Review: Ten X Ring Ammunition in 38 SPC, 130 gr +P

Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by BlueZ, May 29, 2018.

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    Finally shot this Ammo.Had it for a few months but dont shoot revolvers as often anymore.

    Used my GP100 to get somoene who hadn't shot in decades back into shooting before I transitioned him into more complex firearms.
    Which is the exact mission I buy 38 SPC for theese days.

    Am very happy with it.
    Despite being an economy round not a single malfunction in 250 rounds. :)
    I was shooting at short distances so cannot vouch for accuracy but did not detect any issues.

    Also its a +P so it makes a satisfying "thunk" on the steel plates.

    As its FMJ some may say it should always be just a training round..

    But i can imagine when the chips are down and I am on handguns and out of 9mm and .357 Magnum that this ammo would serve just fine being a +P, dont remember what price I paid but it was good and there seemed to be no premium on price for being +p. 100_1520.JPG 100_1522.JPG
  2. BlueZ

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    I realized I need to add a couple things.
    This Ammo seemed to be perfectly macthed to my sights on the 3 inch GP100.
    Often I find myself looking at low impact w/ 38 SPC> but not with this ammo.

    Also now that I had some more time to think about it, I did do a couple of cylinders at maybe approx 20 or even 25 yards (didn't measure it) and it hit a pretty small steel target (3 inches) every single shot.
    So accuracy was quite good.

    Will definitely buy again.
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