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    Hi All,

    Just thought it would be nice to give a short intro about myself.
    I'm originally from Australia but have been travelling for quite a while now. I still have lots I want to see so not sure when or if Ill stop.

    Before I started travelling I was an outdoors recreation instructor for about 5 or so years and was also in the Australian Army for 7 or so. I love to learn so most of my posts will probably trying to get advice rather than giving it but will try to contribute if I have the knowledge.

    thanks for having me :)
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    An outdoors recreation instructor - tell me more ...

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    Not quite sure what you want to know more about but most people ask me what it actually is so Ill go with that.

    Its like outdoors adventure based learning - rock climbing, kayaking, bushwalking etc. Also includes team games, zip lines, cam craft and all that sort of stuff. Like when you go on school or summer camp. So I instructed people in that. In training i specialised in bushwalking and climbing but on the job you kinda do a bit of everything.
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    Hmm, i did reply to this but mustn't of submitted it properly so Ill try once more.

    If you ever had camp in high school or maybe a summer camp if you're from the US and went rock climbing or kayaking or bushwalking etc. An outdoor recreation instructor is the person that took you. In training i specialised in roping (climbing etc) and Bushwalking (camping, bush craft etc). You also do alot of management teamwork type stuff. On the job your actually more likely to do a bit of everything as opposed to what you specialise in though. It was a good fun job for that time of my life.
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