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Below is a radio program description to help people learn how to prepare. You are welcome to come listen, ask questions, etc.

Welcome emergency management professionals, first responders and volunteers.

This is your invitation to the first ever live interactive Internet radio show specifically designed to bring you together in a medium allowing open exploration and straight talk about the challenges you all face in gaining participation of the public at large in adopting preparedness and family emergency planning. This show has been over a year in the making and is unique in that it will provide participation directly with the private sector, sharing with them the challenges you as emergency management professionals face, in your efforts to gain their support of participation in creating emergency plans and learning what they can do to help EM in their locality. It will also provide a method for the private sector to interface with you directly, during this and future shows.

It is anticipated that this direct interface will help to clarify misconceptions and for the benefit of all, will help solve the mysteries of why after the millions and millions of dollars, incredible human effort from volunteer, faith-based and emergency management both federal and local to try to get our citizens to be prepared, has failed to get larger than 10% of the population to have even a basic family emergency plan or actively involved. This is not a problem just here in the United States, this is a worldwide problem.

This first show has an incredible panel of emergency management professionals with real world experience combined of over 87 years, and a lot of first responders that will be listening in and there to participate as well.

I am proud to introduce you to this inaugural shows expert panel.

Rick Tobin

Rick Tobin has 32 years of experience in emergency management and response activities, and for the last 22 years Rick has been the President and CEO of TAO Emergency Management Consulting. Rick is also the author of "Emergency Planning on the Internet" and was the host for the recently successful Road to Ready Internet radio show which was listened to in 87 countries each week. Rick is a former Certified Emergency Manager with the International Association of Emergency Managers and currently resides near San Antonio, Texas.

Lloyd Colston

Lloyd has over 25 years experience in emergency management. He has experience in incident command systems and ICS instructor. He also is an expert in public affairs and government liaison. Lloyd performed duties in the Joint Information Center at the Utah Olympics and a host of other events. He is also a moderator of one of the largest emergency management list serves in the US. Currently Lloyd is the emergency manager for the city of Altus Oklahoma. He also serves on a number of committees both state and federal dealing mostly with communications.

Eddy Andrews

Eddy Andrews has over 30 years of experience in crisis management and response recovery incidents internationally. Based in Brisbane Australia, Eddy is self-employed and is spearheading many initiatives to increase preparedness awareness and family emergency planning, and training others in emergency response. Eddy was part of the management team responsible for the cleanup of the world's largest oil spill in Komi Russia, and oil spill cleanups, salvage operations and mine clearing in Kuwait. Eddy has also worked on emergencies/disasters throughout the world and is recognized as an expert in lateral thinking.

For all participants, sharing the secrets of personal preparedness/safety is highly encouraged; however as these are public facing shows sensitive information should never be discussed.

The way this will work is very simple. The following link will take you to the shows web interface. There you will find a dial in phone number, and show ID. When you call into the show, you will be prompted for the show ID, after entry, you will be in the audio portion of the show. If you wish to listen only, you will be able to listen via live streaming, on the shows page. To participate via text messaging during the show, please sign up for the free TalkShoe account. Here is the shows link > TalkShoe Community Call

You can call into the show with any phone or cell phone, including Skype out, Vonage or any other unlimited calling plans at no charge other than a normal call. You can also use a soft SIP VOIP phone such as Gizmo5, which is also free.

To get set up prior to the show, I highly recommend going to the TalkShoe website and signing up for free as you will ready to go at show time. TalkShoe voice talk shows and discussion groups - Talkcasts

This show is scheduled for 12:05 PM EST Thursday the 16th of July. (11 AM CST, 9 AM PST) US and 5 AM for our friends in Australia.

Please do, forward this invitation to your friends, as well as contacting your local media to listen in on the efforts you are participating in for the safety of your local citizens. This show is open to the public.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you on the show.

Warmest Regards,

Steven Longmire

Show Host and Moderator

If you have any questions, or need assistance prior to the show, I can be reached at

[email protected]

Direct Phone: 425-329-3408

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It looks like I missed the time-slot for this radio-program. :peep:

Emergency Manager
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New Program

You have been invited by Steven Longmire to join a live Community Call.
Emergency Management Connection (Join in)
Host: EMConnection - [email protected]
Episode: EPISODE2 - Emergency Management and the Public
After a great Start on the 16th, this show will be 1 hour packed with more great info for EM and the public. I encourge spreading the word, lets save some lives. HAM Radio and more topics.
Call ID: 57260

Personal Message from the Host:
Hi All, this is for EM Connection Episode2 on Thursday at 12:05 PM EST Please do invite others, as well as family or other General Public. Thank you gor a great 1st show, let's make the second even better. The last show is available for playback at TalkShoe - Call - Emergency Management Connection

Scheduled Time:

Date: Thu, July 23, 2009
Time: 12:05 PM EDT

How to participate:

Call in:
Dial: (724) 444-7444
Enter: 57260 # (Call ID)
Enter: 1 # or your PIN
Join from your computer:
Click here to join the call or just listen along
(Optional) Become a TalkShoe member
Facebook user? You can join this Call directly through the TalkShoe Community Calling Facebook application.

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I love Eddy's accent!!!

What a great exchange of information. I feel like I should listen to the program again, but, have a pen/paper handy to take up some notes.
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