive scale, all over the world, already. Violence, intimidation, injustice. All I need, is sounds. A person like him below, would say, you are having auditory hallucinations. If I played the sounds of whatever enough. It would be like a song stuck in your head. If he asks you id you hear them right now. And you answer honestly. Your nuts. Angry at being abused? You are violent nuts, and need to be on anti-psychopath drugs. Then he would be outside your door, in the psych ward, making nasty comments, and or jokes about you. I know his type. He's mad. So you better care. He will make you care. He is displaying himself. Watched one video from him. That's all I need to know about him. He does this even in public. He can't help himself. You want nothing to do with him. I told you. Have your family, do nothing with him. Never trust people like him. Sort of a fence sitter. Want to control both sides, sort of. Pull strings. Whatever. Run this orchestra. Make one simple mistake with him. Your family is in big trouble. He wants to manage you. Manage your family. He's mad, right now. You better care, when he's mad.

Never trust them. Never sign anything. Never, ever, let them put your kids on drugs. Get a lawyer, right away. If you can. They want income streams. If they are not swearing and cursing at you under there breath as you leave. You're not doing your job. Always be present. No matter what. Have witnesses if you can. Record everything yourself. Have no pity or mercy for them. For they have none, for you, and your loved ones. Put it all online. Edit as needed. Destroy there careers, as they destroy lives. By letter people know what they do. Watch how fast then. They want your loved one, and you gone. Talking to teachers, police. Whatever. Explain. Show people how perfect they really are. Even if you love that teacher. Record it. No easy pickings here. No easy pickings anywhere.

Mark it down. As the years go by is your loved one getting better or worst with there "help". Mark it down. Explain why right away. Even if you just record yourself talking about it. Teachers, councillors, police, medical people. Names, dates, places, events, results. Your are easy pickings.

If you can not mention names. Awesome. Destroy there entire profession. This guy below is into control and domination. He wants to pretend he is not like that. But he wants you to know at the same time. He's mad. So you better care. He does his little snake wiggle at the beginning of this video. He is revelling in it. Pleasure. Snotty. Squirming around in pleasure, in getting to talk about this. This is not just a one off with him, as far as I am concerned. He would get pleasure, in all kinds of nasty things. He wants to prove himself right. That is all that matters. I bet he can't back down in arguments, about diagnosing people. He will prove himself right. Why not? Maybe I am, wrong. No way I ever want to find out for sure, with him.

The 1st 2 people he shot at after getting into a crash. He never hit. The 2 police officers though had grazing wounds. He was trying to kill them for sure.

Don't see, this guy below, snake movement, when I watched again. Computer must have stuttered, I guess. He has lots of eye blinding. Sign of stress. He sticks up for the cops. In other words. He knows, exactly, what he is doing. You must think worst case, for your own, and families safety sake. He wound show you, and your family, no mercy, what-so-ever. Don't be another income stream. Don't let them ruin your families life.

The statement "do you know who I am" can also mean. I'm that person you all know about, because I think you are my abusers or will be. Or lots do know who he is. Maybe not these children. Another small place.,_Texas So these kids, might have known of him. Jokes and comments and such. They heard.

All kinds of cover up stuff is going on now. Change your story, when talking to the police. They would say you are guilty. A judge would consider your testimony, untrustworthy. As far as I know a gang member was shown talking about this. Usually people like that being shown in the press is to make sure all locals know whom that person is. Because. Everybody in town, wants to know for sure, now, whom that person is. Tats on his neck and stuff.

Kids killed on purpose, using vehicles. Yawn.

One of the first video out showing the gang member in it seems to be hard to find now. He was saying, his little cousin, was at that school. Lets say he pushed this mass shooter over the edge. I don't know. If that was the case and everybody wants to know for sure, in town, who he is. More than likely 1000s of people, over the years precipitated, in this mass shooters abuse, that led, ultimately, to this mass shooting. If it did. Drove him crazy. Then, they are all responsible. They are all, just as guilty. They all allowed this, and encouraged, this, persons abuse. So if that happened. Lots of dead. They got what they wanted then. His death. Fun you see and career security. You would never had know if he didn't do this. No justice. At all.

