Radios and Communications Alternatives to the standard syste

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    Nothing showing up, i,am still interested.

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    I think that the link died ... I remember reading it a month ago, but, I didn't .pdf it for my computer thinking that it would stay around for a long time...
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    Radios and communications

    I also live in Arizona and I can say about HRO (Ham Radio Outlet) is half the time they do not have the products in stock....Sorry, but it is true, if you visit the store...I got tired of being told "they can order it" ....Moreover with the increased sales tax that the state just passed, because the state is going broke, I think the better bet would be to order from AES electronics supply...

    For all of the money that you would spend on a shortwave receiver, above, I would really consider a used piece of ham radio gear.....Older radios such as the Kenwood TS440, Yaesu FT101's and older Icoms would really be the better ticket...Better yet, it's the Yaesu FT817nd portable.....Ebay is way over priced on these older great radios's, but sometimes you can find a decent deal....I've bought 2 kenwoods off ebay and I am pleased....But if you type into a search engine ARRL and then look up on that page "Hamfest" in your local area/state that is where you will find decent priced gear...
    .By all means consider getting your ham radio license, it is easy since the code was dropped...I would recommend at least a general license, so that you can use the HF bands....
    Either-way, you'd have an excellent receiver that would blow away anything that you buy in shortwave listening radios, dollar for dollar....Plus, if you decide to go with a license, you'll learn how to build homemade antenna's that work~! Radio theory and electronics theory......All of this is priceless...

    Older kenwoods like the ts430, ts440, ts120, ts 680 sell in the $300~$400 dollar range....You can't beat the receiver once you hook up a good antenna....On my kenwood ts440 s, I have talked into Johannesburg South Africa/Arizona from my RV with a butternut 6hv antenna at 100 watts solar and battery powered....
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    I am surprised that after I quickly scanned his suggested models it occurs to me that none of them have S.A.M.E. capability which I consider to be VERY important especially if I am in an area that is affected by BAD weather. I fail to understand why all radio manufacturers have not equipped all radios with the feature. Price I guess.
    NOAA Weather Radio SAME Info
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