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As a mom of five over the years I have learned quite a bit.
In the last few years in preparing bulk foods for my family I know they like i came up with a 4 whole grain mix and figured out how to dehydrate a balance of fruits and veggies to mix into anything.
Anyway, my question is this.
I have made a cookbook of sorts using my own mixes and show how to more effectively use the dehydrator,(i have three of them :D ) for my family and friends and I have been encouraged by them all to make this available to others at an affordable price.
Is this something you all would consider wanting?

just looking for input but i could easily have it ready for anyone who is interested. I am thinking in the $5.00 range.
We also do a lot of dehydrating and along with other staples (pasta, potatoes, rice, beans, etc.) we are and have been eating our survival foods on a daily basis for about three years.
We do soups and stews with whatever fish or meats that are available to embellish the meal. We do early morning drives on certain roads to acquire whatever road kill that might be available for free.
The biggest problem for us is to enhance the flavor of the various meals utilizing spices and we could use help on that. We try not to use fatty cuts from domestic stock.
I am interested in what you might have to improve our situation and hope that you have it in either a .pdf format or in something that I could open with MS Word or Open Office.
I will be glad to PayPal you five bucks and have you send me a file to see what you have and give you an appraisal as to your content. [email protected]
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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