Why was that teacher, so terrified, as to even move, and re-close, the open school door? That teacher, must have been thinking. I opened that door. Didn't dare, show, herself or himself. It could just be, so terrified. That stuff, would be really terrifying, to experience. Were his rifle rounds, punching through the hallway, from outside? Little holes of light appearing, in the hallway walls?

One of the kids, being interviewed, seem to be acting strangely. Like it's not a big deal. Never know with kids but. With adults, sometimes, they are not wanting you to think about, something bad, they were involves in. Up to there eyeballs. Can be crimes, or terrifying situations, or both. Never know with kids especially. Just not really processing it yet. Who knows. "I don't think it's a big deal" attitude. A experienced psychopath, would start misdirecting you. Trying to turn you against the accuser. Since it probably involves serious crimes and or serious consequences. They make there jobs, and much as possible, destroying that person, and that persons support infrastructure. Family, friends, job, sanity. Ask Donald Trump, all about it. The president of the United States of America, at the time, that was being done to him. Live on international TV, in front of 10s of millions of people worldwide. 10s of 1000s, of constant, nonstop, personal attacks, to drive him insane. Done to him, on purpose to.

Donald Trump. If he wasn't who he is. Might have become, a mass shooter to. No one is safe. Fear of punishment, is all they understand and care about. Lets say you make a honest mistake, and commit a crime. You never do it again. They murder by proxy now, over and over again. If that is what it takes, to have easy careers, drugs, fun, fear of accountability, fear of justice. Revenge. Whatever.

All the things the kids as saying, that are being interviewed. Are a little strange, after you think about it, for a bit. Kids. Who knows. Interviews in this situation, are staged events, with the kids being coached to, I suspect. The press can do street interviews of 100s of people, and only put out, the 2 or 3, that push there narrative.

Apparently now wearing eyeliner makes you some type of weirdo. This doctor below is implying. All the crazy stuff, is the driven nuts part. He probably got laughed at and called gay lots by both males and females as a form of severe harassment. Causes sexual confusion, and tension. Texting girls, so people know, he likes girls, but also maybe, wants nothing to do with them, except sexually. All they are good for. Sex, and nothing else.

Young so wants some sex. Otherwise, can't be bothered with them. Men in general, it seems, are starting, not to care about, lots of certain types of women. it's being said online. Kind of the same thing. The kind of girls who would come around him, is all he would have experience with. Players, drug addicts, like hurting people. Etc. Constantly being abused, by these female types.

All kinds of people. For all kinds of reasons. Started attacking him as a child. Not a clue what's going on. Being attacked, his entire life. Learned to be a loner as a child. He thinks it's normal. They all know, they get to abuse him. Since they were allowed, and encouraged, to abuse him.

I have heard police in the states, on TV news, and recently to. Say. That if they lie about facts in crimes (investigations) in public statements. They have committed a crime. Forgotten by all the criminal justice system. So any statement made to anyone. Even a indivual, that is not the truth, is still a public statement, and a crime. Like what your rights are. Not letting you talk to a lawyer right away. Etc. So every single law enforcement officer, is a criminal. Who should be a convicted criminal, and in prison. Every single one. Without exception.

Killing cats: In this case, it's like, I suspect, the circle of violence, that use to be taught anyway. Father abused mother, who then abuses children. So people abuse him, and he abuses helpless animals. He grows up and it changed.

God has judged him justly now. They hate god. Ultimate justice.

Probably a good idea, to not trust, all kinds of known mass murderers.

It's a horror to realize. Parents, bring there children around, to also abuse and attack you.

This guys makes pathetic excuses for law enforcement and what they did. And not did. He doesn't want you thinking and forming your own opinion. Damage control. Venting a little he acts like. Then does that. So you do to. See that in lots of situations. Like during the housing bubble. It's a tactic. Makes you a little angry then a explanation. So you think of that when you get angry. A somewhat valid excuse. What do you think the parents of the dead children would think of this guy? Or me? Me. They will hate.

The legal profession, is a disaster for society. How it gets used by people, with power over you. In other ways, it is not a disaster.

Why did the security guard who was gone right then. Drive by the school and not enter. Should have seen bullet holes, (white fractures to) punched through the school windows. Maybe. Did he know, it was that guy, and that, the mass shooter, would have wanted to kill him?

