Royal snub for the Obama’s: ??????

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    Got this in an e mail, anybody seen or heard about this?.. is it true?

    A pig with a gold nose ring is still a pig, even when those in power, however small, try to pretend otherwise!

    Children may not remember what you told them...but they'll remember how you made them feel.

    You reap what you sow.

    If true, it all makes sense. And, the unknown writer even fails to mention that one of the first things that The One did as president was return to the English a bust of Winston Churchill given as a gift and kept displayed in the White House for decades. Obama has gone out of his way to show his hostility for the English, and now, typical narcissist that he is, he cannot understand why they would be offended by his behavior. When narcissists get tired of being ugly and decide to be nice for a while, they cannot understand why everybody is not ready to just be instantly delighted with them. Honestly, they simply do not understand. It is beyond their comprehension. To a narcissist, other people are not entitled to have any feelings or actions of their own that do not please the narcissist. Other people's feelings just do not register with them.


    Royal snub for the Obama’s:

    Prince William and Kate Middleton wedding: President Barack Obama and Michelle are not invited!

    Michelle is livid over the snub and Obama can’t believe it… What is happening and what he can do about it
    seems to be the thought in Obama's head. Meanwhile, William and Kate have it together.....

    Prince William and Kate Middleton are planning a royal wedding April, 2011. Prince William personally told the wedding planners to strike the Obama’s from the guest list. He stated, “He did not want Michelle Obama trying to pull her center of attention ploy to upstage Kate on Kate’s wedding day”.

    Sources reveal that William states, “She may run Obama, but she doesn’t run him or England ”. The Democrats and Obama would like to play the race card as they have done so many times in America , but it is difficult when other black heads of states are invited to the wedding and will be warmly received.

    Now, what is the future King of England ’s reasons for Snubbing the Obama’s to the world and making them a laughing stock?

    First, It has nothing to do with America beyond being so stupid as to elect such low class imperfection to the office of President and First Lady. The decisions that they make can and will affect the World.

    Second, Michelle called his mother Diana an over-sexed clothes horse, and further stated that she, Michelle, was more popular than Diana ever was.

    Third, Michelle Obama showed her butt at every major social function endeavoring to be the Queen in the lime light. In other words, just a lack of class.

    Fourth, the Queen Mother, William’s grandmother also has her reasons. Obama refused to bow to her, but a few days later bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia . Michelle manhandled her by becoming too familiar by putting her arm around her. The Queen only shakes hands with gloves on…Those are the Traditions that are still honored by the Royals. The Queen said to her staff, “Never allow that woman to be in the same room with me again” and she meant every word of it. The gifts from Obama and Michelle were both tacky and in poor taste…It is all a matter of class.

    In addition the Queen Mother supported Prince William in his decision, due to the fact, the word is out about the lavish booze parties at the White House, the expensive vacations and state visits that cost the American tax payers billions of dollars un-necessarily when the American people need the resources…We here at True American can’t decide if it is Just low class, no class, big a_S or all that has just been mentioned.

    The Obama’s are desperately trying to make it a slight against America . Every past Head of State has always been invited…This is not a state function and William is not yet a Sovereign. It is just a multi-million dollar private wedding and the Obama’s have been royally snubbed by the British Royals; not America , just the present classless leaders…The True American!

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    From the first second I heard about it, I didn't think it was a slight on America. I knew it was about the Obamas.

    I wouldn't want that doper sleaze at my wedding either.
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    Without doing any other reading other then the sounds like a bad Nat enquirer piece
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    yes its true, i spoke to a reporter frend of mine and he told me it was true,but i must stress
    THIS IS NOT A SLITE ON AMERICA JUST THE OBAMAS. americans are highly thought of
    by the english, we constantly make jokes at oneanother but that what familys do and that is how most of the english see americans,laurence
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    We like you guys too.

    Oh, and you don't have to like our first family, we don't either.
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    Well...I'm not at all surprised the ObamaFairy and Fam were excluded from the wedding.. what really bothers me is that I haven't got my invite yet...:eek:

    If I ever met the Queen I'd for sure just shake her hand and not hug her.. and I'd tell her about when she became Queen I watched the whole thing on TV..I was a young boy and was blown away when they put a screen around her for the part of the ceremony where she had to bare her breast for some oil thing... that I do remember but can't remember why they did it... well..maybe I wouldn't mention that part..:sssh::sssh::D and I could for sure manage to buy a nicer gift then a dvd of my fav music..

    I would chip in for a ticket in coach for the prez and fam back to the land of his birth..with his life time pension from us he would be the richest dude in the jungle.. is there jungle there?..

    Well anyway I'm glad the brits had the good taste to avoid him and her.. I wish we had!!...

    I so long for the day when we are rid of him!!..maybe he can move to Harlem and become the First "White" prez...

    And just so yawl know I'm not a racist..I really don't like his white half either..
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    I didn't get my invite either... yet.
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    From what I understand this Royal Wedding is a private affair, NOT a state affair - no reason they need to invite the First Illegal Alien and his Seahag....... :rolleyes:

    Bravo to the British Royal Family!! And congrats to the young couple. :)
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    funny how Snopes & The Huff Po have the SAME spin on this... no, no collusion with the Usurper In Chief
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    What I can't understand is why in the world would she want to marry into that mess? her life will never again have a private second, and she will never be able to just go out in public for lunch with the girls.. kept in the stone tower.. nope, not me.. but then why would he wanna be King?.. that would be even worse!.. having to deal with all those people like the Obamans.. smiling and "acting" like you even want to be in the same room or planet for that matter..

    What a crappy life.. rich or not, it ain't no life for me!.. I remember Fergie.. the wild child.. told the ol broad to shove it and bailed out.. good for her!..

    Less is more!! less is Best!!
  11. jungatheart

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    Personally I'm glad she chose to marry and be in public all the time. She is one beautiful woman.