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Rope Knot tying skills

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Hi found a old post from someone wanting scout ideas from a few days ago and a old post asking about knots from October how many of you have a copy of the book The Ashley Book of Knots or The Ultimate encyclopedia of Knots ??? Or some other knot book in your gear And what one is it?? their are many good hand books to have with you. I have found knots to be a underrated skill.. Not only in my profession of being a electrician or my Volunteer work or under paid volunteer work on the SAR team. I do not believe that you can go through a day in your life without ever needing this skill even in the simplest form tell me what you think
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I used to teach rock climbing. I used only a few knots for that. Since then I've had little use for knot tying.
The only knots I used were...

The water knot can be used. I never used it that much.

The figure eight - all the time.
Figure eight loop - often.
The clove hitch - often. (good for equalizing loads when you don't have a cordolette.
Girth hitch - all the time.
Double and Triple overhand knot - all the time.
Prusik Knot - when needed for ascending.
Munter Hitch - For belay in emergency situations.

That's all you need for rock climbing.
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1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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