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Do you have any more pictures of the beast in action at all? For the 12-volt plug to the winch, do you also have a way to use that same kind of connection to boost another vehicle without needing to lift your hood at all? Also, where did you find that 12-volt plug? I can only find "quick-connects" that are open to the weather (rain, salt, mud) that don't work very well on a 4x4 (a couple friends have the multi-mount winches with the same quick-connects, they have troubles with their winches more often that I have with mine, always connected).

Do you have "shore-power" that can keep the truck batteries charged as well as the solar-panels, or is it one or the other? My trailer's solar-panel will keep my Jeep's starting battery fully-charged when the Jeep and trailer are connected via the umbilical cord. The shore-power connection will do the same as well (only used at home to pre-chill the fridge).

Have you considered mounting a York Compressor to the engine to run air-tools off of a "large" air-tank instead of needing to rely on a 12-volt compressor?
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