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Some of you may remember that I married my high school sweetheart almost a year ago, well it's been a great year,

We have been watching some of the grandkids over the Christmas break, three of them, my daughters 7yo boy and one of Connies son's 2, a 1yo and 5yo girls - all great kids but that isn't what the post is about.

Last week the daughter-in-law came in and started asking me about "Larry Hagman(Dallas, I Dream of Jeanie..)", told her what I knew about him then asked her why she wanted know. She works for a Home Health Provider and she has been caring for his brother, Gary and one of her conversations with him came up to my grandparents and she asked how he knew them.

He told her that his parents and my grandparents were friends and that he and his brother played with their grandkids(my brother and I) when they would visit. Gary's mother(Larry's stepmother) worked at the same machine shop as my grandfather and our families would visit regularly.

I hadn't thought about them in quite a few years but it was a good memory to have pop up around Christmas time, I haven't seen Gary in 40 years but I'm going to have to pay him a visit one of these days before he passes on.
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