Quick easy to fix meals with a 15 year shelf life.

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    I'd like to introduce eFoods Global.
    eFoods Company
    The company has been around for over 30 years and specializes in dehydrated meals that take 15-20 minutes to prepare and are really good tasting. All you need is boiling water. They are regularly coming out with new items and have just recently added a water purification system, some bulk foods and some freeze dried fruits, veggies and snacks. I've tried the meals and my family eats them regularly because of our hectic schedules. We also have them in our food storage reserves because they are so easy to pick up and take with you if an emergency happens. Also great for your 72 hour emergency kit. We take them to the deer lease which makes for easy meals! Great for camping, hiking, whatever your needs are.
    Please check out the website. You can order some meals (just pay $9.95 s&H) to try out. It's worth it.
    Thanks for your feedback!