Russian Involvement on American Soil? Just Short of "Red Dawn"

Discussion in 'Politics' started by watchman220, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. watchman220

    watchman220 ExCommunicated

    OK, so what the crap? Is this true? I am not in panic mode. But I am very CURIOUS as usual about the sources of such news.

    This blog post should be researched as a possible intelligence lead.
    Please tell me if you know anything else about this? Have you heard anything from any other sources?

    Russians Requested to Assist in American Peacekeeping During Martial Law.
  2. Turtle

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    Ummmm . . . . I'm not sure exactly whom the source of that particular bit of fiction was, but he should try the publishing houses. Maybe they would be interested?

    I have several fairly high-placed family members, myself (White House, Secret Service, Department of the Army, Department of the Navy, NSA) and ummmmm . . . . this is pretty much all fabrication.

    Really, it's only common sense; look at the state of the Russian government and military . . . they are in no position to send large numbers of troops ANYWHERE. In my travels in Russia (and yes, I speak Russian fairly well, myself) I have seen military academies and MiG factories that are crumbling from being abandoned and unused for decades. I've seen bridges collapse that connect two sides of a town, and they just leave it in the river and abandon the other side of town. And this is all in the last ten years. Russia does not have the resources to be able to commit to something like this, and it would be fool-hardy to ask them. It would be like asking the president of Haiti, "Hey, if we ever run out of food, water, and money, can you help us out?"

    I cannot see a single element of truth in this fellow's story. And if he IS going to Moscow to brief them on our state of preparedness, I would think that our State Department would REALLY like to know about an American citizen giving a foreign government tips on what to expect if they ever invade America. Do we know the name of this guy? I may pass this along to some folks to watch out for him.

  3. watchman220

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    Thank you for the candid reply. What you say makes sense. And I would prefer that you are correct. But other people have said the opposite...and that even more there are other foreign soldiers on our soil....who knows why.

    I suppose it's all conspiracy until we see something happen....but that is sort of the nature of intelligence.

    That is why asked the question here.

    Thanks again

  4. NaeKid

    NaeKid YourAdministrator, eh?

    I know that there are many CDN-Military on US-soil right now, in training prior to deployment to the big sandbox. Here in Canada, we have US-Military in training in our deep-cold regions prior to being sent out on missions. We also host British-Military as well.

    Foreign soliders are normal .. why do you think we have so many in Afganistan, Haiti, etc ..
  5. drhwest

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    Wow, what a load of fiction. A Lt. General could not request this kind of aid in the first place. Also, of all the countries that we have joint defense pacts with, Russia is not one of them. I second everything Turtle said. Russia's infrastructure has deteriorated even further after the collapse of the Soviet Union and they will never be a world player like they once were.
  6. Turtle

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    Yeah, it is certainly true that our military does provide training to other nations, and we do make use of the training of other nations. My father-in-law was an officer in the US Navy, and he spent a few months on a Spanish submarine as an exchange officer.
  7. TechAdmin

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    I read it and it sounds like misinformation. That sort of info that sounds credible to people like us in order to discredit us on a larger scale. "There's no reason to prep those people are crazy. They think Russia will invade!"
  8. Expeditioner

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    This was posted on another forum by a guy who claimed to have the info first hand......I call BS.....but it would not be surprised if something like this really did happen in the future (does not have to be Russia mind you). Note: BHO did give INTERPOL immunity for its ops in the US.
  9. allen_idaho

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    While it is true that both the Russians and the Chinese have been using spies within the United States for decades now, there is zero chance that either country would ever invade the US. Well, maybe China.

    But Russia has too many problems of it's own to add exponentially more by attempting something like a hostile takeover. They would need to not only successfully defeat the US military, but they would have to successfully invade Georgia, Ukraine, and any other break-away countries that used to be a part of Russia.

    They would need to successfully invade our allies, Japan, Canada and the UK. Otherwise, they would be under attack from all sides.

    While the Russian Navy has been coming out with some impressive plans and their future aircraft plans are amazing, they do not have the money or infrastructure to pull it off.

    Now China, on the other hand, has a better chance of successfully invading another country.

    But there would be no reason whatsoever to use a foreign military presence in the United States for peacekeeping missions. That is what the National Guard and Reserves are supposed to do.

    The entire article seems bogus.