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    Here is an essay by Giordano Bruno, questioning with real data, the state of the "economic recovery". Here is an excerpt:

    Mixed Signals Indicate Economic Disinformation

    There are a number of half truths and financial fantasies floating around the U.S. today, which may explain why some have decided to throw caution to the wind, adopting a cult-like blind faith in the “unsinkable” American economy. I suspect that the consequences for this error in judgment will become quite clear to most by the end of next year, but until then, let’s examine our current situation, what the government has to say about it, and the reality they wish to gloss over

    The rest of the story is here. And it's a good one.

    While You Were Sleeping… The Economy Collapsed : Neithercorp Press
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    recovery ? HaHaHaHaHa, good one! lol

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    Recovery.....there ain't no stinking recovery......:ignore:
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    A sobering article. I often wonder how long we will put up with this kind of treatment from our own government. Even in the face of financial collapse big bussiness's greed never wavers.
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    Awesome article

    This article is spot on and everyone should take it very seriously because we're about to have an economic collapse and it will devastate this country like nothing in our history.

    Take heed and prepare because things are going to be as bad or worse than you can imagine.
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    All I can say is liquidate everything possible, pay off all your debts as fast as you can, and then plan to live within your means. Every business wants your money and will do every underhanded thing possible to get your money including having laws written to keep their business in business! :gaah: