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I grew some cabbage in my garden and tried using it to make my first batch of sauerkraut. Unfortunately, I think I messed up somewhere along the way.

I have seen no bubbles. I don't think my cabbage made near enough liquid and now it may have completely rotted. Does anyone have any suggestions, ideas or helpful comments?

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We made 100 pounds of of cabbage into sauerkraut a few years ago.
Use pickling salt and like teacv said. keep it below the water line.
I have a board that my Grandparents and my Mom used for years.
It goes into the big crock like this.
cabbage mixed with pickling salt be sure to put the cabbage hearts in
Cheese cloth
jars of water to mash everything down.
cloth covering everything.
Taste it to see if it has enough salt for you.
Add more if you think it needs it
remove the foam that forms
Stir ever day
After eating home made I don't eat store bought.
Mom liked to fry it in bacon grease.
Everything is better fried in bacon grease. :D
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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