Santa Clara brings Greetings!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Layton, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. Layton

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    A buddy of mine has been telling me about these forums for quite some time. We just got hooked up with wireless, in Santa Clara it's unheard of not to be a tekkie, but I'm just not!

    Anyway, my buddy keeps telling me that you can buy things on here that you can't get anywhere else; well not just THIS forum, but forums like this one. This one is great so far. I already found some things that I want for sure!

    We like in Silicon Valley and we are not in a very popular crowd as far as being prepared. I don't know why, we have earthquakes etc. You won't ever see me on the news after an earthquake in a store buying ANYTHING! Our house in tiny but we have everything we need; just wish we had space for more. We especially have a hard time storing enough water; it takes up SO much space! We have just the bare minimum and that scares the poop outta me! It really scares me. We have too many neighbors that live too close to us who depend on stores and restaurants for EVERY SINGLE MEAL. And they think I'M crazy?!

    Anyway, I'm glad I finally got hooked up with some forums. Like I said, I am mostly looking to buy. We need to exchange some federal reserve notes for some commodities! Please list your stuffs!! I'm looking!
  2. Layton

    Layton New Member

    we LIVE in Silicon Valley. ooops. We like it too, but that's a typo! Sorry

  3. mdprepper

    mdprepper I sold my soul to The_Blob. He had candy...

    :welcome: to the forums!
  4. goshengirl

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    Oh my! You need to be here among like-minded people! You'll feel right at home. :)

    I don't know about a lot of selling/exchanging going on - but there's a lot of info to be had. And if you have anything to suggest, by all means, post it.

    Oh, and welcome! :welcome:
  5. Fiona

    Fiona Active Member

    Welcome from one newbie to another - you live in my old stomping grounds - the SF Bay Area. I cannot imagine living there now, I'm sure it's built up tremendously LOL!! I hear you on the crazies who go shopping or go out every single day - ARGH!
  6. bunkerbob

    bunkerbob Supporting Member

    Welcome:welcome: Layton from a long time preparer and southern Californian. Look forward to your replies and posts.
  7. TNmedicman

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    :welcome: Glad you found us
  8. gypsysue

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    Welcome to the forum! Glad to have you with us!

    This is a good place to find out how to do things and what would be nice to buy, and often people can point you to websites where things can be ordered, but other than the vendor showcase and the "For sale and wanted" threads, it's mostly information and discussion.

    But by all means, jump in and ask questions! You'd be surprised how much you probably already know, and you'll be able to help us out too!

  9. Lonewufcry

    Lonewufcry Lonewufcry

    Welcome to the fourm
  10. ajsmith

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    Welcome to the forum:wave:
  11. unclebob

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    Hello and welcome.
    Santa Clara, CA
    I have family there.