What did the police, and mass shooter say to each other, if anything, while the police, were outside, the classroom door?

Why exactly did the police chief think, it was a hostage situation now? Even though, it was at best a mass shooter situation, just minutes before? Why? Facts. Don't they have to go by facts. No facts, you go and get facts. Sounds like this school, had super doors. The police were completely safe in the hallway. Must have been lots of urine puddles on the floor, were the police were standing outside in the school hallway. Someone should have explained it, to them. Maybe they can be a new source of urethra fertilizer, world wide. Show them picture of mad kittens. But make sure there guns, are taken away first. Might become even more paranoid, and even suicidal. Apparently

If law enforcement guns, are taken away. The will have to learn to act differently towards people. They will still abuse people though. They will just get shot more often. A compromise. Still have there body armour. They can still run away or hide away. Can come back later and try again. Now a serious fine to pay to. Apparently they don't even have to show up. Even to save children's lives. Law enforcement is always involved, up to its eyeballs, in all serious crimes going on. Just like in movies. In one way or another. Basically.

When a cop dies and law enforcement wants to go to the funeral (1000s). They need to take time off themselves, with-out pay. Things like that need to start happening. They can go into a pine box, or incinerator, at tax payers expense. Or the family can pay for the funeral, out of there own pocket. Some will. Just like with criminals, the state deals with. Can still have a nice funeral.

Why did they not go in, while children were being killed, over a period of time? Why did police do that again? Officially. Lets here it. Lets here there excuses.

Let me me be perfectly clear. If these types of people come after you to get you to be a mass shooter of children or to eat human babies alive. You will do it, eventually. Unless you kill yourself or become medicated. I hope god understands. Please show them mercy god. For no one else will or did.

Cover-up, cover-up. Cover-up.

Always stress people like him out below in various legal ways. Just disagree with with. When he has no power over your life. Make sure you have friends with you. Turn what he does to others, again himself. He will fall apart. Might end up in the psych ward himself. Then you will find out, he was jut having a bad day (no psych war for him). The police, will tell you that, if they must. Another crime.

Well if you ever have to deal with people like this. It's what they do to you and yours. Treat them like they are evil incarnate. Record everything. Tell all you can. Put it online. Explain. Watch how fast, he wants to get ride of you. Snarling angry always, with you fast. Comments directed at you fast. Cold rage? Report him. To local, state and federal departments. They always want work. Especially when it's bad.

If the security guard, had been at his post, like he she was supposed to be. There might not have been a mass shooting. Where was his replacement, while he was away? Right? How come the press is not showing the bullet holes, in the window? Then you would inherently, understand better. I think there are lots of people in the press and government whom only pretend to care abut the 2nd amendment. Your ability to keep yourself and your loved ones free of violence, extreme sexual violence, domination. We stand alone. Isolated and divided. Relying on people, who change there opinion, more often than the wind, changes direction. They are only pretending to care. Bare minimum, doers. Never really doing, long term pushing forward, on gun rights or anything else, like the democrats do. Always the bare minimum. Might want to start voting Democrat. As long as they push guns rights forward. Democrats don't fool around. All other issues, are basically the same, except for abortion. Basically. In real life. Everything else, the Republicans, have allowed to happen. Saying the bare minimum. They are still going to stick up for, law enforcement, when all is said and done, and things cool off.

Mountains will be made of of mole hill republican political responses. Impotent responses. Do you think gangs, will be better or worst, by the time the elections come around? What about afterwards. Ultimately then, you need, to be able, to protect your family. Are republicans going to stop, all the things being done to kids in schools? Or will they settle for a rear guard actions again? Always letting these peoples, push forward, against even your children? Having these issues, still, to rally you around there flag? What if I never said anything? Would it be better, or worst? What would republican leadership be doing?

What would have happened to Donald Trump? A political outsider? Actually doing things, as has been said, by his own party. When republicans are in power, they do almost nothing, to advance there supposed, political issues. Your rights. Your safety. Your children's safety. There could have been 5 or 6 armed, with one mag, older people there, at that school. Cops are nothing special. Just training. With a suit and badge.

