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I am a voracious reader so I thought I would check out the book review section to see what was going on and there are only 3 books listed. Is it okay for me to post reviews or do you have to be a mod or long-time member first?

I just finished the third of four books I ordered recently on dehydrating and putting up food yourself so I thought what I gleaned might help someone else.

Next book order is on sprouts and sprouting and a couple of books that are nutrition education. Additionally, I have several books in my library that were NOT what they were represented to be and are pretty much worthless.

I don't want you all to think I am turning into a certain member who name is apparently not to be spoken anymore! :eek: I like you all ... wouldn't want to make anyone mad!! :surrender::p

It's just I like to read and have the time to do it ... and I am willing to share.
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