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My personal experience with homeless people (psychopaths), is they are your local street gang, of organized crime. Around here anyway. Right now April 15 2021 because of covid-19 and other reasons. There is a well, for homeless people like me and junkies, with certain medical problems, a inn they can stay in, like me right now. I am just jobless and homeless, not a street person junkie, basically. Well also, convicted sex offenders, and such too, are homeless people. The drug dealers, who are junkies, do not want places like this open. They want them closed. This place, use to serve WEED and ALCOHOL to street people, with addiction issues. So these people, with medical conditions, like being a diabetic, do not have to be outside hustling, in various ways right now.

But we have people here who sell drugs, including staff members, as far as I am concerned. You know. Former junkies. Who can hold a job, at a place like this. Who may still have, expensive drug habits to pay for, so still sell drugs. Also people, who think of themselves, as jihadies, and such. Doing jihad. They get to fantasize, they are a jihad, by doing jihad. You know "I am not a convicted sex offender, I am a jihad, doing jihad, so I am a holy person" and they are jihadies. Drugs and terrorist go hand in hand. Based upon my vast personal experience.

These are the type of people here, who want this place shut down (drug dealers). Now this place, only serves alcohol, to these people, ever few hours, so they do not get the shakes and such. Some staff though, gives them extra alcohol on purpose, so they make trouble, with me and for this place. So, I talk about them. It is competition, for there selling booze (bootlegging) and drugs, they sell themselves. So troublemakers, and basically, all new people, who show up, also, make trouble on purpose (pay off drug debts), to try to get places, like this, shut down, and people, back on the streets. All they care about, staff, and street people like this, is getting their daily fixes. They have expensive drug habits. Like hurting people. They like it. Etc. Perverts. Staff works at other places where street people go, but does not serve booze out or allow booze on premise. A huge thing for street people.
Well they hate me too, for talking about them. Everything they do, revolves around getting there drugs and booze. If they were not taken care of, most would die out on the streets. I am just an abused human rights activist, here in northern Canada. Yellowknife. Trapped here. I should be the richest person in the world, if there was any justice. So I must be, the craziest, and most dangerous, person in the world, as far as they want you to know. Or people would be horrified at them. So I am a terrorist, on the terrorist watch list. Made to do horrific things, to stay alive, and not be murdered, for example. So I also talk about horrific situations like this. You are surrounded too. So are your children.

Because of my situation, I was put into, against my will, I would die, on the streets too. I am someone the local government people tried to make me believe at first, I am a terrorist, them someone, who I guess, they want to believe, is a devil worshipper, and then, the devil himself, well his replacement. (I don't think he likes that) with the stuff they did to me. You know, for example, trying to give me, multiple personality disorder, on purpose (Manchurian candidate) stuff.

I should see some day, if I can find some recordings, from back then, of someone on a PA, claiming to be the devil, talking to me, around other people, at the local public library as a example. You know, doing repetition, of mostly saying the same thing, sometimes over and over again, for months. Like trying to make a song stuck in your head. Trying to make you believe, it is your thoughts, through repetition. Along with severe sleep deprivation torture to break your mind. Allowing perverts to keep me awake, and other abusive behaviors. Police, and the military, I guess, back them.

It was affecting other people. Oh well, just crazy street people, doing some crazy things, in front of the cameras. I was even told on the PA, I was a duly deputized US marshal. Well when they started talking about the nuclear war thing, well having nuclear detonations here. From someone claiming to be the "last command authority" or "last civilian command authority" I remember the "red commander" the "palace fun factory". How did you do, that almost, invisible person, walking around thing, I could see the outline only of. Someone dress up as a devil or demon or something too there. Not the library.

Well drugged I guess, along with with severe sleep deprecation and suggestions, I guess. I remember, falling asleep during that thing going on. Things are done, to create, a emotional roller-coaster (severe long term stress). You can not think clearly, with all the stuff, done to you, by them, and the other people, (perverts) they allow, to do more, to you. Everything I had got stolen. I reported this to the RCMP, and nothing, was done about it.