Years before the press, did that to Donald Trump. I told not only the press about that, and many other things, but politicians to. Federal government departments. To try to get it to stop. Talked about it online, sent 1000s of e-mails. Multiple times, over the years. Was banned as a spammer. The entire online world changed, so you need a phone, to setup a email account. All kinds of technologies, got created, to get ride of online free speech, freedom. Etc. Here to stay. Do you think republicans, will make it better? In any real way? Prove me wrong.

The Republicans at best. Will stop, the so obvious, crazy stuff, being done to your kids at schools. That is the very best you can hope for. Hope for that. Still. Really. These same crazy people. Will still be allowed, to be around your kids, influencing them, doing everything else, they want to, for there entire childhood. That's what Republicans, want to call, a win, and have always done. Done almost nothing. Always. For you and your family. That a win, you see. I suspect, they will still do this. Even if you tell them. Go ahead. Tell Ran Paul and others. Go ahead and give him some tea. Tell him, it's tax free for him, since you payed for it. Like everything else, he has. Like the cloths on his back, and the food at his table. Jut like with every other, career government worker. Why doesn't he just do, a actual song and dance, in front of the TV and press and the public. So dance Donald Trump dance. I understand why. Maybe?

The republicans just fool around with everything. Like it's all a game. Like they are children. Playing a game. Peoples right and freedoms. Even though people with freedoms, can do, and do do, horrible things. freedoms are not a game. Look at what politicians do, with the powers, they took, from all of us. Freedoms are our powers. Wealth is our powers. These give us choices, in life to. Go move to a commie country or as good as one. See what choices you have. Then five years later. More or less.

See what your government does, as they worry, about war approaching. Yet again. The same again. That means, the same percentage, or more, of the dead again. Looks like we might find out to. Ourselves. Been conscription before, in the states to, in recent history. Watch all the cool explosions taking place, in Ukraine right now. The cops get to stay behind. The most experienced military people, get to stay behind, teaching. Inspecting. Paperwork. Tactical typing. Use spellcheck. Mostly.

Someone will tuck in your loved ones, for you, at night. Some government worker, or as good as. Remember that, when you are hiding, freezing, sweating, cowering, dying, in your latrine. If your lucky. Or are out on patrol. Cowards. Deserters. Traitors. Which you will be called, to your face. Lots of people, just lie these days, about this and that to. Or been there. Did nothing. Overwhelming force. Whatever. You will be the real deal. But it's no big deal. Until you saw Ukraine. I bet you thought, lots of things said, and shown in the movies, TV shows, TV news, was real. You will be the real deal. Cowards, traitors, etc. You will be called to your face, or told about. Heroes. Whatever.

Remember, you are cheaper dead, to the military. Remember that, as you bleed out. I had to talk about tourniquets back then. Teaching people, back then, not to use tourniquets. Might injure you. Dead was OK though. Your government, even lets children, under there care, bleed out. Conscripts are cannon fodder. Barely trained, by that miltaries standards. I guess it might be time soon, for lots of people to die, in wide-scale warfare. That was done, all the time in the past, and fairly recent past. Well and starvation to, for others. Because at least some of this, is going to happen, if things continue, as is. There is no such thing, as proxy warfare, on superpowers borders.

Lets see if the republicans, are just the right hand, of the Democratic party? That the Democrats use to wipe there butt-ox with. The do nothing party. Quack like a duck party. Being noisy, and just bothersome, in the end. Just a public nuisance. In the end. If lots of people, who care about gun rights, join the Democratic party. You might see some real change eventually. The republican party, seems to be almost completely 100 percent useless, in protecting your rights. Seem to be backing the wrong team. A almost completely wasted effort. Entire lifetimes of wasted efforts. The republicans, seem to only good at, making you, waist your time, and resolve.

As your truth in government. We the peoples trust lessens. For more and more of we the people. There truth nature will become more and more apparent. When you understand. Many people, are going to have to join the military right? To get out poverty? Right? Etc. How convenient. The timing. How lucky for them. How lucky you are. A job for you. They will make you come to them. Hat in hand. Master, I need a job. A fake choice you see. You had no choice, and were given no choices, at all, on purpose. Thank you master, for your service. That's right. That cop, is your master to. Slaves have no rights. Not even the right to be alive, when they decide, you need to die. Not even children, have the right, to be alive then. Only the masters, have rights. It's not the masters faults. It's the slaves faults. Always and forever. Even though you slaves, did nothing wrong. It's your fault again.

