Salaam from the Phoenix Metropolis!

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    Hey, I'm a multicultural 18 year old (half Iranian and a blend of european-american) from Gilbert, AZ, which is part of the Phoenix Metropolis. Going to go to ASU under what is basically a free ride(7.5k a year scholarship, and a 25% tuition discount rate due to my dad teaching at asu). I hope to get two BS degrees; a B.S. in Sociology and a B.A. in History!

    I found this site while looking up information on .22 bolt action rifles on google. I do not have a gun. Never have even fired a gun. However, I looked up the information anyway since I am interested in attempting to be more self-sufficient/survivalist over time, and I can see myself getting a rifle at some later point in time (when I have money to spend; free ride doesn't include cost of living off-campus!). I want to become more self sufficient i due to my personal political beliefs; that government should be down to as much of the basics as possible (police, military, courts, and legislation) and out of the fiscal and social parts of life. However, such a state can not be achieved easily unless people develop skills that can act as leverage against or supplementory to government programs and big business. Afterall, "the greater a man's talents, the greater his ability to lead astray" - Brave New World

    Anyway, off to updating my profile!
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    Self-sufficient :congrat:

    Welcome and Hello! :wave:

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    hello and welcome
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    Hi there. Welcome to the forum.