Rice Crispy Treats

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    I need a great home-made organic recipe for rice crispy treats. My kids just love them!
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    The basic ingredients are: rice crispy cereal, butter, marshmallows. I know that you can find the first two in your local organic food store. Never saw marshmallows there, but I wasn't really looking for them.

    If you are wanting to 100 percent from scratch/home, I'd have no idea how to make the cereal. But, it looks like it MIGHT be able to be done? How to make homemade puff cereal w/ wheats and grains like barley, kamut, millet, quinoa, etc? - Yahoo! Answers

    There are many recipes on the internet for making your own marshmallows - here's just one...
    You, too, can make homemade marshmallows - Slashfood

    And butter would be the easiest part of all if you have your own cows.


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    If you really want the optimum health for your children, buy Kosher marshmallows, they use vegetable gelatin instead of Pork based gelatin.
    I choose to eat Pork, and found out that it was the main ingredient in about 90% of all gelatin.
    Most non pork gelatin is vegan, some is Bovine.
    Love them babies. Feed then right!!!!
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    Sorry for the typo, my last post should have read: I choose to "NOT" eat pork.