There is a entire class of nuclear munitions, that do not exist. Or are not being talked about. Which would be a different type of new horror, to people. I bet some type of wicking devices, could be used to separate out elements, with different atomic weights. I have no guns. And I have no justice. I think in real life. Countries need ways to defend themselves, as leaders, seem to want to continue, doing the same old same old. Much better than bio-weapons, and such. Usage. If you must choose, what gets used. There have been 1000s and 1000s, of nuclear denotations. Not that I like it. Bio-weapons do not show up on radiation detectors. What happened if China did release Covid-19 on purpose? Might not have been a accident. What they are doing, to there own people, in cities, and letting us see. Showing.

There could be, 1000s of vials of different bio-weapons, in Canada alone. Waiting for use. Made here. Everywhere. The container shortage can be about that. Disconnecting. Anyway the Americans won, that round of Mahjong. They got the shipping containers. The Chinese learned gain of function research, off the Americans. The Chinese won that round of Mahjong. I guess you can say. Everybody wins. Everybody looses. Politics. China has a longer history to. Even longer than Russia. Lost lots of people to. The mongols and all that. Lots of internal struggles. De-fact-to civil wars. Brutal to there own people. Millions. Gun boat diplomacy between superpowers. Ain't it grand? Ain't if Fine? Ain't it wonderful? Kind of curious to see what the Americas are going to do. Regardless of what's going on. In the past. Basically as soon as, the Chinese showed up, the Korean war was over. Stalemated. Looks like nukes, saved the Americas butt-ox, once or twice. Maybe three times, in the past.

I suspect, because he bought a gun. They got together before, as a group, and did something horrific to him, on purpose. Then he bought a gun. Because they knew, what they were doing to him. They suspected, he was going to kill people. Whatever it was. They might have even done it 100s of time before. This time they might have involved children involved. Even getting children to come after him. A horror, when that happens to you. It seems. Law enforcement knew to. Knew for years. There will be no real justice. Every government worker knew to. Your abusers do not give your justice. "Justice" will be further abuses for you. That's all you get. More horror. It's enough to drive you insane. People commit suicide in various ways. All is, such a horror. He has been judges justly. I hope if this happened to him, that he is in heaven. People have the right to defend themselves. This can happen to you. It's going to happen again. Then again. Most will just commit traditional suicide, or go insane. Places, states, provinces, with high suicide rates, are hell holes. Large places with physical high numbers, are still hell holes. Listen to this gun. It's your fault. The abusers, have no blame what-so-ever. He has been forced to causally, off-offhandedly, talk about them. He is a abuser. He goes in public. Makes excuses for the abusers, and blames the victim. Places no real blame as appropriate on the abusers. He does as much as he can get away, with sticking up for, the abusers. Damage control. doesn't mean he doesn't know what he doing as a career. He just abuses, when he can. He wants to. He is so involved he has made a public statement as a professional. Qualifies himself at the beginning, that this is not making, a diagnosis. What's the point then, to him, to do something so dangerous, to his reputation? How can you tell. Until you deal with them. Now they are involved, in your life, family, somehow. too late then. they know this. So to let them deal with your children. Your child has to be suicidal, a criminal? Right? They want lots of income streams and now career security. So the gangs and such are staying. The republicans, at best, will just tone it down a little. That's it. they will still be around. Allowed to do everything else they want to. The do nothing republican party.

These people may have witnessed him, have a mental breakdown. They know, what they did to him, and knew, what he was going to most likely do. He bough 2 guns. So he had access to money. They want that money. (Gangs, drugs) All of them. Government money to. They want that to. (Local government worker) at all levels of government. Why isn't the gun shop owner being blamed. Might start talking some. Most know. Lots didn't understand why? The slaves. Just know what they are allowed to do. With different age groups. You might not have a clue with your neighbour across the street.

