Rango the animated movie

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    I saw rango in the theater last night and there were some interesting points. Someone is teaching kids and maybe some sheeple some lessons in life.
    First of no water equals death is established right away. Thier currency is water which is kept in the bank of course. Every thursday at noon they get thier ration, until it runs out. The lessons learned are take care of your resources, don't trust your life to some one else and don't trust banks or politicians. I wonder who bank rolled this film and why exactly?
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    My youngest really wants to see that one. Interesting observations....

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    Saw it this weekend with two of my kids. They loved it. Really liked the "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" reference in the opening sequence.

    Really liked the references in there, from "My fellow Americans" type mayor, the theives are now business men, "See, we got new hats!", and all the while getting stabbed in the back by the resource grubbing elites.