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  1. pdx210

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    25% of Russian wheat crop destroyed they have suspended exports

    [ame=]YouTube - Crop Stop: Food crisis fears as heat hits wheat[/ame]
  2. kogneto

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    damn, so if we help them now we'll have them in our pockets right? or will it be the other way around?

  3. Bigdog57

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    We have NO national emergency food stocks ourselves, after the various recent administrations (on BOTH sides of the aisle) have sold them to the Third World for browny points on The World Opinion stage........

    If we give our food to Russia, who's to say our own people won't be starving next month? :scratch
  4. Woody

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    Unfortunately a lot of our own people are starving today.
  5. mosquitomountainman

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    Who, in the United States, is starving?
  6. HarleyRider

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    A lot more than you realize. :(
  7. mosquitomountainman

    mosquitomountainman I invented the internet. :rofl:

    With the welfare and food banks available here why would anyone be starving?
  8. Woody

    Woody Woodchuck

    Bad choice of words on my part. I should have used hungry. In past research there is very little of actually starving folks in the US, it is here but not as rampant as in other countries. That is besides the abuse of people purposefully not feeding children and such.

    It has been a while since I did any reading on it but the phrase was food insecure or low food security, something like that. It meant that folks/families have little knowledge of when or where their next meal is coming from. They have to make choices like food or rent, food or gas in the car so they can go to work or where to get money to buy food kind of thing. It can mean going a day or several days without eating.

    With govt cutbacks on food programs (due to less folks working and paying taxes, increased spending on whatever new cause they see fit and more folks needing help) I believe this is going to grow. Even the community food banks are having troubles keeping stocked enough to help all the folks needing help. I also remember reading about folks who were too proud to accept help so would go a day or several w/out food until they could provide for their families by themselves. Think of how food prices are rising now, your ‘help’ from Uncle Sam is the same as it was last month, last year or for several years. Even trying to shop smart it must be hard to feed a family when prices rise and your budget does not. Hunger is out there in the good old US of A and I believe we are going to see much more of it sooner than we would like.
  9. Woody

    Woody Woodchuck

    Forgot to add. Many of these families make too much to be considered needy enough for help.

    The below is from: Frequently Asked Questions Related to the Poverty Guidelines and Poverty

    “Are the poverty guidelines before-tax or after-tax? Are they gross income or net income? What definition of income is used with the poverty guidelines?
    There is no simple answer to these questions. When determining program eligibility, some agencies compare before-tax income to the poverty guidelines, while other agencies compare after-tax income. Likewise, eligibility can be dependent on gross income, net income, or some other measure of income. Federal, state, and local program offices that use the poverty guidelines for eligibility purposes may define income in different ways.”
    It doesn’t look easy to find out who qualifies for what. I’m single so let’s look at this site’s guideline for a single person, $10,830 before taxes. That’s about $208/week before Uncle Sam takes his cut or around $5.20/hr for a 40 hour week. Out of this I need a place to live. Food and utilities (which are NOT ever calculated in the cost of living, go figure) clothing… All of which I am going to have to pay sales taxes or ‘federal fees’ on too! Now, it would be much easier if I had land, a paid for home, some livestock, a garden and such but remember, we are in the minority in the US not the majority. Most of the sheeple are not capable of providing for themselves. It is entirely possible that folks are going hungry simply because they do not qualify.
  10. TotallyReady

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    Self reliance. It's the only way we will be able to assure our families are taken care of. There are hungry people in the US and last year there were 40,000 getting help at food banks because the government cut off water to the central valley to protect a smelt and the farm workers were left with no jobs. Working in the ag industry I know these people wanted to work but with a dust bowl where farms used to thrive there was no work. In my humble opinion and as a home ec. teacher, I believe we need to require all those on welfare of any kind to take classes before they qualify for a check. We need to be teaching budgeting, cooking, gardening and other life skills. Many of these people are in this situation because they have never been taught anything else. Our schools have eliminated all those classes now.
  11. mosquitomountainman

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    TR - the cooking idea was tried at the food bank in town. It had to be voluntary meaning that they couldn't require it before people got food from the food bank. They've had people refuse fresh produce because they didn't know what to do with it. We help out there at times and they called us once to see if we wanted some cases of frozen blueberries. The people wouldn't take them because they didn't know what to do with them. Incidentally, no one showed up for the cooking classes.
  12. horseman09

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    Bottom line here folks.......If you are on food stamps, you should be thinking (figuitively and literally speaking) beans and ham hocks. Do you now how many gallons = meals you can make with $20 worth of navy beans and a ham hock?!!!

