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Real world knives.

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Ok,no Tiwantainium/Chineese wonder blades please.

Lets talk about real working blades.I tend to carry four different blades in my backwoods kit,I bought what I could afford and what fit my needs best,you might find different blades suit you better,let's hear about them!

In my kit there is an Indian military ghurka khurki,
A Buck 110,
A Buck General,
A Buck Caping knife.
Also a hatchet and a leatherman multitool and a dozen exacto knife razors in a paper sleeve,but they're not really knives,but they're in there because I use them.

Now this is my camping box,the daily outing box is far different!
it only has a K-bar Marine fighting knife and a small case knife.

What you plan for changes things you see,then there's the fishing kit,it has a fillet knife and an air force survival knife and again with the razor blades,only two.they wipe off well.

Then there's my urban kit,it has a leatherman and a spyderco in it.I've opened neither in ages,but they are there.

Now you're looking at this and thinking:
"why can't this n00b choose one general purpose knife"
I'll tell you why.
ever try to skin a deer with a "Rambo"knife and do it right?ever try to cut tent stakes with a pen knife?
ever try to cut kindling with a sheath knife?that's why.
It might weigh you down,but the right tool for the right job is priceless!now let's hear about yours and why you pack em'.:D
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I got mine for $10 through
Thanks for the post! You may have been a little dyslectic with the link. :) It should be:
Bushcraft Northwest: Wilderness Survival Training and Gear
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