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i have an rcbs kit from cabelas. i reload pistol, rifle and my benchrest ammo on it. i learned most of the basics from my granddad, as i started to get into benchrest shooting my loading became more precise. i have a 30-06, 22-250, 6mmbr norma, 357, 40 s&w, 9mm, 6mm, and am right now looking into getting a 243. the rcbs kit is a great starter kit. i would like to get a lyman dps 3 but i think i'll stick with my balance scale for now. a little slower but accurate and if the power goes out then u don't have to worry bout it working. the only product i lioke from lee is their deluxe die sets.
chardo if u want to set up just one press for pistols then i recommend a turret press. redding or rcbs are very good. not cheap but good.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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