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    Maybe not "NEW" news, but I think it bears reading... how true..standing in the check out line and watching people buy those stupid "news papers" about which Hollywierd trash is stealing who hubby or wife ... ever notice when some "personality" dies of Cancer or clap or whatever, all the trash papers have headlines about the deceased's "Brave" fight...why is their fight braver then my ladies , when my lady asked how much time she had and was told , she just smiled and said well that's not I wanted to hear, and said honey take me home... I did and we shared those few days together... I never said she was brave, strong ? oh hell yes... but nobody read about her battle... we are such a fked up country... sorry but there it is...


    Lindsay Lohan, 24, and Paris Hilton got their names and faces all over the news because they went to jail for a few short weeks or days for acting out, negative behavior, resisting arrest, cocaine possession, being drunk and disorderly, not to mention their insolent attitude.

    What do you know about these men?

    Justin Allen, 23
    Brett Linley, 29
    Matthew Weikert, 29
    Justus Bartett, 27
    Dave Santos , 21
    Chase Stanley, 21
    Jesse Reed, 26
    Matthew Johnson, 21
    Zachary Fisher, 24
    Brandon King, 23
    Christopher Goeke, 23
    Sheldon Tate, 27

    Do you recognize any of their names? No? None of them starred in a movie or made a record album, hit a homerun or scored a 3 point conversion or did a celebration in the end zone after scoring a touchdown. None of them brags about "showcasing their talents for their fans" while being paid millions and millions of dollars.

    Did that help? No? Well then I should tell you that they are all Marines who gave their lives for YOU this week. They died for honor and country. They are all heroes of the highest magnitude. How much did you read about them ?

    Honor THEM by forwarding this. I just did!
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    This death wasn't printed either like heath ledger???...why i don't watch tv at all

    To let you get an idea about my husband asked what a 'lindsay lohan' was.....must have heard the name on the truck radio..LOL

    Robert Lewis Howard, Highly Decorated Vietnam-Era Hero, Has Died : The Two-Way : NPR

    "Retired Army Col. Robert L. Howard, a Medal of Honor winner and one of America's most decorated soldiers, died Wednesday in Waco after a battle with pancreatic cancer," the Waco Tribune-Herald reports

    Robert Lewis Howard was nominated three times for the Medal of Honor, his first nomination being downgraded to the DSC. His second and third nominations were simultaneous for two separate actions and the Medal of Honor was awarded for the first of them, the other was downgraded to the Silver Star. Wounded 14 times in 54 months of combat duty in Vietnam, Howard was awarded 8 Purple Hearts and is believed to be the most decorated living American

    ~~~ For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty. 1st Lt. Howard (then Sfc .), distinguished himself while serving as platoon sergeant of an American-Vietnamese platoon which was on a mission to rescue a missing American soldier in enemy controlled territory in the Republic of Vietnam.

    The platoon had left its helicopter landing zone and was moving out on its mission when it was attacked by an estimated 2-company force. During the initial engagement, 1st Lt. Howard was wounded and his weapon destroyed by a grenade explosion. 1st Lt. Howard saw his platoon leader had been wounded seriously and was exposed to fire. Although unable to walk, and weaponless, 1st Lt. Howard unhesitatingly crawled through a hail of fire to retrieve his wounded leader.

    As 1st Lt. Howard was administering first aid and removing the officer's equipment, an enemy bullet struck 1 of the ammunition pouches on the lieutenant's belt, detonating several magazines of ammunition. 1st Lt. Howard momentarily sought cover and then realizing that he must rejoin the platoon, which had been disorganized by the enemy attack, he again began dragging the seriously wounded officer toward the platoon area.

    Through his outstanding example of indomitable courage and bravery, 1st Lt. Howard was able to rally the platoon into an organized defense force. With complete disregard for his safety, 1st Lt. Howard crawled from position to position, administering first aid to the wounded, giving encouragement to the defenders and directing their fire on the encircling enemy.

    FOR 3 1/2 HOURS 1ST LT. HOWARD'S SMALL FORCE AND SUPPORTING AIRCRAFT SUCCESSFULLY REPULSED ENEMY ATTACKS AND FINALLY WERE IN SUFFICIENT CONTROL TO PERMIT THE LANDING OF RESCUE HELICOPTERS.... 1st Lt. Howard personally supervised the loading of his men and DID NOT LEAVE the bullet-swept landing zone until all were aboard safely. 1st Lt. Howard's gallantry in action, his complete devotion to the welfare of his men at the risk of his life were in keeping with the highest traditions of the military service and reflect great credit on himself, his unit, and the U.S. Army.~~~


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    Ei, yeah never hear about the hero's, just movie stars an politicians. They make good news, not enough folks care nowa days about the folks what give them their freedom.

    How sad this country is becomin.
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    Agreed. Lot of my kids are there, serving. They are the heroes, each day giving unselfishly
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    How sad and true ... :(

    A candle is burning for the ones whom never came home.
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    im sure nobody looks at this anymore but they are NOT all marines. I was in the firefight when 1LT Goeke died. He was a Soldier in the United States Army. A Paratrooper assigned to 1-508PIR, 4BCT, 82D ABN DIV. i appreciate where you are coming from but at least get the facts straight.
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    All servicemen are brothers in arms. Their service is equally meaningful and their sacrifice is all equally heroic. May God put a special blessing on the family members of these brave men and let no one forget that they died for us.
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    R.I.P. & thanks, no matter which branch of service they served in. :)
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    thanks guys find myself about to go to work and now im "Cough crying Cough". All thoughts with them
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    No offense was intended cjd , That came to me as an e mail and I posted it as I received it.
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