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  1. Al-Thi'b

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    Greetings everyone, I am just curious for those (if any) here that are former smokers. What method did you use to quit? Did it involve meds? Thanks in advice for replies and info, I am desperately trying to quit smoking to help me get in better shape.
  2. sailaway

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    I struggled with drinking, used a 12 step program, taking it one day at a time, for over 25 years now. Next project is over eating and starting another exercise program.

  3. HarleyRider

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    How I Am Quitting Smoking

    I am using one of those electronic cigarettes. The brand is "Fifty-One", and you can read up about it on the internet. It satisfies my smoking craving, and you "smoke" it just like a regular cigarette. The changeable filters include nicotine in small amounts (from 0 mg to 18 mg depending on which filter you choose). When you exhale, you are exhaling water vapor, which looks like smoke. The whole idea helps fool your brain into thinking you are still smoking. It serves the same purpose as the Patch, but works a whole lot better. Since I started it, I have not smoked a regular cigarette. By decreasing the amount of nicotine in each disposable filter, I should be completely "smoke" free by May 18th. Try it!:goodluck:
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    Right after we had our daughter I caught a horrible case of Bronchitis that stopped me from physically being able to for about two weeks. After that it was all about fighting temptation, which for me boiled down to chugging huge glasses of water, and over eating. I still haven't lost the weight.
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    Yes I am a former smoker. When I made up my mind to quit, I stood up put out my cigarette and said I quit. I then walked away from it. It was a lot easier than I thought. Believe it or not the habit cigarettes are the easiest to quit. It's the one to four cigarettes a day that you really enjoy that are harder. But even they are fairly easy to get by. Remember the few cigarettes that really haunt you only require about fifteen minutes to get past. So to quit it only takes about fifteen minutes two to three times a day to get past it. The first couple of days are the easiest. The first week or so is pretty easy. It's the third week that gets pretty hard, but once you are past that it gets easier. The key to making it work is this. You can NOT try to quit, you either quit or you don't, there is no try. So is your word worth anything? Which is stronger that cigarette or you? Best of luck, but you don't need luck. Just put them down and walk away. It will be the best thing you can do.
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    Never had a problem with drinking when I decided to stop that part of my life years ago, just for some reason smoking is yeah, in control which I HATE. 25 years is a good stretch there bro, congrats.

    Yeah I was thinking about this very same thing except I find mixed reviews on these things, some say they're a huge health risk some say they're not some say they're great others say they're horrible, plus many of them are kind of *pricey* and its not like I can just run to the store for a refill like I can a pack of smokes which is a big downside for me because I smoke different amounts at different times, sometimes I can go a whole week on just a few packs other weeks it can take a carton or more.

    I can't really gain weight with my high metabolism, though eating just makes me want one more once I'm finished so it'd hurt rather than help trying to eat when I need a smoke.

    Thnx for replies guys, I know I won't be doing the patch been there, failed that. I will probably end up trying out those e-cigs.
  7. Jason

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    Buddy of mine quit years ago. He said he's going to not smoke for one minute. If he had to say it 60 times in an hour he did so and it worked- he stopped cold turkey and hasn't touched a cigarette in years.
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    Well your on the right track! just talking about it with others is a start, I started as a kid at 15 because it was cool... god kids are stupid!! was at a friends home one night and he was out of smokes and we smoked my last two, he said this is a good time to quit, so we did, he lasted till the next day, I lasted from that night in 73 to now. had a couple of relapses short term ( both involving women :D ) but that was many years ago.

    I wish I could do the same with losing weight and working out..

    As for booze, I was very lucky there, I can take it or leave it, strictly a social drinker, when I have a drink it because I want one, never because I need one....

    Mexican food seems to require a cold beer , and nothing is better at the end of the day then a nice burger and a cold one...

    As somebody said it's a one day at a time battle but you can do it!! believe in your self!...

    Good luck!! and hang in there, when it gets bad come back and talk about it, and we can all call you a weak wuss and say bad things to you...:D:D...just joking!!
  9. PragmaticWorm

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    I smoked for twelve years. Quit frequently. I finally quit for good almost four years ago using a combination of meds and determination. The drugs help with the cravings, but the only way to truly quit is to want to. Once you make up your mind that you are done and not going back just about any tool will help you with your goal. The desire to quit is the best tool you have. Good luck.:)
  10. SaskBound

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    I put out my last smoke at noon on a Thursday last July. Straight-up cold turkey. I sweated and ate my way through the first couple weeks, and didn't sleep too well. I still keep a pack in the car and a pack in the house. As long as it is still a choice I can make (not to smoke), I don't seem to have any problems with it, anymore. The first few weeks sure sucked, but I got through them on pure stubborn, and now it's mostly okay. I still like the smell of other people smoking, though...I won't feel like I've really quit until I quit taking a deep breath when I walk past someone else's cloud of smoke :)

    One of these days I'll tackle the twenty or thirty pounds quitting put on me...