    We are not and have never taken food stamps (even though we have qualified in some very tough years past), but we still eat bean soup a few times a month to this day. A family of 5 can be fed dinner for a week on $20 worth of beans'n ham hocks with money left over for lunch. Throw in a Walmart vitamin C, and you have a darned near nutitionally perfect meal.

    I don't care if you are on food stamps and "getting tired of the same old crap". If you want steak, wait until you've earned the right to eat it on your paycheck, not mine.
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  13. kogneto

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    1 in 8 people in america don't know where their next meal is coming from, even more are malnourished

    the problem is this notion that if you get food stamps or if you get assistance when you need it, you're somehow a second-class citizen

    numb to society, we see everyone else as an "other" instead of as a "human"
  14. mosquitomountainman

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    Where did those numbers come from?
  15. Bigdog57

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    Too many lazy good-for-nothings with their grubby hands out have ruined the whole system for those that truly need it. I know families who have been on Welfare and foodstamps - they had some bad times with unemployment. BUT.... they worked on getting jobs - one young woman with four young kids attended Vo-tech School in my Data Processing class - she worked hard, did very well in class, got a good State Job. Another did the same, as her hubby was working as a theater employee (minimum wage).
    Both families got off the aid programes as soon as they could.

    I have known others who were leeches on the system, the second or third generation of their families still on Welfare their entire lives. THAT is misusing the benefits and wasting tax dollars......
  16. lotsoflead

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    there are more people starving in America than people realize,food stamps and welfare cks are spent for the parents drug habits.usually CPS steps in and takes the kids before any of them die.Even non drug families are being fed below the poverty line today.Can you picture going to bed with just a chicken hot dog and some water for a meal? it's happening here. there are people getting food from the banks and trading it for drugs before they get a block away.

    from Yahoo answers--There are hungry children in every country. One of the reasons would be the parents have other priorities for their money, drugs, alcohol gambling or the inability to manage their money well. Sad fact, but true.
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  17. mosquitomountainman

    mosquitomountainman I invented the internet. :rofl:

    So the problem isn't the availability of food and food stamps, it's a problem with those "responsible" for the kids. How should that be fixed?

    Kogneto: I'd still like to know where the "1 in 8" numbers are from.
  18. JeepHammer

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    I'd rather feed them that fight them.
    Besides, we are just one 'Bug' away from having the same issue here.
    Since most farmers plant the SAME (Genetic) type of crop, one big outbreak of something our crops aren't protected against, and we are in the same boat as the Russians.

    One good flood cycle, like we had in around '89, and we are in the same boat.

    One good drought cycle like we had during the 'Dust Bowl', and we are in the same boat.

    Feeding people isn't the issue, right now we should be pumping in food to Pakistan, Russia.

    The problem is TOO MANY PEOPLE.
    Too many people clustered up in places where they can't feed themselves, like cities.

    If EVERYONE would stop cranking out kids like they were some kind of status symbols or shiny new cars, it would take a BUNCH of pressure off the planet in the form of resources, renewable and fossil...

    Overpopulation is the problem, but most people don't figure that out...

    If you sit down and figure out how much steel, food, electricity, ect. every person living now is going to consume,
    The planet isn't big enough for everyone living NOW to have the things we have in the USA,
    And it will be VERY SOON there will be more people that we can produce food for...

    The first BILLION living humans was around the time of our 'War Between The States',
    The second BILLION was around 1900, now there are an estimated 7 BILLION walking around consuming, contaminating the mud ball we call home.

    Reproducing at an exponential rate,
    Consuming every part of it's host,
    Cranking out waste toxic to it's host,
    Attempting to move to another host as it uses this one up at an unsustainable rate,

    Kind of sound like humanity is a virus.


    REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE, Be a good steward of your planet!
  19. Magus

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    The humanity virus is one of stupidity.

    No one teaches their children anything anymore,show the average kid a hoe and he'll think its some ninja weapon from a game he's playing.:rolleyes:

    you can't grow corn in concrete anyway,and the big city is where they all want to be.

    I wonder if they'll find out that plantain is edible before they starve?that crap grows everywhere in old lots here,so does Polk salad.
  20. gypsysue

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    Yeah, same with dandelion, clover, chamomile/pineapple weed. Edible and everywhere.

    But without their McFood and microwave stuff, will they even WANT to survive?

    My brother agrees we're teetering on the edge of some kind of collapse or disaster, but doens't want to live in that kind of world. He says he'd rather go out in the first wave. He lives a couple thousand miles away, so no, I don't expect him to show up to eat my preps when he changes his mind and it's too late!