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    I wrote this in the other thread about : what SHTF means to you, but then thought it should be in a different thread.

    Here it is

    Yesterday, it was as bad as SHTF itself, on the psychological side.

    It all started when my 2 sons and I were in the car and the older one started asking me questions in math and stuff. The discussion drifted into correlation and extrapolation.

    That was a good chance to tell them about "reading the present to help us read the future" and I started telling them one of my secret fears. A real serious scary scenario , and what I am trying to do in order to be prepared.

    My teenage son was driving and he squeezed the car into a narrow lane from which he had to turn around. My story had to come to a spattering halt and I started looking around for safer more spacious areas he could steer the car into for a better exit. Then trying to retstart the prep thing , both boys started discussing where to park the car ... the story melted away.

    An hour later at home, the wife was talking about something in TV, and one of the boys comes in the room. I find it a good chance to pick up that story and tell them about the possible scary scenario. But the little daughter comes in with her own tiny SHTF and the mom turns to her. The boy also asks mom about other things and long story short, the story melts again.

    Seems to me humanity LOVES to be surprized by disasters.
    They don't seem ready to learn about possible ( I mean really possible ) dangers.

    I was depressed , but just to comfort myself I convinced myself it was better to keep it to myself and prepare for it alone. When I thought about it a little, the wife wil not add anything useful to my prep. From previous experiences either should would have laughed at me or freaked out at the seriousness of the scenario.
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    It seems I remember a post or article somewhere that said in a crisis situation 10 percent will act, 10 percent will melt into a pile of useless, quivering jelly, and 80 percent will act IF there is someone to lead them.

    In a situation like yours (my first wife was the same way) do what you can to prepare but realize that they will probably be quite useful with you there to lead them. Stock up on necessities the best you can. Get them involved in training and activities that will benefit you all in a SHTF scenario (everyone should know basic lifesaving techniques, be prepared for winter storms, etc.). You'll be alright when TSHTF as long as you are ready to lead them.

    We have only one child (and her spouse) who is serious about prepping but the others all have survival related skills that will be invaluable when TSHTF. Do we wish the others were more rounded and committed? Sure, but with what my wife and I know and even without us they will survive if we all stick together and utilize their current skills and knowledge cooperatively.

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    So many people are like teenagers, they think they are invincible, can handle anything that comes their way or that stuff like that only happens to other people, not me. Others think why worry, the government will take care of me if somehting happens.

    Until just a few months ago I have been the only one in my circle of friends and family that has felt the need to prepare for a SHTF situation, so I've just kept it to myself and done what I can as I can.

    Back in the late 80's and early 90's I started collecting "Rustic Antiques" such as hand cranked, cast iron or wooden tools and household items. Friends and family noticed and soon they were helping me find things, calling to ask if I was interested in something they had come across Some of the things they have come up with have been amazing additions to my preps.
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    It was really reassuring to read that others have had no-one in their immediate family who have been seriously concerned about the SHTF scenario, I thought I was in a private club!

    I discovered that the largest city to where we live, issued a "What to do in an Emergency" booklet (20 pages long) to all citizens last year. My other half now understands why I am concerned, as even he can't dispute the evidence. He's not fully on board, but he no longer questions what I am doing.

    We will go on a family first aid course soon, so we can all learn the basics. A few years ago I ensured that all my kids were enrolled in the Scouting Association, it gives them some skills and confidence that will be useful, whilst having fun.
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    Greywolf , you are so smart ... heheheh

    Every preparedness site I have seen have a thread about some family mmebers NOT sharing the enthusiasm. That is why we have to come here and form some sort of a prep family.

    Family members are loving but their interests are elsewhere. My wife was even against buying any groceries more than a week's worth. But thanks to food prices going up, she finally saw the wisdom of buying by the case.

    One step at a time.
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    lol Sinbad, not smart just dumb luck it worked out that way.
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    What's so funny is that a while back I said in a thread that none of my friends were "prepping" , well in an e mail just yesterday one of them said his wife said that having money in the bank might not be the smartest way to invest and said maybe food, more ammo and guns are a better way to go !!!!!!!!!!!

    I was smoked!! I could not believe it... I will be heading back up north about the end of the month and will go stay there a few days and try to get the conversation going...

    I know all these friends have and use weapons, all are hunters, all are competition shooters in 3 gun and IDPA , even the kids!

    The ability to defend themselves was never in question, but the LTS etc was... I'm hoping the wake up has started, so I feel better and energized and plan over the summer to really try to get them all on board to one extent or another..

    There is a light and I don't think it's a train!!

    Sinbad , maybe try writing out your thoughts and give each a copy and ask them to read it... it may work...may not to...