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putting out fires

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Can a small fire typically be put out with a water-hose if you get to it well before it gets large?
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We've had 2 fires. One was in the engine compartment on a car. It melted a hole into the radiator hose which sprayed water over the engine (hood was still closed) and put out the fire before the FDP arrived. The other was our utility pole. It started burning at the base after smoldering almost through the whole pole. I put that out with the extinguisher from my horse trailer that I bought specifically for the electrical rating. I had that fire out before the FDP arrived as well. That was a good thing because they couldn't touch it until the elect Co had the pole/power disconnected. Letting that burn for the hour it took PNM to arrive would have caught the brush in the neighbors yard and started the desert to burning.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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