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  1. *Andi

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    Remember him ... Oh so long ago ...Well, I came across a 5 buck dvd of Red Skelton... lol ... my son has watched it over and over again.

    Only goes to show ... Once America's favorite funnyman ... Always America's favorite funnyman ...

    And yea ... I thought it was funny also... :lolsmash:

    But dang I feel old now ... :cry: lol
  2. horseman09

    horseman09 Well-Known Member

    Andi, "old" is a state of mind. Besides, growing old beats the heck out of the alternative. :D

    I remember Red Skelton, Ed Sullivan (We have a reeelly great shew tonite"), The Rifleman, Gunsmoke, Leave it to Beaver -- ohhhh -- the list goes on and on.

    I Remenisce (sp?) about the good stuff and forget about the bad and enjoy life as it comes.

    Hey. Who could forget Clem Cadiddle Hopper?! :D

  3. Jason

    Jason I am a little teapot

    Who is Red Skelton?

  4. *Andi

    *Andi Supporting Member

    Gunsmoke ...

    I never could get into it ...:confused: Now my hubby and son both love it, me :gaah: ... lol

    But give me almost any older show and I will take it over the crap they put out today. ;)

    But as I have no cable, dish or the like ... I get to pick the DVD we like!:2thumb:
  5. Meerkat

    Meerkat Seeking The Truth

    Red Skelton was a very great American too.Anyone here him do the 'Pledge of Aliegence'?It will make you cry.About what the flag stands for or use to stand for.

    Yall remember 20 Mule Team Borax's ' Wagon Train' or Sugar Foot?I still use borax to get my wash cleaner.

    How about Burns and Allen?Gracy was a trip.
  6. UncleJoe

    UncleJoe Well-Known Member

    Since we're taking a trip down memory lane, let's not forget shows like Bonanza, F Troop, Hogans Heros, Mr. Ed, My Favorite Martian, The Flying Nun, The Munsters, The Adams Family. There's plenty more but someone else can add to the list. :)
  7. Jason

    Jason I am a little teapot

    When I was a kid it was ALF, The A Team, the Dukes Of Hazzard, the Cosby Show, etc. What can I say? I'm a child of the 80's.
  8. RevWC

    RevWC The Future?

    [ame=]YouTube - ‪Red Skelton's Pledge of Allegiance‬‏[/ame]

    Red Skelton's Pledge of Allegiance
  9. efbjr

    efbjr Well-Known Member

    Good ol' Fess...sorely missed...

    I have started watching the old "Daniel Boone" show on Retro TV. Despite the initial appeal to the kids, (coonskin hats, etc.), and the fact that most of the actors cast as "indians" may not have recognized a real Native American, the show does have a lot to offer in showing how people lived and worked back then. :confused:

    Since the show is set in roughly the same period as the America Revolution, it has a lot of characters that represent the players of the time...the British Redcoats, the revolutionaries (eg.- Benjamin Franklin), the various Indian tribes (along with a very fair representation of the legitimate complaints that they had with both the settlers and the British :mad:

    Whoever produced this show obviously spent a lot of time researching the subject to keep it historically accurate. :congrat:

    Lastly, the casting of Fess Parker (formerly Disney's Davy Crockett) as Boone brought the character to life! :2thumb:

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  10. catsraven

    catsraven Meoww

    Heres a short list for you

    It's About Time
    Beverly Hillbillies
    Car 54 Where Are You?
    My Three Sons
    The Green Hornet
    Lost In Space
    Man From U.N.C.L.E
    McHale's Navy
    Star Trek
    My Mother the Car
    The Courtship Of Eddie's Father

    And yes *Andi, Red Skelton was one of my favorites.
  11. Jimmy24

    Jimmy24 Member

    Who sould forget Lucy!!!! Gunsmoke, Pallidon, The Honey Mooners, Combat!

  12. OldCootHillbilly

    OldCootHillbilly Reverend Coot

    Red Skelton was funny without bein crude. A true story teller an patriot.

    Rat Patrol!
  13. SurvivorGuyBob

    SurvivorGuyBob Don't

    Turn it off and get your own life back

    I have given up on television for the most part. IMHO Big Brother and Survivor were the beginning of a slow downward spiral in to stupidity for TV programing. There are no family show with values anymore. The shows that are out to day are, disgusting, raunchy, and degrading. Call me old fashioned, but I have the spine to say the Emperor(media) is naked. My two cents: .
  14. power

    power ExCommunicated

    I don't know how anyone could watch any of the reality shows. They are not near as close to reality as saturday night wrestling.
  15. RevWC

    RevWC The Future?

    The Real McCoys, Wanted Dead or Alive, Big Valley, Rawhide, Deputy Dawg, Looney Tunes, and The Life of Riley.
  16. Meerkat

    Meerkat Seeking The Truth


    Wyatt Earp,Father Knows Best was a very good one.Can you imagine the outcry from the fems if it played today?:eek:

    I'm surprised Aunt Bee on Andy Griffith was'nt tarred and feathered in efergy.
  17. Meerkat

    Meerkat Seeking The Truth


    We rid our hoese of cable several tears ago.We only get two stations with antenne 'if theres not a cloud within a hyndred miles'.So we seldom turn it on at all.

    Today we watched 'Buffalo Bill'on rented dvd.Joel MCCrea,Marine O'Hara .Last good recent movie was ShawShank Redeption,imo.