Repeal the Idiot and Moron Law.

Discussion in 'General Chit-Chat' started by longtime, Dec 18, 2009.

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    The idiot and moron law states that if you run into an idiot or moron you will yield to them. It mainly applies to driving on the roads in the US but it also applies to the short sighted, instant gratification of most of the US population. What pushed me over the edge was an encounter with one and it was almost an exact repeat of an encounter about a month ago. I was driving down the interstate in the left hand lane following a semi at the legal speed limit (a state trooper was behind me), I was not tailgating. All of a sudden the semi changes lanes very quickly and due to traffic I could not, so I hit the brakes and almost got rear ended by the trooper, apparently he was not paying attention. Guess why, a car driving down the road at less than 50 MPH in the passing lane in a 70 MPH zone and guess what he had on his bumper. "I drive 55 MPH to save the Earth". While I was driving my car and would not have fared well if I hit him. Sometimes I drive a 8,000 lb. truck with a very heavy bumper and brush guard, Prius speed bump. As I finally passed him with horn on full, I get the finger and the trooper does nothing.

    To any LEO on the forum, why did the trooper not ticket him? We have to stop this tolerance of stupidity, I remember about 10 years ago a woman killed 3 kids in the same manor. She was driving well under the speed limit in the left hand lane and got rear ended by a semi. She said she knew she had a car full of kids so she was driving extra slow to be safe. "Tolerance" is going to be the death of us all. If it's stupid, it's stupid. I have done stupid things before and will be gulity of it again, Being called stupid only hurts a little while, death is a lot longer lasting.
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    I read this post about 10 min. ago but had to come back to it.

    Idiots? as in the people that jump into their 4x4 suv and think they are invincible no matter what the weather conditions? :rolleyes: Yeah we have them here. One just hit the gaurdrail that runs along our front yard, and we've only got 1" so far.

  3. Vertigo

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    Me too UncleJoe, I just had to come back.

    idiots like the people I saw yesterday, trying to move across ice by getting their front wheels spinning as fast as they can...

    It's actually hilarious here in Belgium, there is now about 2 inches of snow here, it has been freezing for only 3-4 consecutive days, and already our highways have become jammed, our trains hours and hours behind schedule and people are already declaring a national emergency in some regions !!!

    Talk about not being prepared :)

    Me, I love it! I hope it lasts for a month, maybe people will then get some common sense back and will be prepared a bit more... Although I'm not really counting on this to happen...


  4. Country Living

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    It's three-fold.

    1. The left lane is supposed to be for passing only. Some of us are old enough to remember there was a minimum speed on the expressway speed limit signs. Those were taken down in the '70s. The left land as a passing lane only is starting to be enforced in some states although not consistently.

    2. Then there's Huey, Dewey, and Louie in their whatevers thinking the road is their personal playground. Drivers can be dangerous in little sporty cars as well as monster trucks. Don't forget about the motorcycles. I would never think about zipping in and out of traffic on my Harley and yet I see a whole generation of stunt-riders who think they are invincible. Their only frame of mind is how much fun they're having and how cool they look. Their inattentiveness and recklessness eventually catch up to them.

    3. There are the people who are going to show everyone else they are environmentalists and go a lower speed limit to save the planet. (Have you noticed a few of those cars are smog rats?) I don't mind someone going a lower speed as long as it doesn't impede the flow of traffic. That in itself can create a dangerous situation.
  5. NaeKid

    NaeKid YourAdministrator, eh?

    I am a grandpa - I have earned the right to drive slow and impede traffic. Those young whippersnappers really aught-to respect us old-folk, eh? :beercheer:

    Oh ya, if you didn't know, my daughter was born when I was 13, my grandson was born when I was 33. My grandson will be 5 in 3 months. Don't think of it as being weird. I have a cousin who is 1 year older than me, he has a daughter one year older than my daughter and he is also a grandfather to a 1 1/2year old boy. His daughter just told me last week that she is pregnant and will have another child shortly ... I am so excited for her!

    BTW: I drive to conditions, not my vehicles ability. When the weather is nice, I drive the speed-limit because speeding might only save me a minute over driving the speed limit. If I get into an accident due to speeding, it wastes even more of my time. When the weather is horrible (as it has been the last 5 weeks), my personal comfortable speed is much lower than speed-limit due to the deep snow drifts, the ice under the drifts and the stones being flung everywhere ..
  6. Country Living

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    A lot more people should learn to do that. We don't get much ice and snow in the lower part of The Great State so when it does ice or snow, some people put on their stupid hats when they drive. They think because they have a big something they can drive just like it's regular weather. Then they either lose control or hit the little something and loudly state it just wasn't their fault. I always enjoy listening to the news when they're interviewing the driver who lost control of their truck/car during icy road conditions. It's below freezing. It's wet. Duh. (insert head banging emoticon here.)
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    You didn't mention all the people in the left lane on their cell phones, reading papers, doing their make-up...
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    Just think about it, if it weren't for morons, idiots and the like, life would be a bit boring. By gosh they're entertaining and what would do without them in a time of crisis or disaster, more sheeple diversion for those who will be looking for a easier way to survive at someones else's expense, long before they pay attention to me and other serious preparers, and then its to late for them.:D
  9. Country Living

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    All at the same time...:eek:
  10. TNmedicman

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    :ranton: I can completely understand all aspects mentioned. But here is one not mentioned. I live in East Tennessee and I am a Paramedic. These people that impede traffic in the fast lane are very dangerous. These are the people that do not see the light on my ambulance or hear the siren. Most are just stupid but a fair share are stupid people complacent in the car/truck talking on their cell phone, booming to their music or just too senile to notice. I am sorry but if you can’t find the gas pedal to get out of my way running emergency traffic I should have the right to bump you out of the way.;) But seriously the people impeding traffic cause accidents. I see them every day.

    Moral of the story if you drive slow use the right lane. If you have Blue/Red lights behind you get out of the way.

    Also, if you see us on the side of the road, move over and give room. Let us do our jobs without running us over. :nuts:

  11. longtime

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    I ran into another moron and almost went to jail. I'm driving the truck and waiting at the stop light to turn left, two left turn lanes. Well this moron runs me off the road as he cuts into my lane. I continue across the curb and then follow him and ask what does he think he is doing. His response was " I pay taxes and can drive in any lane I want" I almost lost it.
  12. Country Living

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    What were you thinking? I don't have the stats on road rage deaths; but, any number is one too many.
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    All i gots ta say ya can't fix STUPID. Once someone is in that ozone, it's just hopeless.
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    Its currently the same over here. They reckon that if the country hasn't extreme snow and major chaos by the 5th of January, we'll be really lucky.

    At the moment its just bad ice on the roads, and a few fatalities, yet they claim the deaths from traffic accidents is at its lowest in 50 years. 1 dead and 18 injured when a bus overturned on the motorway today, and the responding Ambulance turned over as well on route!