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    So I wrote this book, it's fiction but has useful ideas, even pictures. but being ME that wrote it, it's NOT family friendly! Sex, violence, drug use, foul language, torture, and lots of things that will make you question how you look at life like "Just what does it mean to be human?" LOTS of easter eggs for the well-read and those who have just lived! IF I get it hosted someplace, can I share it? it's actually still being written and rough around the edges but IS copyrighted. a sterilized lightly sample, and yes, those kids are mutant lions!

    The empty:

    The Eugenics wars have ended..
    After the deal, we get flyover country. the newmen get the coasts, the Nazi type purists got Alaska and a couple of northern states. I could have had a home among them, but Nah. I'm myself. "herd minds" ain't my style. I'm going to love who I love, and hate who I hate.I don't need some zeitgeist or meme telling me who my bros are. they can go f*** themselves, I'm out here with those of like mind and the "furmen" The empty is ours. black, white, fur, whatever..we chose to be free, we chose honor and anarchy. One law, harm not. we live by it.
    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. doing otherwise can be fatal!

    We are the maggots, those thrown away. we bring the beautiful people the pretty things they left behind running from our kind. We are parasites, eating a dying society alive, all the while it believes us to be lesser beings and it feels good about itself while we suck its power away!

    And here I sit. My brother took up with a pack of Biker coyotes and wolves after Atlanta. said he was "sick of being human." I can relate, but I prefer cats, So I'm in a dry culvert, holed up with two half-grown Leo-Sapien kids who hunt for me, in return, I show them the world they inherited from my kind. we're heading west in the spring. its cold as hell despite the wall of junk we have piled up in front of the openings of the culvert.concrete drinks heat.

    Scar came in with the daily wood supply and dumped it unceremoniously in front of the filing cabinet we were using as a stove. "huhuh" need more Uncle Tom?" he giggled. One more Scar. better too much than not enough. not like it'll spoil.Scar grinned, he learned something.I readjusted myself on my stack of cardboard I used as a mattress. Damn hip hurt, it was going to snow or rain soon. I missed my stash of stuff I left across the Mississippi. too late to go back after it, suck it up soldier. Sasha came in, dragging a deer as big as she was. good hunter, wish I could help her hunt. I'm not going to lie, I'm attracted to her. I rolled over and got my knife to help her dress it. "No uncle Tom, you stay there. I know your leg hurts!" Good girl. I rubbed her muzzle and gave her my knife. She dressed the deer out like a pro and put the tender parts on the grill to cook. Scar arrived with more wood. He follows orders well, but he's dumb as a box of bricks, poor kid.

    This culvert had been dry for literally decades, BUT last night must have been one of those "storms of the century" and during the night, we were literally washed out and lost part of our gear! worse for me, that hunk of metal they left in my leg is hurting worse, I think it's getting infected somehow! We spent the night on the plains in the cold rain, welcome to the empty suckers!

    I have a fever? how is that possible? NOBODY gets sick since the perfect person spray. Who is carrying me? I see the ground under me moving, My head is pointed I on a horse? When I look to the left, I can see a boat..we are nowhere near a body of water last I noticed.I'm delirious! I must be dying.
    I see the sky.Sasha and Scar are leaning over me, somebody is behind them looking down on me, is it a god or death? things are getting dark.

    There is a bright light in my face, an oldman is staring at me grinning, he's holding up a bloody piece of metal in some foreceps..I see Sasha off to one side. poor thing looks concerned!I try to tell her she'll be ok without me and to stay with Scar, he's useful. but the only thing that came out was a moan.

    I woke up in twilight. I could see Sasha in a chair across from me.Where was Scar? my leg hurt like hell, but I could tell the fever was gone.who was it who saved my life? I inspected my leg, neatly bandaged I thought.Where am I anyway? looks kind of like a berth on a ship.About then, a plump,clean-shaven oldman came in with Scar. "Well." He began."Can you tell me your name oldman?(All us pre-spray people call each other old man.) I am Doctor Felix Garfield, and I am reasonably sure I saved your life! Your Lion friends found my ship just in time, that hunk of shrapnel was carving the inside of your leg up like a cooked ham! You must have been in the resource wars eh? me too!" he laughed. "Lots of meatball surgeons in Africa huh? So anyway..what's your name?
    I suddenly discovered my mouth was dry as dust.Sasha handed me a can of water. "Slowly old man, you have been out almost a week!" Doctor Felix laughed. Tom.My name is Tom. I started. Thanks for saving me, where am I?
    "WELCOME TO THE SAGE GRASS SEA!" he bellowed with laughter!

    Once I was able to walk, Scar helped me to the top deck to appreciate the joke better..There were literally hundreds of ships out here on this plain of sage grass. Some upright like they might sail away at any moment, others lay on their sides or were crushed into the ground in various stages of destruction. It dawned on me that we were looking at the wreckage of the great wave the asteroid strike caused..we must be west of the Rockies then!I remember hearing the surge went several hundred miles inland in some places following the lay of the land. needless to say, the costal states were wiped out in minutes.What SHOULD have been a planet killer, instead exploded in the upper atmosphere, the shock wave causing a five-mile-high tsunami which pretty much decimated the Pacific rim completely? China was able to save itself and collaterally Japan by detonating nukes in front of the oncoming surge. Dr.Garfield was suddenly with us. "See that USN supply frigate over there? there was a skeleton crew onboard, getting her ready for dry dock when we saw that big rock streaking in so we did all we could and battened down every hatch and strapped in per tidal wave survival instructions and headed her into the wave..One of the other survivors saw two states fly by in ten the time we hit land half of us were dead.When the water receded we, and other survivors buried our dead and most went our separate ways, most trying to go home. a few stayed. See that Russian trawler over there? there's ten or twelve still living over there! and that cruise liner has a few dozen on it.There are others here and there, most of us scavenge the beached boats for supplies, which brings me to us. You'll notice I live on this tugboat rather than my own ship.that's rather humiliating, you see. I was the last to leave. I locked up the cargo hold and climbed down a rope ladder, while I was down here fixing up one of the Russian fellows who'd broken his leg because he got drunk and fell off his ship, a storm came up, and in the wind, my only means of getting back on board blew back up over the side, stranding me here! and would you believe out of ALL these ships, I can't find a damn bit of climbable rope! If you can get on board and fetch my medical supplies, there are yet supplies on board you may be able to use, I'll give you my storage and hold keys! Just remember to drop the rope ladder back over the side! Think you can do that for me? I'll consider your debt to me paid." he grinned.
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    Probably not a good idea to share copyrighted material.
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