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Red Dawn. The Original Movie. Has a solution for Psychopaths. (Reeducation Camps).

I think all corrections facilities. Should have a recording playing, like in the original movie (Red Dawn). Not like that though. More like elevator music, in the background. Just talking to them. Nothing else. Extremely important.

Loud enough, so they can always here the talking at them, wherever they are. Even when outside. In a yard. So lots of loudspeakers, everywhere. Not to harm them, but to adjust them to be more normal. Well to reeducate them. From when, they are suppose to be awake, until lights out, at night. Maybe even for 1 hour longer. Slowly, gently, teaching them, by repetition. They still get to sleep.

That they hurt someone, and or broke the law. Now they are not there, to help there families out. Not there, to keep there families safe. Unless you are in here, because you hurt your family, of course. Well with you own violent behaviours, towards them. Well you did hurt other peoples families. Why they are there, and consequences, gently. Told over and over again, tens of 1000s of times. This is how, the military teaches, ordinary people to, be willing to kill. By repetition in various ways and well, competence in violence. So the reverse can be done.

Some hardened career criminals, will need a more traditional reeducation camp style approach. Louder only. Nothing else. More noticeable. But not roaring, or anything like that. Will still not help some.

Staff has to listen to. Maybe it should be done, all throughout, police stations, and all other law enforcement facilities, too. Like at the supreme court to, and in there offices to. Maybe in all government buildings to, and government offices too, etc.

Corrections facilities, already seem to be, bad reeducation camps.

Remember the Sylvester Stallone movie (Demolition Man). Well remember how everybody is in movie. Well have a joy joy day yourself.
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