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    considering a roving life--will be able to do so in a year or so--want to get a class c type motorhome and wander to whatever takes my interest ---maybe stay a day or a month--whatever

    at this stage im trying to learn what it takes to live this kind of life in the most economical and efficient way possible---to that end--im searching sites that
    ---teach a novice how to install a basic solar power system on my motor home roof---just read that a guy in nevada has a simple set up that meets his simple off grid needs with 4--2x4 solar roof panels---a 30 amp controller--4 deep cycle 12 volt batteries wired in parallel--with this set up he can
    ------------watch tv 4 hours a night
    ------------make 2 pots of coffee in the morning
    ------------run a small fridge (4-5cf) and use a small hotplate for 2 hours
    ------------has a simple 12 v led interior lighting setup
    not sure what he did for heating--cooling

    anybody out there installed their own small - 1-2 person small rv solar setup?

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    WELCOME, :welcome:Rover from a long time preparer.
    I'm sure if you look in my past posts we have talked about my travel trailer set up, 80watt and 20watt solar panels, 40amp Trace C-40 charge controller, 4 T-105 6vdc batteries and a 1000watt inverter. I can run my HAM radios, TV, lights, propane heater with fan, and stereo on this.
    The possibility of running a hot plate, electric coffee pot, and refer will make the system very large, more than my set-up.

  3. Jason

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    Rover, sunds like a cool way to for me, I could live without the fridge and TV, but the coffee pot is a MUST!! :)
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    Hello & Welcome :wave:
  5. NaeKid

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    If you ran a search on boondocking you will find lots of information about roving or being a gypsy ...

    I run solar-systems on my camper, but, my camper is pure camper running on 12-volt only. I don't watch TV, don't use microwave - don't need the inverters to live in my camper.