Why was China given gain of function capabilities? So it can develop race specific bio-weapons. Whoever develops it first, shares it with other, like minder countries. So can use it on us. Whatever us is, for there country. Covid can be thought of as a baseline control group, in using ordinary people, as a bio-weapon delivery system. W.H.O. gets all the stats, at what worked best, an so on. Our rights and freedoms, they think we should not have, anymore, are just a nue-sense to them, they want gone. Want us mostly gone maybe. To many of us. Even though they setup things, exactly how they want it to be. We will find out.

I guess 911. The kids weren't done. Dying. Shots were fired, but I might get fired. If your not done. Dying. Press me not. For we have not, gotten enough dying. So they are not crying, over our lying, but there Dying. Because we are lying, and not lying. How can we get more Dying? If they stop, believing our lying. They still got to do, more Dying. So we can keep lying.

With all the went on. Maybe, only. The police captain, chief, will get into some trouble. There is probably enough people involved, to fill several state prisons. This is justice. Even less justice, if they had been, a little smarter. Think of the career security. Think of the career security. They actually, really, need your help. For there entire lives. They are extremely mentally disturbed. You don't have to do anything to them. You could be even lazier. But where the fun in that. You all deserve each other. They are all cowards, by nature. Basically. Well of course, they explode, into insanity, at various times, when they can no longer abuse people. The are insane, and extremely, murderously, mentally disturbed. Only pretending to be normal. But that is verbal mostly, or to children and people they get to dominate. Cowards, once outside, there familiar hunting groups and hunting grounds. Want to team up again. Once inside, long term, most will become gang members, as fast as possible.

Texas law enforcement, should come to Yellowknife, and see how it's done. Everybody else interested in such horrors to, for your people. Shake hands, with the local politicians, and such, when you arrive and joke, and laugh, about it openly. Why not? Get pictures taken. Really rub it in peoples faces. They are helpless anyway. Really. At least show Yellowknife respect, for helping you out, so much. Tyranny, and more of it, is on the way. You can even, talk to the kids and teens around here, and gang members to. They might even be more high end, in lots of ways.

The do nothing, republican party, is not so hot, for there talking mouth pieces, on air, are they? Where are your, full-time guards? There are all kinds of nuts, getting pissed off, and being stirred up. Trying to get them to riot, and such. With "just cause" in there own minds. There sure are lots of them. Even supreme court judges, are not safe anymore. They are doing things, that might get, supreme court judges killed. If not tomorrow, than a year from now. You on-air people, are probably going to need, full-time armed, body guards, before this is over. Assuming they just don't wait, outside to. So you might need to carry, when you can. Democrats don't fool around. They are getting very serious. Perhaps I should not call them, do nothing republican party. Perhaps they still think, it's a game? Tucker Carlson, almost found out, when someone was trying to pretend, not to be threatening, when he got confronted.

Even less hot, for people, and there families safety, for people, not on air. You insurrectionist, white supremacist, racists. Some of who, are behind bar's already, for your political beliefs. Charged with insurrection. Yawn. Now there are even more bad. What has the, do nothing, republican party, done for you lately? Not much. Other than help make things the way they are. Well sirs, it got me charged with insurrection. Well they got me charged to, Sirs. The Democrats don't fool around. They come after all. They have each others back. You go to be brave fool, to vote for the do nothing, republican party. Even more foolish brave, and known foolish, soon enough. All those nice and kind workers, at the ballot box, know who you are. So in the states your choices are: The always in any way possible, pushing forward, Democratic party, or the do nothing really Republican party. (DNRRP).

Of course, someone with Military Intelligence Analysis training. Might believe. Because this is what actually happens. That all they do, both parties, is get people, who are politically active, and want real political change. Imprisoned and impoverished and or driven insane. Just ask crazy, Donald Trump.

