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  1. sinbad

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    Hi evryone

    I am a packrat who will think for loooong time before throwing anything. I will always try to find a new use before throwing...

    Those of you old enough do remeber the 5¼ inch floppy disks....


    These diskettes were usually kept in paper sleeves and in plastic boxes of 50 or 100 .... After a while smaller and more space effiecint disks ( 3½ inch diskettes ) came out and the older ones were abandoned.

    Our office threw about 10 plastic boxes (full of disketts) and I took them, kept them for years , not knowing what they could be used for. I moved from apartment to apartment and moved them with me ... until one day, CDs becme popular and boxes were needed to organize them ... voila ...

    Everyone BOUGHT boxes or envelopes for their CDs except me. Why should I ??? Not only I have saved those nice boxes, but also the paper sleeves that covered the floppies. I feel happy , extremely happy, when something fits EXACTLY, as if it was made for it.

    Now, I am facing the same thing with 3.5 inch boxes of 50 or 100 diskettes. They are nice and I hate to throw them. I know I can use them to keep anything from screws to gum !!! But I was thinking of something that would be exact fit , as if it was made for it...

    So, guys and gals , any ideas ????

    Here arew the boxes I am talking about
  2. SurvivalNut

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    Chick incubator?

    Seed Sprouter?

    too small for a dehydrator.........

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  4. Dixie

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    the plastic boxes could be used for recipes
  5. BuggingIn

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    Filing your seed packets during planting season (assuming you are going to vacuum pack and freeze those puppies the rest of the time).
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  6. Jason

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    Take the dividers out, line a bunch of the boxes up on a shelf, and you have covered storage for nuts/bolts,zip ties, etc without needing to label because you can just look in and see what's in each bin.
  7. philjam

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    Still use them with my ancient Sony digital camera to take pictures of a job site. Plug the disk into my ancient computer and out comes a job proposal. My customers have no idea they are dealing with a techno - Neanderthal.
  8. sinbad

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    Thanks everyone

    I was thinking of some usage that is VERY close to its original use, and would utilize maximum material. For example, filing seed packets :2thumb: would utilize even the dividers within the box. I don't have to toss them away. Great idea.

    Maybe you can help me think of another use for another box, where I toss the dividers , but insert diskettes boxes ( 10 disc capacity each) to use as organizers in the plastic box and put things in the diskette boxes ...
    What could fit in these ?

    BTW, I have some of these 10 diskette boxes.


    I have glued a few of them in this open position , and they are great on the desk top. I use one of them for my spare mobile phone ( it has a clock + date screensaver) and throw in it coins ..etc.


    I hate throwing anything away and have always tried to find some re-use, even if it means delivering stuff to the right place and right people !! If I were near you, I would have gladly delivered 500 diskettes plus 3 hard disks right to your doorstep. Unfortunately, we are half a planet circumference from each other.

    My Pentium ONE only left the house a month ago.
    I gave it (with children bicycles ..etc.) to some poor guy who works in recycling material.
  9. sinbad

    sinbad Well-Known Member

    Jason , I have several bins for nuts & bolts ..etc.
    Plus these diskette boxes will be too big for bins. My favorite bins are about 6 x 3 inches.

    However, I can just see idea #2 in the horizon.

    Maybe I can put the 10 disc boxes (pictured above) as organizers and fill each with some type of "prepper " item like whistles, tiny flashlight, keychain knives, D-rings ..etc.

    Sometimes I have to look around a bit when I am asembling another "survival keychain" or "survival necklace". These items should remian separate from the rest of my hardware ( like nuts & bolts ) because they are not many and when you need one, you really need one.

    OK , that takes care of box #2
    There are 8 more boxes to be re-invented, I mean re-used.