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    I have a tough situation and need some advice. I have gone through my food preps and have a list of all the stuff we have and now I need to fill the holes quickly i.e. in a week or less. I have some extra cash, but not enough to go the food prep company route. Ideas on how you folks would fix this if it was you?
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    Not sure what you're looking for here. As far as food value cp. to price and storeability goes grains like wheat, rice, barley, oats, corn, etc. will give you the most food for the money spent. Similarly dried beans, peas, etc. Stock up on some spices as well for recipes to use thoese items. They may not sound like much but if you're really hungry they'll be much better than knawing on old shoe leather. Pick up an oat roller (for oatmeal and barley) and a grain mill as well. Grinding grain with rocks works but it's painfully slow with some grains.

    Most of the world lives on far less than this.