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Road construction / Road blocks

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On the weekend I was driving from one friend's place to another friends place. This is a fairly normal type of drive and the distance wasn't too great. I still had a quarter-tank of gas in my Jeep which should be good for 100+ km trip and the distance between their places is about a 10 minute drive straight down an east/west secondary highway (60mph / 100km/h).

I didn't think much of the drive till I found that road-construction had ripped out the entire road for as far as I could see. No problem I think to myself, I will just pop onto the next closest north/south farm-road, zip up to the next highway and drop back down to my friend's house.

I get to the end of the road where I should be able to go east/west again - and it was closed.

I had to return all the way back to the first secondary highway, head further down the road to the next north/south road, head up 3 secondary highways before I could head east (again) to the north/south road that would take me to my friends house.

Everything was good - except my friend wasn't there .. :cry:

So - you remember that amount of fuel that I started with? Well, I burned off the rest of the tank and was running on fumes by the time I got to the gas-station.

Everything turned out alright, but, I was reminded of all the stupid little things that could ruin what could be a simple bug-out run.
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NaeKid, Why didn't you just lock in your 4WD:bump::bump::bump::bump:
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