Why don't these people who want guns banned. Move to places where guns have already basically been banned? Let them show us, the magical paradise, of a socialist violence free paradise, in action? Show us all. Show us all, that the grave bodily harm, terror, fear, and murders, has stopped. Gone forever. Show us? Tell them to move there. Paradise is here, for them already. Show them the door. The DNRRPers, can join them. NYC. Etc. Paradise is here for them already. Keep asking them. Why haven't you moved to your socialist gun free paradise? Which are being more and more know, as hell holes, for average peoples. With everything breaking down? More and more. They need you. They need backup. So they and there families, can move there now. I says backup, backup, backup, backup, backup. 5 times again. You can stay outside all you want. No one will complain. It makes all a little safer. Plus it hides the criminal activities, going on, better. Wall street is there to remember. Wall street needs your help. You can do a reverse stickup, and give them all your money again. A smart investor might want to diversify, the markets they are in. Like outside of country, to protect against currency devaluation. Than again, Americas are smarter, and sneakier. Who knows.

So another interpretation of Covid being allowed to be a control group world wide pandemic is. Government believe various groups of individuals, or groups, who see themsleves as oppressed ,are going to use bio-weapons as W.M.D.s to get justice. So they will not have effective delivery systems, other than people. So they want to see what happens with a relatively safe paddemic occurs. Ih has been said, by experts, that covid doesn't mutate much. No large previous outbreaks either before, in the history of the human race. So a really good virus to use, as a control group and see what happens. A indicator that governments, no longer want to come after each other. But are still going to squeeze there own, more and more instead. More tyranny.

This guy below, actually looks like someone from Yellowknife, I have not seen in years. Haven't really been outside in years to. That's going to change soon.

Dangers of Cowardice | Uvalde, Texas Shooting Case Analysis

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Because there are going to be more mass shootings, in schools. You can tell your kid(s), and more than once. If they think, they hear gun fire, while in a classroom. To run and lock the school door themselves. If just your kids thinks like this, does this. Your kid, will get into trouble, at school. So all the kids, need to have there parents, to tell there kids this. And for kids, to tell there friends this. Reminds them sometimes. Not prefect, but a help. A real chance. Make sure your kid knows, you will not get mad at them. Even if school staff, gets mad at them. A mistake for example. Better safer than a little coffin. Little hero training. They need to practice, to make sure they are locking the door. Be trained to lock the door by doing.

Also, if they are in the hallway. They are to run into a open classroom, and lock the door. Preferably with a teacher in it. But any classroom that is open, will do. Or away from the gunfire. Something productive. Run away if nothing else. If that person got in, hopefully kids, can get out, or into a classroom. Staff office? Can the bathroom door lock? Find out.

Swipe cards, can be taken off the bodies, of dead, or alive staff.

Not even a well trained security guard to buzz people in and out of the school buildings. A little security room with monitors, and buzzers to open, and close, various school exit doors. Well 3 guards. Vacations. Using the bathroom. Etc. Not perfect. But would have stopped this tragedy.

I suspect. That if all this and more is done. The mass shootings human murderers proxies, will just move to mass shootings, outside the school. In school yard for example. I am saying nothing, to give these people ideas. When they seriously start thinking, about doing such things. They figure it out. The root cause issues, is not being addresses. Prevention. Holding school staff, and law enforcement, accountable. They are not spending, the rest of there lives, in prison. Where they belong. They don't even get a slap on the wrist, really. You would be charged with, assaulting a police officer then. For slapping a police officer, on the wrist. Same for spitting on them.

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In Canada anyway. When gun control laws were being passed in the past. Recent past to. The R.C.M.P. was always up to it's eyeballs, in passing those, gun control laws. As said on national TV news, in Canada.

In the prepper community and self defence shooting training. It is many times, it seemed. That it was former law enforcement, that was teaching preppers, to use guns, in a way, that would almost guarantee, you will be arrested, and charges with serious crimes. (Go to prison). Make people think, you are nuts, and dangerous. A certain mindset development to. Butt in. Get involved. Instead of whenever you can, calling the police, and being a good witness. Our just, calling the police. Wanting you to draw your weapon, and threaten someone, with your weapon. Oh yea, someone was shot, and or, is dead now. Your life savings gone, at best for you.

People in there own homes, that got invaded, threatened, attacked, were being charged, and convicted by judges, of murder. So the judge, would nick pick, why you are still a murderer, in that situation. Then nick pick, why a cop, or a family member, of a cop, in that situation, is not a murderer. Even if those same facts, would have made the judge tell you why, you are even more of a murderer. If you were not a cop, or family member of a cop. I could go on.
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