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Prostitutes are Sess-pits of disease. I bet that is where A.I.D.S. came from. If we knew the truth. Male and female prostitutes. They care about nothing, not even themselves. Except for drugs.

Some prostitutes around here, are always sick, and coughing. Expect S.T.D. outbreaks in schools, with prostitutes around. Like happened around here in Yellowknife.

Gay people were implied, for a time, in spreading A.I.D.S. If that was the case, it was Johns, and prostitutes, spreading A.I.D.S. as far as I am concerned. You know a world wide disaster, that had to be dealt with. Killed lots of people(s) around the world.

Blaming innocent, ordinary, gay people. All kinds of ordinary people ended up getting A.I.D.S. though and dying. Destroyed families. Murderous gang members, drug addicts and junkies, stuck again. H.I.V. to.
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