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Real world knives.

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Ok,no Tiwantainium/Chineese wonder blades please.

Lets talk about real working blades.I tend to carry four different blades in my backwoods kit,I bought what I could afford and what fit my needs best,you might find different blades suit you better,let's hear about them!

In my kit there is an Indian military ghurka khurki,
A Buck 110,
A Buck General,
A Buck Caping knife.
Also a hatchet and a leatherman multitool and a dozen exacto knife razors in a paper sleeve,but they're not really knives,but they're in there because I use them.

Now this is my camping box,the daily outing box is far different!
it only has a K-bar Marine fighting knife and a small case knife.

What you plan for changes things you see,then there's the fishing kit,it has a fillet knife and an air force survival knife and again with the razor blades,only two.they wipe off well.

Then there's my urban kit,it has a leatherman and a spyderco in it.I've opened neither in ages,but they are there.

Now you're looking at this and thinking:
"why can't this n00b choose one general purpose knife"
I'll tell you why.
ever try to skin a deer with a "Rambo"knife and do it right?ever try to cut tent stakes with a pen knife?
ever try to cut kindling with a sheath knife?that's why.
It might weigh you down,but the right tool for the right job is priceless!now let's hear about yours and why you pack em'.:D
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My favorite knives

I agree that Mora's offer the most bang for the buck. Be certain to get a high carbon non-stainless model (it will be prone to rust if not taken care of, but it will hold an edge longer and be easier to sharpen). Mora's have Scandi or single bevel edges so you need to know how to sharpen these. I think mine is the 3.75" Classic model with wood handle, 3/4 tang. I got mine for $10 through You can also make your own knife from an metal file if you can the skill set (google it).

I have to plug my favorite knife of all time, the RSK Mk1 Benchmade folding knife sold through Doug Ritter on his website, ~$100. It's made by Benchmade and costs half what other benchmade knives go for of equal quality. It has a beefy (3mm thick!) S30V med carbon steel blade. Basically a griptillian on steroids. He now also makes a fixed model I'm drooling over.

A great tiny keychain knife is the Boker "keycom". Very discrete. They go for around $18 and are made of 440C Steel. They are wicked looking.


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