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The weather has been doing strange things in recent times. If you've been following your local forecast, you may have been having days that are warmer than usual for this time of year. Extended weather forecasts have been showing interesting weather expectations as well, some of which differ from what is the norm for some places. A good example of this is tornadoes forecast to occur outside of a normal window of time when they are usually seen. While this could be attributed to a lot of things, the one thing in particular that we need to take away from this is that even though certain storms may have a season, disasters can strike at any time.

Preparedness is always necessary, especially if you live in an area where severe where is present. Although no one wants to see their home demolished by nature's wrath, worse yet is if you or your children cannot get out and find safety, therefore becoming injured or even killed. Situations such as this are why storm shelters are the choice of many who deal with severe weather, particularly that of the unpredictable kind such as tornadoes.

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A storm shelter may not be the number one thing on which you want to spend money, but there are many scenarios in which they have proven priceless. A well-made structure that is properly installed should leave you with little to no worries that it will offer the protection you need. Even if you're forced to remain in there for a length of time, many are roomy enough to hold the supplies you need to get you through. It is definitely feasible to bring inside what you need to get through whatever the amount of time necessary to ensure you can emerge safely, even if you find the world very different upon emerging than it was when you sought shelter thanks to nature's fury.

In order to get into and use a storm shelter, you are going to want to place it in an ideal location. This does not mean at the far end of your property where it will take a mighty effort to get their in a pinch. Instead, place your storm shelter near to your home or even inside so utilizing it does not require you to be susceptible to flying debris as storm winds pick up. It is even possible to add a storm shelter that is directly inside your home. Regardless of the type you choose, there have been many examples in the news of shelters that did their job, performing during some of the largest tornadoes in history.

Storm shelters are not the cheapest addition you can make to your home, but they are a very worthwhile one and do offer a return on investment. For starters, having one may someday save your life or that of someone you love dearly, which in itself is beyond value. Additionally, if you decide to relocate and put your home on the market, your storm shelter can act as yet another selling point, possibly adding a couple thousand dollars to your asking price. If that is the amount you spent on a shelter and you get it back in a sale, then you are flush with the house while at the same time having a safe place to ride out potentially deadly storms.

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Even though homes are constantly being built to be larger and have more features, the ability to as a whole withstand damage from a major storm is not yet one of them. Sure, you can take your chances and go to a central room free of windows and hide under a table, but a strong enough storm will nullify those efforts. If you live in an area where you find yourself taking such potentially futile actions on a regular basis multiple times each year, perhaps it is time to consider a better way, such as by adding a much needed storm shelter. The peace of mind of having a safe place to go when the SHTF and the world around you starts blowing away is a survival option that is reassuring to have. Just be sure to purchase from a reputable company that will properly install your shelter and maintain it as needed.

Do you live in an area plagued by tornadoes? Do you have a survival story pertaining to how you got through a big one and what you would do differently in the future, such as adding a storm shelter? Let us know in the comments.
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