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  1. SurviveNthrive

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    I strongly believe that one of the most important preps is choosing where to avoid, if at all possible. Imagine living in a place where savages run the streets. I doubt this is the first time something like this happened in that neighborhood and I don't doubt there are areas not far from me where it might be as bad, but I hope to avoid them.

    Teen beaten at party died from lacerated heart, coroner says -

    Imagine what gangs like this one will be like post SHTF. If you defend yourself when they come into your area, they'll be painted as victims.
  2. thunderdan19

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    The potential for post SHTF street roaming "savages" is why I own firearms and know how to use them. If circumstances prevent a quick evac, there's the potential need to fight our way out.

  3. wildone_uk

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    YES what thunderdan said
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    IF the situation devolves into a true total SHTF and the Rule of Law no onger applies, then the rule of "S,S&S" will....... :rolleyes:
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    i'm sure there will be groups of savages roaming around taking advantage of the lack of law enforcement.just look how quick they popped up after katrina.that culture has allways been and allways will be a question is,how far from the cities will they roam?i figure it would be after they loot all the liquor and grocery stores (i'm sure in that order).maybe in that time i can have my plan set in motion.then "bring'em on".
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    this is another reason that i ''invested'' in F/A NFA firearms awile back. it''s starting to look better to me now, as my 401 is probably going down the drain, along with my savings account. although, the last thing i want to get involved in, is a gun battle, i will engage anyone trying to invade my place. i lived my life as a young man, with the threat of a nuclear exchange hanging over us all the time, and now it appears worse cases scenerio are on the horizon. if you had 3-4 laying down F/A suppressive fire, somebody might try to find a softer target,,,but,, i'm afraid they would probably come back at night,, wanting the weapons. it might be an excellent time to invest in some high quality night vision equiptment, as this is working ot swell for the hog hunters in georgia, and texas..........
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    I have mulled over going the F/A route, but decided against it for the sake of preserving ammo and the fact that semi allows (forces) me to aim every shot, not to mention the cost, hoop jumping and govt radar blipping involved with F/A.

    I don't ever plan to go head to head with a flock of baddies. A better option to me would be do set up a spot far and high from them and pick off the leaders/point men and hope the rest decide it's not worth it to continue in my direction. With a little luck, they'll never know exactly where the shots are coming from or how many people are taking them. But, if the plans go by the wayside, I'm prepared to work from intermediate range on in.
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    I was down in Atlanta when this happened. To be honest, I wasn't surprised by the thug mentality to lay the smack down on the next unfortunate person who just happened to be there. These are the kinds of people I worry about for my kids when they are out and about just living without some sort of calamity going on. We need to rid our society of people like this permanently, rehabilitation won't work on them.