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raising a goose

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If I purchased a goose, and had it in my backyard, could it get over the fence? It's a typical wooden fence about 6 feet high...
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I have had super africans and my neigbor has had the white chinese for quite a few yrs. I know the super africans are too heavy to fly.
There is a few reasons that I like geese

They are as good if not better than a guard dog and meaner.

They provide an oil that I love to use on my hands up here in the winter time.. I havent cooked with any nor have I ever used it for food, yet.


Down--nice to stuff your clothing with it up here especially where I deal with wind chills down to -70. Protects from the cold.

Huge eggs

Ducks provide yr round eggs but goose eggs are a wonderful change from the chicken eggs for those of us that are allergic...
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They are huge and they to me seem to taste better. I am allergic to chicken eggs so I havent had those in over 3 yrs. I am wanting to get a few ducks to try their eggs because I am not allergic to them as far as I know.

We quit saving eggs to use and started incubating them for babies. Ended up with a huge bunch of babies... They are all gone but 5. Need to kill those last 5 roosters and save their wings and a bit of their carcases for trapping the local wolverine...

Oh and geese like turkeys only lay in the spring and early summer... they dont lay yr round...
Ok so Im on 2.5 acres.. I have had mom, dad and little ones... as well as the neighbors geese, 6 to 8 of them. I havent had a problem with stink, really. My pen is just about 16x16. My gander died as did my tom after a really bad respiritory infection went through my birds, 3 yrs ago. I moved the mom turkey in with mom goose and they have been keeping each other company for the past 3 yrs... Geese are actually cleaner than chickens ... their nesting area where they lay their eggs is never pooped in.. the chickens poop everywhere they go... I keep a swimming pool in the goose pen for the warm summers so they can swim and bathe. I also give them a bucket of warm water to wash their faces in every evening even if it is 30 below. They need to wash off their eyes or they cant see. To keep the stink down I cover their pen bottom with straw. It meshes with the poop and helps compost it... I also mix green grass clippings and hay. I do that in the chicken pen, and dog lot also with very little to no smell. The only time I really have a bad smell is when I let it go to long.

As far as the pool they wash in it and I empty and refill it as it gets dirty. If you have them in a pond, I can see where that will stink over time...

I agree you dont want one goose. They mate for life and will defend their mates to the death. I actually thought my female would die when the male did. She didnt and she is still very healthy.
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I am not sure what your calling feed straw vs bed straw. Im talking the left over straw from a barley field, they bail it and sell it for about 5 to 6 bucks per bail. I use that in the dog houses as bedding especially in the winter months. (I still have a dogsled team) I mostly use it in the bird houses when it is very cold outside to give them something to keep them a bit warmer. I use it on the ground of the pens and in the dog lot to help in composting the poo... I also use it if it is raining a lot so I can have a bit more solid ground to walk on vs sinking in the muck...I use the poo mix from the chickens, the goose and turkey to place in my garden... I do add green grass clippings in both the pens and in with the dogs in the summer time to increase the heat and move the breaking down process along. Cost factor, yes it is more... time, creates less work for me cause I dont have to muck the pens to keep them clean. Just straw them over and go on... in a yr or so I get nice composted dirt.
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This is Alaska, everything costs more up here :eek:... it is like living in Seattle or LA price wise. 6 bucks a bail is good for here. The large round bails of hay start at 110 per... Bird food starts at 20 per 50 lb bag and dog food just went up to almost 35 per bag for the better than old roy stuff.

Gas is still at 3.50 per gal.
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