Road block near Rio de Janeiro

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    Just read this. This weekend some bad guys (BG's) planned out roadblocks and ways to block the police from helping their victims.

    Armed men use roadblocks to rob Rio drivers - Americas AP -

    If the link dies, here is the body of the text:
    I know that there are many what-ifs discussed here on the board, but, what-if this happened in your neck of the woods. Without saying that you will shoot your way out of it (and possibly die like the guy who tried to drive through saving his wife and child), what other options could there be?
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    I would think if you are in a vehicle traveling and run into a roadblock like this, not much you can do but comply. It is like the current DUI road blocks here, you round a corner and there they are. If you turn and run there is an officer behind you to get you. The only thing that you could do to prevent it is to know what areas are likely to have them and avoid those areas.