I could tell you some scary stuff about chanting. Like I use to see on old movies, of people, in the jungle, beating on drums. Then attacking. I know how scary, that stuff is now. You may have seen people in the military, on videos, playing music, while driving, and fighting, in a tank, to heavy metal music. What it does to people or can. Especially with a buildup. Through repetition. That for example is how the military trains people to be killers (willing to kill).

Do you wonder why prostitution is not allowed? Made legal? All prostitutes are pimps. When it involved substance abuse issues. They will pimp out, there own kids. Yours are on the menu. Your kid(s) being bullied in school? Well mommy needs a crack rock maybe or grandma? So adults and children do stuff, to people (children and adults), others allow them to abuse (teachers). For job security, for that teachers brother, sister, husband, wife, or themselves, etc. Your child got picked.

Best to over simplify. Psychopaths. A.K.A. people with psychopathic tenancies, have selected you, and your family, for themselves, to abuse. They all go along, to get along. Still going on, for more than 50 years in schools, bullying. Just fire them. A psychopath, does not like being bored (wants to have fun). So for some, fun is; one more shopping trip, or vacation, or partying at any costs (drugs). Whatever has triggered there psychopathic behaviours. Religious reasons too. You know hurting, harming, killing, for some (just cause) to them. That they force you, to care about, against your will. Starting with the children if they can.

All these various violent mental disorders, involving doing harm to others, are just medical names, for evil people, who want to pretend, they are your betters. If they can not pretend to be your betters, they will force you, to pretend, you think, they are your betters, at gun point, or fear of reprisals, if nothing else. Reprisal, is common place, with these people, with whatever, they decide, is important enough, to harm you over. Merely standing up, against there abuse, towards yourself, or family, is enough, for them, to drive people, including children, to commit suicide, or school shootings. Medical and mental, is how they like harming and hurting people. Just another crazy person, who was in the psych ward, like me. I did not understand then. All knew the truth, but did not care. More perverts. That's it. The answer.

They like to pretend. They must (crazy). Pretend to be better and deserve better than you. They know better, but do not (cause trouble). Especially if you trust them. Offer help, they all do. You feel overwhelmed. That is what they want. To take advantage of you, and yours. Some might be trying to help maybe. Be careful. Things get worst for you and yours (children) especially. Job security, etc, not help.

This is why, you can not give perverts jobs. They will use, there job, to hurt people, they can take advantage of, or simply decide to. They hire, more and more, of there own, until that place of business, becomes a snake pit. "Oh that's just Joe, ignore him". "Don't talk to him, he doesn't like people." "He's stupid." "He's done it again." If these types of other perverts, lost there jobs, they would do, all the same things, as other street people. As a basic rule anyway. Once they try hard drugs.

Drug dealers and heavy drug users, seem to be the people, who do this mostly (perverts too). Doing something for fun again. The drugs are fun, hurting is fun. Not partying with friends, itself. People who like harming and hurting people, and blaming others. Having fun harming. Psychopaths. Not all people of course are like this. No one is perfect. The ones, with severe mental disorders, who gang up on others, and abuse them, starting in schools. That is who I am talking about. Easy to see in street people anyway, when you understand. All are the same but end up on the streets some, with jobs mostly.

If you family, has been in a situation, where law enforcement, has been involved, and you wonder why, that other person, never got arrested. You are probably, dealing with a rat, and troublemaker, that gets others in trouble, with law enforcement, on purpose. You have seen them, on TV before. You know, getting caught, selling drugs, and must rat out, others, who they merely say, are high level types of "kingpins". TV makes it look cool, to stupid kids. Like I thought myself. So you are on standby, to rat out. I just laughed at him, when a drug dealer, tried to get me to sell drugs, for him, and he said how I would be a big man basically. Earlier talked about how I would be in charge, if I took some hat, or something, years earlier (another street gang junkie member).

They would have done more and more, in front of people, and in front of cameras. A slam dunk case against me, I guess. Patsy for a drug gang. The criminal justice system, would have not cared, at all. Especially being a human rights activist. Just a convicted drug dealer making trouble. So you, would move on, and never give it, a second thought.
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